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A Bombshell Week in Defining Our Nation’s True Enemy Within and Without

The past week saw significant revelations concerning the military regime presently running the United States. The term,” military regime,” may come as a surprise but it is true as we’ll detail below.
A Bombshell Week in Defining Our Nation’s True Enemy Within and Without
Tucker Carlson interviewed Mike Benz, a former Assistant Secretary of State in the cyber area, and current executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online.

The past week saw significant revelations concerning the military regime presently running the United States. The term,” military regime,” may come as a surprise but it is true as we’ll detail below. First, Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and Alex Gutentag were given access to some of the classified beginnings of Russiagate against Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin by whistleblowers. Then Tucker Carlson interviewed Mike Benz, a former Assistant Secretary of State in the cyber area, and current executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online. Benz puts the current effort to censor and control all human thought, and destroy Donald Trump and his movement, in the appropriate strategic context. It is a military based international cognitive control regime residing primarily in NATO and the British and American defense and intelligence communities acting on behalf of the modern British financial empire.

Its fatal flaw, like all regimes constructed based on systems analysis and artificial intelligence, is that it cannot account for creativity or other unanticipated and novel reactions of human beings. It cannot control creative or revolutionary human thought, the font of all economy and human happiness, because it derives the future simply from probabilities derived from present interpretations of past experience. Witness its complete failure to anticipate that Russia would revolutionize its economy and grow dramatically despite allegedly fatal international financial sanctions. Witness the continuing boomerang impact of its attacks on Trump which are driving more and more Americans into the realization that this battle now is for keeps and that they are ready to make the same sacrifices Trump has to win back the nation and the future for their children.

This regime is out to destroy the nation of our founders and will kill, imprison, or bankrupt you if you dissent. It is now engaged in acts which prove that every day to ever larger swaths of the population. While its military surveillance and censorship machinery may be able to map popular opinion in its fixed and current modes, individual geniuses, like Elon Musk, perpetually blow up their models. So does the march of discovery embodied in mission driven scientific and technological progress. Vladimir Putin understands that the human mind is the ultimate warfare domain. That is why he underlined this week that he prefers Joe Biden to Donald Trump, just as he preferred Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. Trump is “unpredictable.”

Russiagate Revisited

The headline for the Shellenberger, Taibbi, Gutentag reveal is that in 2015, long before the FBI ran with the results in the hoax titled Crossfire Hurricane, the full capabilities of the Five Eyes intelligence apparatus were deployed to target 26 members of the Trump campaign for surveillance, “bump” encounters, and entrapment. That is, the intelligence and surveillance services of the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States were deployed to wreck a U.S. political candidate, Donald Trump. The dossiers were assembled by Britain’s GCHQ and the CIA under John Brennan and then handed off to the FBI with designated FBI initial targets of Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page. Most of the operations were conducted in Britain and other European countries using joint MI6, CIA assets, like Stefan Halper and Joseph Mifsud. In addition, their posts reveal that the Intelligence Community Assessment by the Obama Administration stating that Russia interfered in the 2016 election in support of Trump was not the product of the 17 agencies comprising the U.S. intelligence community. Their actual conclusion was that Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to win. Instead, one partisan analyst wrote the lie for John Brennan and Barack Obama.

Thanks to Larry Johnson, Kash Patel and other investigators working for Devin Nunes at the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, John Solomon, Lee Smith, Aaron Mate, Glenn Greenwald, and many, many others, much of what Shellenberger and Taibbi are writing has been covered before. But thanks to their sources we now know that these crimes are documented in a binder which sits in a vault at the CIA which the CIA refuses to release. In a special room at the CIA, staffers from the HPSCI continued their work from 2018-2020, long after that Committee’s final report on Russiagate. They read and recorded the classified international traffic from 2015 forward. Gina Haspel, then CIA Director, blocked release of their work because she had been complicit in the illegal operations as CIA London Station Chief. A second binder from HSPCI with classified information from the House investigation which Donald Trump declassified as President, sits at the Department of Justice which is also refusing its release. 28 CFR 17.22(d) makes it illegal to classify information showing crimes by executive agencies or to prevent embarrassment by executive agencies. Once materials are declassified, they cannot be reclassified.

Larry Johnson added a crucial piece to this. He notes that Obama did not originate the British led surveillance of the Trump campaign. The Obama/Biden White House was the happy recipient of a surveillance campaign against Trump initiated by the British. Five Eyes deployed on every potential Hillary Clinton rival in 2015, including Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. In a separate television appearance commenting on the new disclosures, he also emphasized again that there never was a Russian hack of the DNC leaked to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. He says that Seth Rich was the insider at the DNC who provided DNC files to WikiLeaks.

Mike Benz’ Mind Blowing Expose

The following represents Cliff notes and my impressions from Mike Benz’s interview with Tucker. It is not a substitute for serious patriots taking the hour or so in time to hear it and follow up with further study. Taking down this monster is a critical part of winning back the White House in 2024. It is essential to winning.

My first encounter with the Leviathan Benz is describing, the enforcement arm of the faux named post-war rules-based order was back in 1988, before the Internet we know today. Discovery and investigation in the prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche showed that he and his associates had been the targets of a covert intelligence targeting conducted under EO12333, the extant executive order still governing most U.S. counterintelligence investigations and surveillance. The call for Lyndon LaRouche’s head came from the British and it was implemented by their loyal assets here including George H.W. Bush and Henry Kissinger. It deployed a public private partnership of mainstream corporate journalists, to conduct a defamatory campaign to destroy reputations ahead of prosecution; the ADL and Freedom House, longstanding assets of the intelligence community to recruit, threaten and pay off potential witnesses in ways outside the scope of discovery in criminal proceedings; and novel and illegal prosecutorial tactics   far outside legal norms.  The locus of this prosecution was the National Endowment for Democracy and its associated NGOs, the agency of government set up to run color revolutions in foreign countries in a newer and less overt way than the CIA.

Benz begins by tracing the internet’s birth and development at the Pentagon and its designated use as a tool to conduct color revolutions and population control. Silicon Valley’s massive covert funding is the reason it has survived and grown. Until 2014, support of free speech was an essential element of the tool, the illusory basis for attracting huge populations to its platforms. Successes included the British/Obama Administration Arab Spring color revolutions and the 2014 coup d’etat conducted by the British and the Obama Administration in Ukraine. But this form of hybrid warfare and manipulation of populations failed when the citizens of Crimea and the Donbas region of Ukraine voted to join Russia rather than support the Anglo-American coup. Further, citizens throughout the world had grasped the potential for self-organization implicit in the internet and began setting up independent publishing and political organizations to organize against the repressive rules-based oligarchical order. Belief in the intelligence community controlled corporate media began to flag and many went out of business.

This was viewed as a massive existential crisis by the British Empire. Nationalist political organizations strongly emerged throughout Europe and the United States, which the British claimed was a spectacular hybrid warfare utilization by the Russian military, a false claim which was a cover for a massive buildup of counter “disinformation” resources to match the alleged Russian threat. Trump’s victory in 2016 and Brexit put this machinery on steroids. To cite one familiar example, Christopher Steele, the MI6 spy, and author of the dirty dossier on Trump worked with the Obama State Department, the British military, and Brussels on a massive campaign to build a huge new censorship and propaganda machine in which his work against Trump in Russiagate was but one battlefront.

When Russiagate collapsed based on Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s July 2019 senile testimony to the Congress specifying that he found nothing, this burgeoning British and American government funded Leviathan was repurposed as the protector of “democracy” and “democratic institutions.”  Housed in the Department of Homeland Security’s CISA agency from 2017 forward, cyber national security warfare was redefined to make elections part of “democracy infrastructure” requiring complete information control, the legacy news media were designated as essential democracy infrastructure, etc., and the focus was turned to target Trump, his movement, or any similar organized dissent.

A sprawling censorship industrial complex was created from 2016 forward centered in the Atlantic Council, the German Marshall Fund, and similar NATO and British appendages here, Stanford University’s Internet Observatory, the University of Washington, Graphika, and the State Department’s Global Engagement Center. Veterans of the total information warfare regime in Ukraine and the British, through such entities as the exposed British military’s Integrity Initiative, are directly involved in activities here. All these organizations and more received direct funding and personnel from the Pentagon, the State Department, and the National Endowment for Democracy, and longstanding military and CIA controlled foundations. The Pentagon’s military artificial intelligence capabilities and Project Minerva, its psychological warfare capability, were deployed to allow for mass censorship by Silicon Valley of anyone and anything deemed a threat. In a chilling insight, Benz notes that the work internal to the modern British Empire in achieving consensus across the complex of government institutions, NGOs, political leaders, foundations, and corporations, and other entities involved in this Leviathan is their definition of “democracy.”  Dissenters in the population are its enemy.

The end of the interview is the call to action for 2024. Benz outlines how the Election Integrity Partnership was set up to assure the result of the 2020 election. It worked to completely ban any internet discussion before the election of mail in ballot fraud or machine fraud in a series of operations which more than suggest that the result was predetermined. The Leviathan is now working with European governments to ensure that all internet platforms conform to draconian censorship, adopting the fascist logic of Richard Stengel, Obama’s democracy and color revolution man at the State Department who created the Global Engagement Center. This former editor of Time Magazine believes that the First Amendment is a dangerous outdated artifact which should be abolished for the good of, you guessed it, “democracy.”  Similarly, the same apparatus was responsible for all the censorship surrounding COVID. Benz emphasizes that what he is describing is the inverse of democracy, namely, military rule.