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Promethean Action: Our Mission

Promethean Action: Our Mission

We, former collaborators of Lyndon LaRouche, many for 50 years or more, are now founding the Promethean Action organization, changing the name from LaRouche PAC Action. In the next three months, the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee. LaRouche PAC, will also change its name, becoming Promethean PAC. We do this in the midst of the profound economic, political, and cultural crisis now gripping the United States, at the moment of the most dangerous time in our nation’s history, with the intention of applying the ideas of LaRouche, as we understand them, to the present and the future. We are not associated with or affiliated with any entity associated with Lyndon LaRouche’s, widow, Helga Zepp LaRouche, and her collaborators. That includes EIR Magazine, the Schiller Institute, the LaRouche Organization, and the LaRouche Legacy Foundation.

In thinking about a new name for ourselves, we turned to Prometheus. It is not just because Lyndon LaRouche often invoked the poet Aeschylus’ portrayal of Prometheus as a beloved theme. A Promethean identity is required now for renewing government of the people, by the people, and for the people, at this moment of crisis.

In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus, like today’s financier oligarchs, reigned with great and arbitrary power. Zeus hated human beings and sought to destroy them by leaving them as primitive feral beasts, scrounging for the means to survive. Prometheus, the titan, loved humans and rebelled, stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humans. Prometheus stole not just the fire which can power life and economies. He stole the fire of creativity for the human mind, the act most identified with Lyndon LaRouche’s fundamental discoveries. As a result, writing, mathematics, agriculture, medicine, and science and, with them, hope were allowed to humans for the first time. For this, Zeus attempted to crush him, chaining him to a rock for what was intended to be eternal punishment unless Prometheus renounced his love of mankind.

Prometheus did not submit. Using his gift of foreknowledge, he warned Zeus that the Olympian oligarchs were doomed to destruction through their own foolishness, arrogance, and evil. The universe created by God is creative. It is not the world the oligarchs desire, which is entropic. And so it has been with the self-doomed oligarchical financial empires throughout history, be they Rome, Venice, or the more recent British Empire. Prometheus’ gifts to humans allowed them to soar in great revolutions and triumphs of the human mind, like the Renaissance and its heir, our American founding, and now, our leaving the bounds of earth itself and exploring space. Truth be told, we stand at the beginning of a new era for humans, where fission and fusion power can provide limitless power and energy and discoveries in biophysics hold out the hope of conquering disease, among other great adventures in discerning the laws of the universe.

By contrast, the primitive Zeus has reappeared in the form of the small, incompetent, and frozen minds of our present elites. Their wreckage is everywhere: Addicts line our city streets, crime proceeds unchecked, a modern slave trade flourishes on our borders, deaths trump births, children are taught nothing and groomed for sex. Poisonous drugs flow across our open border, counterfeited to deliver certain death. We passionately argue about the timing of killing babies, in part because it is no longer possible to imagine having a family or owning a house. Our failing oligarchs say we are too many and are culling the population through famines, wars, and disease. They demand energy sources dating from the Dark Ages and the rationing of food and medicine to accomplish their goal. You will own nothing, they proclaim, and be happy. Living as rent slaves to them, they tell us, is necessary to “save the planet.”

In order to jail and eliminate the one man, Donald J. Trump, who has listened to and loved the People throughout this slide into our present national nightmare, the man who leads all polls to become the 47th president, they have shredded our Constitution and plundered Lady Justice. To the extent they have succeeded, a senile idiot now sits as our President. We must return to a system of Justice here and represent, once again, the essence of justice and fair dealing with other nations. The present regime must be dismantled and rebuilt on this principle from the ground up. This is our eternal mission, regardless of the political mandates of the present. Historical tragedies occur, LaRouche often said, when leaders fail to grasp past errors or are unable to break into a new future, thinking that the present is eternal.

There is a Limit to a Tyrant’s Power

Across thousands of years, the image of Prometheus stands for the struggle of mankind to progress through the creative powers of the mind, against opposition by the degenerate Olympian oligarchs determined to keep mankind stupid and impoverished. The image of Prometheus was in the minds of the Greek thinkers Solon, Socrates, Plato and Archytas, who led the fight against the earthly Olympians of their day—the Persian Empire, the tyrants of Athens and Sparta, and the democratic party of Athens who held the same hatred of human development as Zeus. The image of Prometheus was well known to the early Christians and Jews who fought the oligarchical Roman Empire, which, like Zeus’s Olympians, ultimately destroyed itself through its own moral decay.

Later, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the image of Prometheus stood for our fight to establish the U.S.A as a constitutional republic based on the principle of the inherent dignity of man. Benjamin Franklin, the intellectual and political founder of the U.S.A., was known as the Prometheus of the 18th Century, who “snatched lightning from the sky and the scepter from tyrants.” The greatest German, English, and American poets, musicians, and painters celebrated the story of Prometheus to inspire their audiences to spread the cause that had finally achieved success with the founding of the completely new and unique American republic. Lyndon LaRouche shared this vision of Prometheus and held that the fostering of God-given human creativity was the driver of all economy and the most important function of a republic.

The Task Before Us –The Fire Bringers

Starting anew, fresh, and with the heritage of our revolution, the logistics and economy in depth which won the Civil War and World War II foremost in our minds, we need to leap out of our present descent with an economic and cultural renaissance just like the leap Prometheus authored by gifting limitless fire for both the energy and the powers of mind. Embracing those gifts and acting as Prometheans ourselves to the best of our ability, we seek to deploy science and art and history to unseat our present failing Olympians while lifting our People up to their greatest creative potential. We seek to be the modern Fire Bringers and to evangelize others to take up this identity. In these few months, we must prepare the American people to govern and to triumph in 2024 and beyond.

Donald Trump now understands the pure evil of the Olympians and has not and will not bend to them. He also understands the great leap we must make, ending wars and reindustrializing our economy to lift all boats. He has incurred the wrath of the satanists-who-would-be-God, just as LaRouche before him. The poet Percy Shelley, in his Masque of Anarchy forecast our mission when he wrote that the People must “Rise like Lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number,” and “Shake your chains to earth like dew, Which in sleep has fallen on you” realizing “Ye are many – they are few.”

Our new organizations, Promethean Action and Promethean PAC are not associated, affiliated, or related in any way to entities or organizations controlled by Lyndon LaRouche’s widow, Helga Zepp LaRouche. We differ on the future role of the United States in the world, the character and potential of Donald Trump, and on many other matters.