Our Activity

For an example of what Promethean Action will be doing in 2024, here is an overview of what we accomplished in 2023 (operating under the banner of LaRouchePAC before our rebrand).

Promethean Action is in no way associated or affiliated with Helga Zepp-LaRouche or entities associated with her including EIR Magazine, the Schiller Institute, the LaRouche Organization or the LaRouche Legacy Foundation.

LaRouchePAC grew in depth and breadth in 2023 as we prepared for the great challenge of 2024. In a September speech to striking auto workers in Michigan, Donald Trump called on Americans to "join the ultimate strike against the globalist class." We are ready for that fight.

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Combatting the Enemies of the American Republic and of Mankind

Donald Trump's unflinching commitment to fight for this nation, in the face of unprecedented attacks, has been the fulcrum of the patriotic battle in 2023, and it has forced the enemy out in the open. Throughout the year, LaRouchePAC spotlighted the higher levels of the assault.

The year began with a series on the perfidy of the Bush family and ended with a groundbreaking series on the British role in assassinating U.S. Presidents. In classes and posts, we looked at the hand of the British Empire, in leading the attacks on Trump and in shaping the green agenda and pushing the global drug trade.  

In late July, LaRouchePAC launched a nationwide petition drive to "Stop the Prosecutions of Trump." We delivered the first round of signatures to Congress in September. We organized further support in defense of Trump from local Republican parties in California, Texas and Michigan.

On the Ground: Will the GOP Become the Party of Trump and Lincoln?

From blue states like California, to swing states like Michigan, to red states like Texas, LaRouchePAC organizers have been in the middle of the fight to create a force which can deliver the Presidency to Donald Trump and rebuild the nation.

Led by California State Assembly candidate and longtime LaRouche leader Mindy Pechenuk, the fight in California has been transformed over the past year. Our organizers have rallied the MAGA movement into a cohesive force, with powerful interventions into the California GOP conventions and with weekly Zoom calls.

Michigan organizers took their organizing throughout the state. Hundreds of delegates and activists are participating in our meetings and Agenda47 calls. We addressed local GOP and patriot meetings and set up tables on street corners and at important events. Left: our table at Trump's June appearance in Novi, MI.

Houston organizers carried out important interventions into the Republican Party, garnering support for resolutions to stop the prosecutions of Donald Trump and to end funding for the war in Ukraine. Their bimonthly Agenda47 calls and speaking engagements are catalyzing a new quality of leadership in the state, as their table deployments mobilize the base.

A new element in the 2023 political equation was the extremely positive response of auto workers to President Trump's commitment to save their jobs and their industry from green mandates and free trade. Michigan LaRouchePAC organizers leafletted plants in Michigan and Ohio, before, during and after the UAW strike.

LaRouchePAC organizers traveled to Donald Trump's rallies in the critical swing states of South Carolina (left), Pennsylvania, and Nevada this year. Many rally attendees signed our petition to stop the prosecutions of Trump and to stay in touch with LaRouchePAC.

The Fight for an Economic Renaissance

Drawing on Lyndon LaRouche's discovery that economics is about man improving nature, LaRouchePAC was almost alone in recognizing the potential of Donald Trump's Agenda47 and in carrying it to broader layers. 

Our economics coverage contrasted the inflationary and destructive nature of Bidenomics to the revolutionary technological breakthroughs which will be needed to kick-start a real economic recovery, featuring our Project Prometheus.

When Donald Trump began unveiling his Agenda47 policies to build cities, power plants, and modern manufacturing, we seized the opportunity to educate the American people and, especially, the MAGA movement, about real economics with scores of podcasts, Zooms and speaking engagements.

Speaking to local Republican and patriotic groups. Left: Ron Kokinda on Agenda47, Michigan. Center: Brian Lantz on LaRouche's economics, Houston; Right: Hunter Cobb on the National Bank, Bay Area, CA

Creating a New American Leadership

LaRouchePAC's Saturday Class series explored the fundamental principles which differentiate mankind from all other species. Understanding those principles equips us to defeat the global imperial enemy, who believe that we are no more than beasts. Among the great minds, ideas and events which were explored were Dante, Shelley, Plato, Beethoven, the American Revolution, and, of course, Lyndon LaRouche's fundamental discoveries in economics.