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A G7 Gathering of Ghouls and Putin’s Dire Warning of World War III

You would think with this array of incompetent failures, despised by their populations, there would be some humility in making pronouncements about how the world should be. Nope. The arrogance of power and the now palpable desperation to maintain it were the biggest takeaways from this event...
A G7 Gathering of Ghouls and Putin’s Dire Warning of World War III
"These unpopular lunatics are steering us towards Armageddon, and we’re paying for it." -Russell Brand on X

The G7 self-styled “democratic” nations convened in Italy on Thursday. On the preceding weekend, June 6-9, Macron of France, and Sholtz of Germany had whatever legitimacy they hold as leaders of their nations destroyed by the results of the European Parliamentary elections. Britain’s current leader, Rishi Sunak was polling at 18% ahead of elections scheduled there in July where he is sure to lose office. Japan’s prime minister Fumio Kishida polls at 21% currently. And then there is Joe Biden, the man who is too feeble brained to be tried by the U.S. Justice system. Hence the New York Times headline: “Weakened Leaders of the West Meet to Discuss an Unruly World.”   Similar understated descriptions of the disastrous conclave of “has-beens” were paraded in the rest of the world’s media.

You would think with this array of incompetent failures, despised by their populations, there would be some humility in making pronouncements about how the world should be. Nope. The arrogance of power and the now palpable desperation to maintain it were the biggest takeaways from this event, even as they are close to taking the entire world down with them by provoking a nuclear war. Vladimir Putin responded Friday by warning that we are perilously close now to just that point of no return for humanity.

The main topic of this G7 was the lost war in Ukraine and the frantic attempt to paint it as other than what it is:  a human meat grinder in which almost half a million Ukrainians have perished on behalf of the British fever dream of controlling and balkanizing Russia, a fever dream which already resulted in the last two World Wars.  Between the 400,000 dead, the many more wounded and permanently disabled, and those who have fled, never to return, Ukraine has no more men to throw into the meat grinder. Demonstrating the desperation at play here, Joe Biden’s State Department has lifted the ban on supplying U.S. weapons to the Azov Battalion, Ukrainian Nazis who our State Department now says are the best fighters. These diehard Nazis, the favorites of Britain’s Boris Johnson, are among the few fighters left.

Neither the deindustrialized Europe nor the hollowed out United States economy can produce sufficient shells or other war materials to compensate for what has already been lost. Lady Lindsey Graham is making the rounds now with a new justification for the war. Since fighting on behalf of democracy, for Ukraine, a country which is a corrupt dictatorship, doesn’t really sell, particularly in a United States where the population also believes it is under attack by its elite, Lindsey now opines that Ukraine sits on over a trillion in hidden rare earth metals treasure. We can’t allow Putin to get his hands on this, mad Lindsey regales us.

The simple truth is that the unloved and belligerent G7 leaders cannot afford to admit they have lost. So, they escalate. There is talk of using Romanian bases now for F16 forays against Russia. Russia will respond and Romania is a member of NATO, threatening the larger war. Strikes now authorized in Russian territory using NATO supplied weapons and intelligence have included Russia’s nuclear war warning systems. Putin has responded by arming Russian ships visiting Cuba with nuclear capable hypersonic missiles, a message the U.S. seems unwilling to comprehend. Meanwhile, as opposed to what Joe Biden told the American people about the U.S. strategy to cripple the Russian economy, that strategy has only made Russia increasingly self-sufficient, creating an industrial manufacturing base capable of sustained war fighting. Tony Papert reviews the steps Russia took and is taking to achieve these capabilities:

Sovereignty and Economy in Russia; A Real Lesson for the U.S.
“We can see that a real race is beginning between countries to promote their sovereignty at three key levels: the state, cultural values, and the economy.”

On the sidelines of the summit, Biden sought to “Trump proof” this continuing U.S./British crime by inking a security agreement with Ukraine committing U.S. intelligence, finances, and advisors to the “defense” of Ukraine for the next 10 years. The agreement is seen as a bridge to Ukraine’s membership in NATO, the promotion of which by the U.S. and the British caused the present war. The G7 also agreed to use the interest on frozen Russian assets, sitting mostly in a Belgian clearing house, to pay back a new $50 billion loan to be advanced to Ukraine. It is unclear where the funds are coming from to advance the loan. The scheme, negotiated by the Yoda idiot Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, is designed to overcome European hesitancy to participate in the outright theft of Russian sovereign assets, in violation of international law. The American term for this is “putting lipstick on a pig.” The Russian Central Bank responded by announcing that exchange trading and settlements of deliverable instruments in US dollars and euros were to be suspended, adding that these operations would be continued "over-the-counter (OTC)," i.e., directly between Russian banks and their customers. The bank clarified to Russians that their foreign currency deposits remain secure despite sanctions. Russia, China, and other nations vulnerable to similar thefts are rapidly moving out of the dollar—making faltering U.S. treasuries harder to sell and creating the circumstances for the collapse of the dollar system. Should that accelerate, the U.S. and most of the advanced sector will suffer the worst depression collapse in world history.

Putin responded in a speech at the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday where he warned that this was a dangerous turn of events, and that the world was “close to a point of no return.”

Putin said, “Calls to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, which has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons, demonstrate the extreme adventurism of Western politicians. They either do not understand the scale of the threat they themselves create, or they are simply obsessed with the belief in their own impunity and their own exclusivity. Both can turn into a tragedy.”

With respect to the Russian asset backed loan, he called it a plain “theft,” noting that “Despite all the chicanery, theft will certainly remain theft. And it will not go unpunished.”

Putin also called for creation of a new global security architecture, said he is willing to talk with anyone about this, including NATO, while outlining Russian conditions for a negotiated settlement of the war. He said, as he has repeatedly said, that Russia would be ready to enter talks as soon as “tomorrow” to negotiate an end to conflict in Ukraine, provided that Ukrainian troops are withdrawn from several key regions which Russia now controls. He was referring to Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia, all of which have voted by referenda to join the Russian Federation along with Crimea. He emphasized that this meant, “the entire territory of these regions within their administrative borders as they existed at the time of their incorporation into Ukraine.” He also demanded that Ukraine give up all plans to join NATO, saying that the “moral responsibility for the continuation of bloodshed” would be on the West if the proposal was rejected. “As soon as Kyiv says they’re ready for such a decision and start the real withdrawal of forces from these regions and officially declare rejection of plans to join NATO, from our side, immediately, literally the same minute, will come an order to stop the fire and start negotiations,” he noted.

Putin’s conditions and warnings were immediately rejected by the fools of the G7 who are pushing the fake peace summit called by Ukraine for Lausanne Switzerland this weekend. Russia was not invited to this “peace” summit, underlining the mad fakery involved. Russia will now, undoubtedly, escalate its battleplans in Ukraine.

In reviewing these events, I constantly heard, in the back of my mind, “The Bells,” a poem by the U.S. intelligence agent and poet, Edgar Allen Poe. In the classic academic interpretation Poe uses the rhythm and sound of bells to portray the stages of life, from exuberant and joyful youth to dreadful death and old age. But that’s not really what Poe is portraying. Rather, he is talking about the difference in mental states between those who are creative and love life and people and those who have given their souls to the devil. Their iron bells moan and groan, laying “a stone upon the human heart.” They are rung by those who are “neither man nor woman, neither brute nor human, they are Ghouls.” In Poe’s original writings of that line, the word “Ghouls” is replaced by the phrase, “pestilential carcasses disparted from their souls.” That poem and what it portends is the difference between Donald Trump and his opponents, why he must be elected resoundingly in November, and why a massive antiwar movement must come into being before that election.

The Bells
Hear the sledges with the bells--

Europe’s Parliamentary election results reflect a growing rebellion throughout Europe against the Ukraine war. Emmauel Macron who has paraded around like a deranged French poodle for weeks barking about creating World War III through direct deployment of French troops to Ukraine and providing long range missiles to Ukrainians with no restrictions when it comes to attacking Russia, saw his party’s slate defeated more than 2-1 by Marie Le Pen’s Rally Party.  Macron dissolved the French Parliament and called snap elections for June 30th and July 7th. In Germany, the AFD, attacked by the German state as racist fascists and pawns of Russia for their anti-open borders and anti-Atlanticist stances, became the second biggest vote getter, with both the Greens and the SPD fading into obscurity. The vote was led by young people and was staunchly antiwar according to exit polling. Fear of the Ukraine war spreading was the biggest concern expressed by voters. Throughout Europe, the Greens, the destroyers of advanced economies who have become the biggest supporters of the war, were voted down.

Europe Votes Against the Ukraine War
In Sunday’s elections, the continent’s national-conservative parties took an important step forward, breaking out of their narrow focus on immigration.

At the summit, Joe Biden once again embarrassed the United States with his sundowner senility moments. He wandered off from a group photo and had to be led back into place by Italian PM Giorgia Meloni. When Pope Francis helicoptered in to discuss AI, Biden manically embraced him, forehead to forehead, which the confused looking Pope obviously did not anticipate.

Biden embraces surprised-looking Pope Francis with forehead-to-forehead hug at G7 summit
President Biden embraced a surprised-looking Pope Francis with an intimate forehead-to-forehead hug on Friday during the G7 summit in Italy.