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Biden’s State of the Union, An Exercise in Mass Psychosis

Biden’s State of the Union, An Exercise in Mass Psychosis

In the play, Arsenic and Old Lace, Teddy Brewster is the lunatic brother who believes he is Teddy Roosevelt. The constant reminder of his lunacy in the play is his taking of the stairs at the Brewster house. Believing he is charging up San Juan Hill, he draws an imaginary sword and yells, “charge” each and every time. Meanwhile, in the basement of this nicest house on the block the bodies of innocent elderly bachelors pile up, poisoned by his mercy killing gentle elderly aunts. Teddy buries them, believing they are yellow fever victims who perished during the building of the Panama Canal.

An amphetamine fueled and demented Joe Biden came to the House of Representatives Thursday night to deliver the traditional “State of the Union.”  It was an angry and enraged rant delivered at breakneck speed, apparently to avoid the drugs wearing off and his tendency to slur his words. Biden took the stage and instantly began his rant, bypassing the normal procedure of an introduction by the Speaker of the House. At one point, he turned and directly attacked and insulted the entire Supreme Court of the United States who were all, as usual, in attendance. He claimed that they hadn’t recognized the “political force” of “women” mobilized to protect their right to abortion.

I am not going to catalog here all the lies in the speech. Others have done that. Nor, am I going to tell you that the nation is in rotten shape. You already know that. I am going to focus on the part of the speech I found most revealing and disturbing.

At the outset, Biden compared himself to Franklin Roosevelt and claimed he was reprising FDR’s January 6, 1941, Four Freedoms speech. That speech, of course, presaged America’s involvement in World War II.  In it, FDR outlined the nation’s entire history of avoidance of foreign wars and the looming necessity of involving ourselves in World War II.  He outlined four eternal freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear which are worth a fight to the death.

That fabricated comparison, of FDR and Joe Biden and of the current strategic situation with the months leading up to World War II, presaged the pure lunacy and BIE LIE hose which propelled the entire speech. Joe Biden sits atop a propaganda and censorship regime which jails reporters, massively censors dissent, and lies endlessly to the population to secure compliance with policies which are slowly killing it. His Justice Department targets Catholics and other Christians who oppose his lust for terminating pregnancies. His Justice Department has targeted his main political opponent, Donald Trump, referred to throughout the speech not by name but as “my predecessor” for imprisonment prior to an election which his cronies are now mapping how to steal.

Trump is leading Biden in all polling in the country with the population increasingly saying they hate the pretend 46th president and are done with him. The entire weaponized system for which he is the nominal viceroy runs on creating fear in the citizenry to silence them. And, while he extols the economy he claims to have created, the middle and working classes live paycheck to paycheck and experience a day-to-day struggle to exist which feels like suffocation. Biden’s open border policy is designed to replace all of them with low wage, immigrant, slave labor. He is going to tax the rich, he declared. That will never happen as that happens to be a vast part of his base.

Right from the start he said that he was fighting a war for “democracy” not just in Ukraine but also right here in the United States against the majority of the country which now opposes the regime which gives this lunatic a political existence. He proclaimed that the four-hour controlled riot on January 6, 2021, was equivalent to the Civil War with Trump on the side of the Confederacy. He named Putin, of course, as the new Hitler. Strong arming money for Ukraine from a House which has so far blocked it, dominated the entire first part of the screed. Like the lunatic Teddy Brewster, Biden capped this by shouting that he would not bow down to Vladimir Putin.

The problem here is that Ukraine is already lost and there is no way for NATO, the British, and the United States to recover. So, they are all now playing with the idea of direct NATO conflict with Russia, i.e., nuclear war. That is happening right now as various leaders of the Ukraine support coalition recognize that admitting the truth –inclusive of their “miscalculations” resulting in the wholesale slaughter or displacement of almost the entire Ukrainian nation along with the collapse of Europe’s economies—will result in their political death. That includes Joe Biden. American boots are now on the ground in Ukraine. So are British, Polish, and French boots. That fact is known publicly both in Europe and in Russia. How long Russia will tolerate this crossing of its redline is anyone’s guess. To make that point clearer, whether nuclear extinction occurs is currently dependent on the political ability of Vladmir Putin to outflank a direct planned NATO hybrid warfare onslaught against Russia itself and Crimea.

The overnight reviews in all the mainstream media were a propaganda exercise attempting to foment mass delusion. Let us tell you how to think about the horror show you just saw with your own eyes was the overwhelming stench. All of them declared that Biden’s mad demeanor and demented rage were “fiery” and “energetic” characteristics meant to reflect the tenor of his Democratic Party base. Some of the more adventurous scribes called it “rowdy.”  His performance allegedly put to rest the clamor in the Democratic base to replace him because of his age and obvious incompetence, according to the narrative.

The problem all of us face is that Biden’s base, and the denizens of the regime who support him are just as crazy and deluded as he is and have no place to turn in a nation which is now rising up against them. Their delusions and detachment from reality put all of us in danger. Trump and MAGA face the task of uniting this country through an economic and cultural revolution which will lift all boats and once again evoke that optimism and rejection of all things Empire, which characterized our founding. That includes, most emphatically, ending endless foreign wars endangering all of humanity. That includes returning to the active practice of FDR’s four freedoms. Everything Trump has put forth through his Agenda 47 to date demonstrates that he is passionately dedicated to that task. Our task lies in massive outreach to all layers of the population to recruit them to this vision and a culture of truth.