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Bombshells Explode on Bogus Trump Prosecutions. Too Slowly, But Bombshells Nonetheless

Bombshells Explode on Bogus Trump Prosecutions. Too Slowly, But Bombshells Nonetheless
A Total Biden White House Setup! Classified intelligence material found during search of Mar-a-Lago. August 30, 2022 - Department of Justice Photo

The most important dynamic from the last week involves the too slow in development proofs demonstrating that the present prosecutions of Donald J. Trump are exactly what he says they are: a cold coup against the presidency of the United States undertaken in 2015 and continuing and expanding to include as targets, the sentient citizens among the American people who are deemed potential or actual dissenters from the regime. Too slow, but developing conclusively, nonetheless. At the same time, the bloody killing field spawned by the failed utopian and incompetent British/U.S. policy in Ukraine is resulting in new revelations as to how this came about and how the 2014 engineered coup in Ukraine intersected the 2015 commencement of the targeting of Donald Trump.

As with all seditious conspiracies, the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations being relevant examples, the attempted coverup as you observe it, involves the actual perpetrators of the crime along with those who know full well what happened but who, out of cowardice and political considerations choose to obscure it and hide it from the public.  Witness for example, the Warren Commission, which seated Allen Dulles of the CIA who had a key role in the assassination itself. The very high level coverup conducted by the Warren Commission, involving the highest officials of the U.S. government, tells you that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a lone assassin, whatever the results of all the investigations of what happened on the Grassy Knoll, or at the Bethesda autopsy.  The nature of the coverup tells you that the highest levels of the government were involved in the assassination itself.

I will highlight here the significant additions to the dossier detailing the criminal conspiracy against Donald Trump which occurred this week.

The Florida Case

First, Julie Kelly has been examining the recently declassified documents in Jack Smith’s Southern Florida prosecution of Trump for allegedly misappropriating national defense information under the Espionage Act. We have the courage of U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon to thank for this. Judge Cannon ordered declassification of some 300 pages of documents over prosecutor Jack Smith’s heated objections. The documents are part of Trump’s motion to dismiss the case based on selective and vindictive prosecution. What Jack Smith wanted to keep hidden was the direct coordination of Joe Biden’s White House, Biden’s DOJ, and the Trump deranged National Archivist, David Ferriero, in setting up this case. Not only that, what Julie Kelly has discovered is that the White House, the DOJ, and the intelligence community seem to have involved themselves in a full-on entrapment scheme to fabricate this case.

Unredactions Reveal Early White House Involvement in Trump Documents Case
By Julie Kelly, RealClearInvestigationsMay 2, 2024 Jack Smith, special counsel: Opposed releasing files on the handling of Trump’s documents case. AP Top Biden administration officials worked with

This case stems from the attempt to coverup and bury the targeting and smear of Trump as a Russian asset by the British government, NATO, the puppet Ukrainian government installed in 2014, and the Obama/Biden Administration with massive assistance from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The operation began in 2015 with Trump’s announcement. This operation was a color revolution conducted against Trump and that half of the American population which secured his shocking victory in 2016.

Based on investigations by Trump allies, most importantly the House Intelligence Committee led by Devin Nunes, along with other forced disclosures from the intelligence community, Trump had significant evidentiary goods on this attempted coup in a binder which he declassified and, according to multiple sources, kept after he left office. Finding and securing that binder was the major impetus for the desperate National Archives/White House/Justice Department operation which produced the Mar-a-Lago search and Jack Smith’s current case. At the time this case was concocted, the Republicans were favored to take the House by whopping margins and then to initiate investigations of the entire conspiracy against Trump.

The big complication in the matter was that Joe Biden had knowingly and illegally retained classified documents as Vice-President and even dating back to his days as a Senator and Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. According to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, the effort to secure Biden’s illicit stash and figure out what to do about them began on March 18, 2021, with the detailing of Biden White House staff to one of Biden’s document storage sites, the Penn Biden Center.

Until Julie Kelly began digging and correlating, and Judge Cannon began declassifying, the DOJ had maintained that their involvement in the classified documents/national defense information Trump matter only began on February 9, 2022, based on records with “classified markings” found in 15 boxes of documents Trump provided voluntarily to the National Archives in January of 2022. Biden had steadfastly maintained that the White House was not involved, creating the fake impression that this was a matter between innocent nerdy Archivists and the stalwarts of justice at the DOJ.

Now Julie Kelly shows us, that “within weeks of Trump leaving office in 2021, employees with Biden’s Office of Records Management and the Archives began coordinated demands to Trump’s transition team, including former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.”  The newly declassified documents show that the Trump team cooperated but by June of 2021, Barack Obama appointed Archivist David Ferriero was throwing a hissy fit, alleging that two dozen boxes had not been turned over to the Archives including Trump’s correspondence with Kim Jung-Un, the letter President Obama left for Trump on Inauguration Day, and Trump’s “Sharpiegate” map of Hurricane Dorian.  By August of 2021, the documents show that Ferriero and his General Counsel Gary Stern were coordinating with DOJ and the White House to falsely claim that Trump had destroyed documents. The concerted fake media campaign creating this narrative had already begun in November of 2020 via a New Yorker article by Jill Lepore entitled, “Will Trump Destroy the Evidence.”

In her piece for Real Clear Investigations, Kelly details what the unredacted documents reveal about the Biden White House’s conversion of what is normally a civil process, at best, between the Archives and former Presidents under the Presidential Records Act into a full- fledged and unprecedented criminal investigation through coordinated actions throughout 2021 and the early months of 2022.  That criminal investigation for “mishandling classified or national defense information,” formally opened on March 30, 2022. It was dubbed “Plasma Echo” by the FBI and featured a Grand Jury seated in that Trump Derangement Capitol known as the U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C. By August 2022, the unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago was set up and executed. Kelly clearly demonstrates that the coordination of the setup went right to the top of the White House with meetings involving Chief of Staff Ron Klain and right to the top of the DOJ through Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco.

Significantly, the General Services Administration, not Donald Trump, packed Trump’s White House documents and retained them in storage in Virginia until August of 2021. They then informed Trump’s transition team that they had to be moved to Mar-a-Lago. Further, they stated that only government records (subject to the Presidential Records Act) and not personal records (documents not subject to National Archives retrieval) could be paid for by the GSA, creating the document trail thereby which substantiated the Archives’ claims against Trump. The GSA shipments contained classified documents.

If that is not enough to get Congressional subpoenas and investigations going from the so-called “weaponization of justice” subcommittee in the House, we now also know that the FBI messed up the chain of custody of these documents after their search. It is now impossible to establish the location of the small number of classified documents seized at Mar-a-Lago, in boxes otherwise containing a vast store of newspaper articles and unclassified artifacts from the Trump White House. Next in the case, Judge Cannon is seeking disclosure of the Grand Jury proceedings in the case in Washington, D.C. which have not been forwarded to her court. In that probable wildly illegal proceeding, then Chief Judge and Trump hater Beryl Howell forced Trump’s attorneys to turn over all their confidential conversations with President Trump about the Mar-a-Lago documents.


Aaron Mate has provided an extremely useful overview of developments in Ukraine from 2014 forward which led, inevitably, to the present slaughter of what remains of the Ukrainian population.   Paul Sperry, also writing in Real Clear Investigations, then revisits Trump’s first impeachment, highlighting the role of Eric Ciaramella, the personal assistant to Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland in all their illegal Ukrainian operations.

What 10 Years of U.S. Meddling in Ukraine Have Wrought (Spoiler Alert: Not Democracy)
By Aaron Maté, RealClearInvestigationsApril 30, 2024 In successfully lobbying Congress for an additional $61 billion in Ukraine war funding, an effort that ended this month with celebratory Dem
Impeachment ‘Whistleblower’ Was in the Loop of Biden-Ukraine Affairs That Trump Wanted Probed
By Paul Sperry, RealClearInvestigationsApril 17, 2024 The ‘whistleblower’ who sparked Donald Trump’s first impeachment was deeply involved in the political maneuverings behind Biden-

Mate’s account confirms Henry Kissinger’s infamous adage that to be an enemy of the United States may be dangerous but to be a friend may be fatal. What is lacking in both accounts, that of Mate and that of Kissinger, is the role of the modern British Empire. Henry Kissinger admitted that he was always a servant of the British Empire. He maliciously substituted the United States for Britian in his adage. Mate’s otherwise shocking account leaves out the fact that U.S. elements in Ukraine are but another instance of American brawn serving British strategic aims. In the case of Ukraine, those aims include the longstanding British goal to eliminate Russian influence in Eurasia, even if that means nuclear war.

Mate confirms that the 2014 coup involved the U.S. State Department, our intelligence services, working with and fully supporting real live Nazis in Ukraine to oust Ukraine’s duly elected government. He demonstrates that Joe Biden, Victoria Nuland, Obama’s cabinet, and complicit U.S. Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy acted to create the present Ukrainian client state and set off the ongoing civil war there over the stated opposition of the American president, Barack Obama. The main actors in this drama from the U.S. side were John Brennan of the CIA in addition to Nuland at the State Department and Biden at the White House. Right after the coup, he reminds us, the CIA set up and ran the Ukrainian intelligence services while establishing 12 CIA secret bases there. Nuland also admitted in Congress that experiments conducted on Ukrainian soil involved chemical and biological weapons which undoubtedly would be deployed against Russia. The Russians of course observed all of this prior to launching their Special Operation.

Mate reminds us that the Ukrainian intelligence services were involved in creating the bogus claim that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and responsible for setting up Paul Manafort and others for Justice Department prosecutions. When Trump had his famous phone call with Zelensky which led to his first impeachment, the topic was not only the now demonstrated corruption of Joe Biden. Trump inquired about Ukrainian involvement in the alleged DNC hack which led to Russiagate while also questioning Biden’s dealings in the country. Trump’s curiosity and courage opened yet another can of worms the regime had thought they had successfully buried. His impeachment became an urgent imperative.

That operation was amazing in its desperate recklessness, as documented by Paul Sperry. Eric Ciaramella, a CIA agent working for both Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland and deeply involved in the CIA’s Ukrainian operations, was paraded out as a “whistleblower” on the Trump/Zelensky phone call. Ciaramella was deeply involved in Biden’s firing of Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin, then investigating Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s corrupt deals with the Burisma oil company. The fake “whistleblower” claim concerning the Zelensky phone call served to disguise Ciaramella’s name, his duties, and the fact that he had a direct conflict of interest concerning Trump’s questions about Biden Ukraine corruption. All members of the House tolerated this charade, throwing full protections around Ciaramella in terms of disclosing his name or duties or his relationship to Biden’s corrupt Ukraine dealings. The fact that this is only coming to light fully now is indicative of the level of intelligence community control of the House.