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Concerning the Recent Sabotaged World War III: We Do This on Behalf of All Men of All Times

Concerning the Recent Sabotaged World War III: We Do This on Behalf of All Men of All Times
On April 1, 2024, an Israeli airstrike hit an Iranian Diplomatic building in Damascus, Syria. (WSJ/Framegrab)

On April 13, the world waited in horror for Iran’s retaliation against Israel for its April 1 murder of Iranian generals. There was every reason to believe that after Iran’s expected strike against Israel, Israel would immediately counter-retaliate against Iran in turn. The resulting full-scale Iran-Israel war would rapidly draw in the United States—if only to forestall Israel’s use of its nuclear weapons. In this way—with Russia already at war in Ukraine—a second superpower, the United States, would now enter into yet another major war. Looking backwards from the future, surely these events would be seen in retrospect as the beginning of World War III.

Yet, as if miraculously, that didn’t happen. Something else happened: a huge, coordinated Iranian missile barrage against military targets in Israel, was mostly intercepted and shot down by a gigantic coordinated operation by air defenses of the United States, Arab and European countries and Israel. And the feared Israeli counter-retaliation against Iran, when it happened, was a small attack which was dismissed by Iran with the statement that the exchange was over, and no further retaliation would ensue.

Who expected this? No one. Not one foreign-policy sage or guru forecast anything like this, and even in retrospect they have very little to say about it.

It was left to legendary journalist Seymour Hersh to tell the tale. It was the United States of America which turned the lever of history that day and quite possibly prevented World War III. Not Joe Biden—he had nothing to do with it. It was unnamed patriotic, competent senior military officers of the United States. President Trump has repeatedly told us we have such officers—even if they are not the ones we see on television.
How the Pentagon engineered a fake war to prevent a real one

They coordinated with the militaries of America’s Mideast and European allies, with Israel, and—through Russia—with Iran. They reasoned, “Why not get the air forces of our allies in Europe and the Middle East to agree to work together, under American leadership, and, with Iran’s approval, take advantage of the rapid progress in anti-missile and anti-drone defenses to let the Ayatollah fire off his missiles and have his revenge, while understanding that the air forces of America, Europe, and the Middle East would track and destroy them all?” In exchange, Israel would be advised to cool it, and mount only a minimal counter-retaliation.

Biden had nothing to do with any of this. Apparently, he was informed late in the process and assented.

Some have expressed skepticism about Hersh’s reporting, but none of them had predicted what would happen that day—nor do they have alternative explanations for it. In many cases, their skepticism is based on simple anti-Americanism. That is, after the catastrophic, unnecessary wars of all 21st Century American Presidents other than Trump, many claim to believe that the United States can only be a force for evil in the world, never for good.

Quite untrue. In upholding the highest interests of the United States of America, sometimes even at the risk of life itself, we patriots uphold, through our nation, the interests of all men, of all times. As the Union soldiers sang, “As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.” All men of all times.