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CPAC—A Collision of Conservative Dinosaurs with MAGA’s Principles

CPAC—A Collision of Conservative Dinosaurs with MAGA’s Principles
Liz Truss pretending to be MAGA at CPAC 2024 Washington DC conference.

After watching CPAC Wednesday and Thursday, the split between true Trump principles and the grifters from the conservative movement’s past couldn’t be clearer. Two examples:  Liz Truss showing up and claiming to be MAGA. Then David Walker showed up to hyperventilate about our burgeoning debt. He is pushing anew a Convention of the States to enact a balanced budget amendment. If you knew the Constitution and our actual history, you would know that this Wall Streeter’s actions would cripple Donald Trump’s ability to build our way out of debt and ensure the destruction of this country.

The effort to surround Donald Trump with snakes who will subvert his anti-war, anti-imperial foreign policy showed itself fully on Wednesday. Liz Truss, the shortest serving prime minister in British history, showed up to claim that she was taken down by the Deep State and to burnish claims that she was MAGA. The foreign policy panels at CPAC itself are loaded with alleged Trumpers whose real loyalties lie with the intelligence/defense contractor feeding trough known as the Security State’s Neo-Con wing. These people have never had any loyalty to Donald Trump, to the forgotten Americans MAGA represents, or to the working and producing classes generally who are viewed as alien by the oligarchy’s financiers and political retainers.

The only sound thing said at CPAC’s opening “international” panel was Ambassador and Acting DNI Ric Grennell noting that he told President Trump if resumes for his second term list a Washington D.C. address, he should throw them away. The same should be said about London and its environs.  The old-line conservative movement has been heavily penetrated by the British ever since Margaret Thatcher’s free trade globalist doctrines were peddled as a form of economic religion—a religion which ultimately kills its congregants.

In Truss’ reign as British Foreign Secretary and as Prime Minister, she was a rabid exponent of the dirty British intelligence operations which precipitated the current war in Ukraine, the deepest of Deep State operations afflicting the world. Her 2022 Lord Mayor’s speech hailing the return of “geopolitics” is typical of her rants. In her fawning support of a revived British Empire, she visualized a global NATO and “Network of Liberty” waging endless war on “autocrats.”  Joe Biden’s echoing of the same British policies throughout his so-called foreign policy career only demonstrates that he has never stopped plagiarizing from his British sponsors. As the result of Britain’s sanctions policy against Russian energy, Truss announced an energy support package to stem popular panic about rising energy bills together with one of the largest tax cut policies in British history right after she became Prime Minister. The British financial apparatus, built on interest rate and other derivatives, speculative and offshore finance, and austerity for the population generally went into a general panic requiring intervention by the Bank of England. This near trigger of a financial implosion is what led to Truss’ resignation.

Truss’ recent expressions of fervor for Trump are matched by Lord Jacob Rees-Moog who has backed Truss throughout her troubled and tumultuous career. Son of the British imperialist editor of The Times, William Rees-Moog, Jacob is the spitting image of every Conservative Party war monger the British have ever bred. His support of Trump stems from Brexit and his hardline conservative social stands, which themselves are decent but not particularly noteworthy. Otherwise, he is a spawn of the Jacob Rothschild family banking interests where he apprenticed before migrating to Hong Kong to run an emerging markets hedge fund. He returned to London to run for Parliament. In his first campaigns, he claimed that he talked with commoners when he toured in a Mercedes attired in his bowler hat and 18th Century suit. But the films claimed by his campaign as discussions with citizens turned out to be chats with employees of his investment firm posing as citizens.

David Walker is the former Comptroller General of the United States who has spent his entire post-government career shilling for the Wall Street effort, chaired by Citibank’s former chairman, Pete Peterson, to impose austerity on the majority of Americans while eliminating Social Security, Medicare, and other safety net programs to achieve a balanced budget. His latest gambit is to claim that previous efforts by Wall Street financiers to hold a Convention of the States to enact a balanced budget amendment had reached the required Article V threshold. Congress, however, has failed to act, so he is now suing them to bring about the desired constitutional wrecking operation. The Heritage Foundation which claims to be chairing a project to staff any second Trump term, has also now come out for a Convention of the States.

American System economics is premised on the idea that the Federal government and an associated system of national banking only invests in productive, capital intensive projects like major infrastructure and frontier space exploration and fundamental science which yield huge gains in the overall productivity and wealth of the economy. These investments, like the Apollo project, are at a scale and a duration which private investment cannot match. They result in the generation of new knowledge and new technologies, and fundamental scientific revolutions, expanding the economy and paying for the social safety net. Perfection of fusion energy, as an example, would transform every aspect of our economy because it would yield cheap and abundant energy while ushering in a new era of spinoff technologies in materials production, space travel, water management, and other vital infrastructure production. But Wall Street paper pushers and accountants, like Walker, only know rentier finance and can’t figure out how to expand the economy or even how to produce simple goods. Thus, Walker argues, in defiance of every major economic expansion of the United States historically, there will never be enough of a density of new ideas or creative breakthroughs to overcome the debt. Perhaps this new Wall Street financer gambit explains the new funding behind Convention of the States efforts.