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Deep State Manufacturers of Deep, Deep Fakes, Project Their Ids All Over the Media

Deep State Manufacturers of Deep, Deep Fakes, Project Their Ids All Over the Media
A selection of recent, Biden, "senior moments."

Panic is the prevalent mind set throughout our once serenely arrogant security state at the end of June’s third week. They throw atrocity after atrocity at Donald Trump, ripping away whole sections of the constitutional fabric of this republic in the process, and nothing they do sticks with the population. Trump keeps surging. He is doing as much as he can do to recruit the forgotten men and women of this country across party lines and into a vibrant MAGA movement, promising an American economic renaissance. The ghetto surrounding Temple University in Philadelphia is Trump’s next stop Saturday, June 22nd.

Whether Joe Biden’s candidacy survives will be determined in large part by how he does in the CNN debate set for June 27th. As of Friday, Biden is at Camp David getting a brain shampoo of drugs, rehearsed scripts, and advice in preparation for next Thursday’s event. Wags have proffered that a double of the sundowner in Chief is being prepped and coached to be substituted should this revitalization and makeover effort on the real deal fail to do the trick.

More and more viral video of Biden floundering, freezing, staring off into space, sputtering gibberish, at fundraisers, meetings of heads of state, and other occasions, dominated social media both here and abroad. The White House, in response, has launched another round of gas lighting of the American public, assuring us that what is plainly seen by everyone, Joe Biden’s struggle with dementia, constitutes, in reality, deep fake videos produced by the Republican National Committee. (As if that milquetoast body had completely transformed itself into the type of ruthless and amoral political warriors found among Democrats.)  Mind you, these are the same people who assured us that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a sophisticated Russian intelligence operation.

This week’s wacko security state TV, you know, the places where Rachel Maddow, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, Andrew Weissmann, and other veterans of the ongoing coup against the 45th president and his supporters hold forth in an endless hate filled parade of Trump Derangement Syndrome, has suddenly turned defensive. McCabe, for example, tells viewers that he is having heart wrenching conversations with his family about fleeing the country should Trump win. He laments that he and his fellow coup criminals have already had to hire lawyers, endure negative press, had their reputations blackened and other inconveniences, based on their illegal holy war against Donald Trump and the majority of Americans who support him.

Trump will seek revenge, is their new theme, and all of you who have acted against him should be so deathly afraid that you will renew your flagging jihad against him, whatever it takes. Nothing is off limits. In Freud’s very flawed theory of personality, the Id is the location of the unhinged primordial bestial impulses. Constantly seeking gratification, it is the place where the Satanic dwells. It knows no boundaries and projects its truths onto others. Thus, the fabricators of the endless lies which have characterized the 8-year jihad against Trump, reveal themselves by repeatedly projecting their crimes onto Trump. Or, as Gertrude in Shakespeare’s Hamlet explains the dynamic at work so well here, “So full of artless jealousy is guilt, it spills itself in fearing to be spilt."

The panic and guilt spilling don’t just stem from Trump’s electoral lead. There is supreme angst about the upcoming lawfare calendar. Next week, decisions in very significant Supreme Court cases are scheduled to be revealed. They include the Fischer case dealing with abuse of the obstruction statutes in the J6 cases and in Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s J6 prosecution against Trump.  They include Trump’s claims, on behalf the presidency of the United States, for immunity from the type of lawfare being thrown at him by Biden’s DOJ. They include a challenge to the Chevron doctrine, which has protected the sprawling administrative state from critical examination for decades. They also include Murthy v. Missouri, dealing with the Biden’s administration’s social media censorship campaign which played a critical role in the rigged 2020 election. The chance that justice might be done in these cases accounts for the rabid attacks on the Court by the coup meisters.

In Florida, Judge Aileen Cannon is also holding serious hearings on defense motions in the Mar-a-Lago case, routine in most criminal cases, but, according to our security state, akin to treason in the case of Trump. Today, Friday, she considered a well-briefed motion holding that Special Council Jack Smith’s appointment is unconstitutional and illegal. In July, she will be holding hearings on emergent evidence showing White House, DOJ, and National Archives collusion in concocting the criminal charges before her.

Donald Trump will be compelled to seek justice against the major players in the illegal security state actions against him dating from 2015 as a major feature of any second term. The evil cast upon us by these criminals must be recognized and made accountable. Our vaunted judicial system has been destroyed by their irrational political warfare. Formerly, our judges aspired to administer justice blinded against ideology and personal preferences. Now they are corrupted by both ideology and plain old lucre and any attempt at doing justice is to be met with the same outrageous attacks as those made against Trump.

Witness the overt campaign against the Supreme Court by the Democratic Jacobins. Justice Alito’s wife flew an upside-down American flag, a universal signal of distress, during a dispute with neighbors. Justice Clarence Thomas takes vacations paid for by a long-time wealthy friend with no cases before the court. For these sins, Jaime Raskin and other Jacobins say the justices must recuse themselves from all Trump matters and the media runs hysterical screed after hysterical screed proclaiming this the law of the land.  Huh?

Now, courtesy of The New York Times, we hear that two Judges, including the Chief Judge of the Southern District of Florida, tried to bully Judge Aileen Cannon into rejecting her random assignment to Donald Trump’s bogus Mar-a-Lago documents case.  Cannon was too much of a wild card, not on the dole careerwise or otherwise, to be trusted for the desired rigged result. Compare the insanely exaggerated claims against Thomas and Alito with Judge Arthur Engeron in New York holding ex parte discussions of the Trump organization civil fraud case with a real estate lawyer, or the clear ethical conflicts engaged in by Judge Juan Merchan, who will sentence Trump on July 11th. Judge Merchan blatantly violated New York’s judicial conflict law when his daughter’s political consultancy was richly rewarded for pushing for Trump’s conviction. Or think about the entire bench in the U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C. They have all acquiesced in the fabricated January 6th, U.S. Justice Department shock and awe campaign, jailing hundreds of J6 misdemeanor participants without bail before trial and then with enhanced and deliberately brutal jail terms.

Trump in his second term is faced with the daunting task of restoring integrity to our system of justice. He will do so, I believe, in the spirit of Lincoln, “with malice toward none, with charity for all” because he must, sternly and fairly, re-establish justice at the same time as he reunites the nation. This is not “revenge.”  It is “just accountability” for grievous acts against our republic which must be fully revealed and punished with appropriate reforms assuring that they do not happen again. It is an extraordinarily challenging task which Trump believes begins by spurring massive across the board economic growth and cultural optimism. Hopefully, the Supreme Court and Judge Cannon will contribute to that mission over the next weeks.