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Did Donald Trump Violate the “AntiSemitism Awareness Act” by Criticizing Israel?

Did Donald Trump Violate the “AntiSemitism Awareness Act” by Criticizing Israel?
Trump: "I think that Israel has done one thing very badly: public relations."

On Wednesday, May 1, by a vote of 320 to 91, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the AntiSemitism Awareness Act of 2032 (H.R. 6090). Voting against it were 70 House Democrats, including Jerald Nadler (NY)  the longest-serving Jewish House Democrat and 21 Republicans, mostly members of the Freedom Caucus. Both the Democrats and Republicans opposing the bill warned that it constituted an anti-Constitutional threat to free speech. Even hard-core pro-Israel commentators like Steve Bannon and Charlie Kirk took a breath and recognized that danger. 

Nadler’s floor speech opposing the bill included the following warning:

“This definition, adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, or IHRA, includes “contemporary examples of antisemitism”.  The problem is that these examples may include protected speech, in some contexts, particularly with respect to criticism of the State of Israel…. this bill threatens to chill constitutionally protected speech.  Speech that is critical of Israel—alone—does not constitute unlawful discrimination.  By encompassing purely political speech about Israel into Title VI’s ambit, the bill sweeps too broadly.”

The bill was pushed through in the super-charged atmosphere of campus demonstrations, riots, wall to wall media hysteria, and a widening war in Southwest Asia in which women and children have been the major casualties.  As we have noted a classic British gang/countergang operation is taking place here.

This works as follows. You are supposed to pick a side:  pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian, and if you are pro-Isreal you are a genocidalist; if you are pro-Palestinian, you a Hamas-loving terrorist and you are antisemitic. There is no doubt the elites intend to use this conflict in manifold ways to affect the 2024 election and hang on to control of the United States. As it stands, RINOs in the House and their accomplices in the Senate appear to be mounting a replay of Richard Nixon’s 1972 campaign in a desperate attempt to justify their continued legitimacy while joining with Democratic Party fascists to jettison the First Amendment. 

One day earlier, Time Magazine released an interview with Donald Trump in which he made clear, once again, that he doesn’t play the oligarchy’s games. Asked a series of questions on Israel, Trump did not give unconditional support to the policies of Israel and its current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (unlike Bannon and Kirk.) As was clear in Trump’s historic Abraham Accords (which have been tragically disrupted by the Biden Administration’s policies), President Trump did not and will not play Britain’s geopolitical games. In his Abraham Accords negotiations, he treated the nations and peoples of the region as having legitimate self-interests which could be brought together under a higher conception. 

So as you read some of President Trump’s responses in his Time Magazine interview, remember what Nadler said.  Under the provisions of H.R. 6090, criticism of Israel can now be considered antisemitic.

Time: You said you want to get Israel to wind down the war. You said it needs to “get it over with.” How are you going to make that happen? Would you consider withholding aid?
Trump: I think that Israel has done one thing very badly: public relations. I don't think that the Israel Defense Fund or any other group should be sending out pictures every night of buildings falling down and being bombed with possibly people in those buildings every single night, which is what they do. 

Later in the interview, Trump described the problems he had working with Netanyahu, and then added, “ I would say that what happened on—the October 7 should have never happened….

It happened on his watch... And I will say this, Bibi Netanyahu rightfully has been criticized for what took place on October 7.”

So for all the Republican lemmings who voted for the Antisemitism Awareness Act, you might just have called Donald Trump anti-semitic. Do you think Jerry Nadler will have his back on this one? 


There are a number of singular comments by Donald Trump in the Time Magazine article, which is otherwise characterized by a bunch of “gotcha” questions. This includes the following, where Trump again makes clear that he does not play the neo-cons’ and globalists’ game of permanent enemies and permanent war: 

“I'm talking about the fascists and the people in our government right now, because I consider them, you know, we talk about the enemy from within. I think the enemy from within, in many cases, is much more dangerous for our country than the outside enemies of China, Russia, and various others that would be called enemies depending on who the president is, frankly.” {Emphasis added}

The full interview:

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