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Election Battle 2024: Drain the Swamp and Swamp the Vote

Election Battle 2024: Drain the Swamp and Swamp the Vote
Get out the vote for Trump, so the election is Too Big to Rig!

Posts in today's report:

  • Trump Launches Swamp the Vote Operation
  • Biden Facing Problems with Younger Voters
  • Donald Trump Joins TikTok and Engages Young Voters
  • Mindy Pechenuk Featured on ABC News Report of President Trump Visit to San Francisco Thursday
  • House Speaker Johnson Announces Plan To Take On Justice System Following Trump Conviction
  • Democrats Abandonment of the Working Class Paved the Way for Trump and MAGA

Trump Launches Swamp the Vote Operation

President Trump launched a "Swamp the Vote" campaign to encourage early voting, as well as the use of mail-in and absentee ballots. Trump stated, "We must swamp the radical Democrats with massive turnout. The way to win is to swamp them, if we swamp them with votes they can’t cheat. You need to make a plan, register, and vote any way possible. We have got to get your vote." This accompanies the work by Promethean PAC to reach out to non-traditional voters, and create a massive vote for Trump that is "Too Big To Rig!" Trump previously stated, "In the states where ballot harvesting is still legal, we have no choice but to beat the Democrats at their own game. Either we start ballot harvesting or you can just wave goodbye to our country. We have to get smart."

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