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Ground Game: Making History After Trump Debate Victory

Trump supporters in CA & MI upbeat post-debate; Autoworkers for Trump rallies grow; Texas for Agenda47 holds pre-debate event. Promethean Action organizers connect with voters, emphasizing the need to build a ground movement for Trump's policy proposals.
Ground Game: Making History After Trump Debate Victory
President Trump speaking at a rally in Chesapeake, VA on June 29, the day after the Presidential debate

Posts in today's report:

  • Trump Supporters in CA Upbeat After the Debate
  • Michigan Promethean Action Organizers Engage in National, Local Discussions
  • Autoworkers for Trump Rallies Grow in Size and Spirit
  • Before the debate, Texas for Agenda 47 Holds Warm-Up Round
Promethean Action organizers in California

Trump Supporters in CA Upbeat After the Debate

A Promethean PAC squad deployed to a supermarket in a suburban area of the CA East Bay the day after the Trump-Biden debate. Organizers found the Trump supporters happy to see us and noticeably more upbeat than usual. This is a site we go to often and encounter a mixed crowd, with a fair number of business owners or people in other jobs, where they support us, but tend to be nervous about being public about their politics. Today, people were having fun, (except for the sullen anti-Trumpers); they were more loose and optimistic, and leaving their phone numbers, as well as emails. Several proudly put on Trump buttons there at the table. As in many deployments, as people are being bombarded with emails and mailings with requests for political donations, what was critical in our conversations was giving people a sense of the need to build a movement on the ground not only to get Trump elected, but to work with him once he’s in the White House to rebuild the country and reverse 50 plus years of economic and cultural destruction. Two women came up to our table, glad to see us, who had signed up with us before, wanted our take on the debate and where we go from here. Both of them contributed and want to keep in contact.

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