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Ground Game: The American Spirit

Expanding outreach at a Michigan Republican picnic & Detroit Black Business Event. Outreach calls spark interest in Trump's Agenda 47. Brian Lantz's "Physical Economics" Substack explores industry & workforce. Bruce Director discusses US foreign policy, de-dollarization on Think BRICS YouTube.
Ground Game: The American Spirit
Promethean Action organizers Toni Sellars and Susan Kokinda (left picture) organize at local Republican Party summer picnic

In today's report:

  • Promethean Action Expands Horizon of Local Republicans
  • The Essence of American Culture Eloquently Presented at Black Business Event in Detroit
  • Outreach Phone Calls Spark Interest in Trump's Agenda 47
  • Physical Economics Substack from Brian Lantz
  • Interview with Bruce Director on Economics

‎Promethean Action Expands Horizon of Local Republicans

Promethean Action organizer (l) at Michigan local Republican Party summer picnic

Organizers for Promethean Action were invited to set up a table at the summer picnic of the 12th Congressional District Republican Party outside of Detroit on June 30. One of the picnic organizers, who has participated in many of our national Zoom discussions, said, "these are our activists and they do a lot, but we need to broaden their horizons." Our table featured material on Trump's Agenda 47 and our dossier, It Is the British Who Murder Our Presidents. Susan Kokinda was asked to speak on behalf of Promethean Action and on behalf of the state representative campaign of her husband, Ron. She focused on outreach into traditionally Democratic Party layers, describing our deployments to auto plants and, in the case of Ron's campaign, into Arab-American layers. That prompted a recently retired Ford worker to come to the table to sign up. A state-wide candidate for one of the University Board of Regents positions was very excited about the breadth of our activity and signed up to stay in touch.

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