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Lyndon LaRouche's "The Power of Labor" - Part 3

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Last week, Promethean Action presented Part 2 of Lyndon LaRouche’s five-part educational series on the science of physical economy. Lyndon LaRouche reconceptualized economic science, based on his groundbreaking discoveries of 1948-52. Ultimately, it was this which made him a dire threat, both to the Anglo-American elite in the West, and to General Secretaries Yuri Andropov and Mikhail Gorbachov of the then-Soviet Union.

For this he was framed up and railroaded to prison by George HW Bush.

The second Donald Trump administration will have the opportunity to restore the United States as a “beacon of hope and a temple of liberty.” for the world. For this, LaRouche’s discoveries are indispensable.

Part 1, on the meaning of the Book of Genesis for economics and Part 2 demonstrated the real, physical meaning of “profit.”

Part 3 focuses in on energy and “energy flux-density” in economy, and shows why economics is the King of all sciences, and the only ultimate test of human knowledge.