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Lyndon LaRouche's "The Power of Labor" - Part 4

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This week’s Promethean Action class series will present Part 4 of Lyndon LaRouche’s 1984 economics class series, “The Power of Labor.” In the first three parts, which can be viewed below, LaRouche showed that the physical economy must be negentropic to be healthy, and demonstrated how to measure real economic progress.

In tonight’s Part 4, LaRouche examines the implications of these truths for science in general. He explores how the same principle of negentropy is characteristic of life as represented by the discoveries of Leonardo da Vinci and Luca Pacioli—and also astrophysics as expressed in the work of Johannes Kepler.

Tune in tonight to view LaRouche’s presentation and engage in a dialogue with Bruce Director and Tony Papert on the deep connection between physical economics and Renaissance and contemporary science.