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Lyndon LaRouche's "The Power of Labor" - Part 5 - Natural Law and Technological Progress

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President Trump’s Promethean defiance, in a crooked New York courtroom, has shocked and enraged the Olympians running the Biden administration, who are slowly realizing that their deluded exercise of what they thought was their power, is now bringing about the collapse of their system, and their own doom.

Patriotic Americans are learning that their future is not the hopeless one offered by the Olympians, but a productive, happy future fueled by the unleashing of their God-given creative powers.

This last part of Lyndon LaRouche’s economics class deals with the most fundamental issues: the purpose of individual mortal life; the permanent good which the individual can leave behind him. Those who have seen the earlier classes know that LaRouche will not be supplying mere opinions, but scientifically proven facts.