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Promethean Action Founding Conference, June 8, 2024

Promethean Action Founding Conference, June 8, 2024
To recover from today's Dark Age, we need a rebirth of civilization's greatest principles. We need a Renaissance.

Today—if you look for them—you will see the proofs of a crisis of world civilization greater than the collapse of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. The generations of Americans alive today— especially the younger generations—need not ask why they are here. They are here to rescue this civilization for future epochs. To preserve it in the only way it can be preserved—by recreating it anew from its roots. As the Christian revolution recreated and saved civilization from the death agonies of the Roman Empire. As the Golden Renaissance recreated and saved Christian civilization from the New Dark Age of the 1300s. 

You probably sense that President Trump is not exaggerating when he says that November’s election is the last chance for the United States. This country cannot survive the economic, social and moral catastrophes set in motion under Trump’s predecessors, and now supercharged under Biden. Meanwhile, Biden’s foreign wars, which he would like to keep under control until November, will immediately burst forth if he is reelected. Tens of thousands of American troops will once again be shipped out to fight overseas—for nothing. And underneath projects like the compulsory indoctrination of young children in transgenderism, and flooding our country with millions of illegal aliens, is a drive to finally root out the American ideas of 1776 from the hearts of the people.

But this is far more than an American crisis. Under our misleadership, human civilization itself is racing to nowhere up a dead-end street. Five decades of deliberate rotting-out and financialization of the physical economy, combined with overwhelming levels of debt and hyper-inflationary money printing on a global scale, have built up the greatest world economic catastrophe in human history. If not addressed in the coming year, this crisis threatens to raise up an international fascist order threatening unimaginable collapse. 

From the standpoint of the election, the actions required are clear. If properly steered, an effective national economic policy perspective, combined with the joint efforts of major nations can wrest control over this economic crisis. Many of the needed policies exist within President Trump's "Agenda 47" program of common-sense steps such as protectionist measures, national sovereignty, and massive investments in energy plants, heavy industry, infrastructure, and manufacturing. President Trump has supported Glass-Steagall reorganization of the banking system, and his reported plans for control over the Federal Reserve hint at the required American System replacement of Central Banking by National Banking—including credit for major infrastructure projects to rebuild our nation. His Moon-Mars colonization mission known as Project Artemis, and the ongoing drive for the commercialization of fusion power, are additional key, necessary and critical steps to address the objective factors of this economic crisis. 

If these policies are adopted and implemented with the necessary pungency and force, as in a war for national survival, then Western Civilization, and human civilization, will likely find the means of durable survival, while also meeting the immediate needs of the current population. 

The more critical challenge, both in the upcoming election and then subsequently, is achieving the necessary and sustained levels of action—sustained for no less than twenty-five to fifty years, or two generations, and not merely for just four years—so that we ensure true historical success, not merely a temporary reprieve from these Satanic trends. With this comes the need for overwhelming public consent for actions that meet the needs of this unprecedented crisis—not just immediately, but over the coming two generations—when most of us will no longer be active participants, but will have hopefully placed our nation and legacy in good hands.

For this is not only an economic crisis, it has metastasized into something much, much worse. It has already been fifteen years since the global financial blowout, and subsequent banker bailout-regime looted today’s younger generations with trillions of dollars in bailouts, debt, and wars. An entire generation has been raised in an environment of forever wars and a fascist financial system, and now reproduction levels are declining in every developed nation, far below replacement levels. It is the tyrant Saturn eating his young. 

From such prolonged cannibalism, what was a global financial and economic crisis in 2008, has now become a penetrating plague inside the homes, schools, churches, professions, media, and streets of every American. It is a kind of cultural breakdown, a raging insanity of hedonism and radical individualist delusions—made grotesque by the proliferation of drugs and the cult of popular opinion. 

This is the very real beginnings of a new Dark Age, one that will not merely undermine the potential of a second Trump administration—which is our best clear option for immediate survival and possible long-term success—but this growing darkness, as we watch transgender apocalyptic cults take over childhood education, can erase all of human civilization's cultural development of the last ten thousand years. 

With Promethean foresight, Lyndon LaRouche identified sixty years ago—and this remains even truer today—that we lacked the sufficient cultural dialogue and quality of institutions to adequately address this profound crisis. To solve that problem, LaRouche built a movement. We must build it again today, and advance the work of LaRouche on a platform of a renewed America. This is why we will assemble and conspire.

We are Americans, and we have been blessed with a divine inheritance. Our nation represents one of the crowning achievements of the last 10,000 years, nothing less than the continuous work of five hundred generations of human endeavor to build and foster civilization. The Genesis of Moses; the depth of philosophical insight of the Greeks like Solon, Socrates, and Plato; the revelations of Christ; the flourishing of new ideas in the 15th Century European Renaissance; these individuals and these ideas gave birth to a new idea of humanity and to our nation, and this, not a dark age, is the true inheritance of our future generations.

To build a beautiful cathedral or a permanent research station on the moon requires intent. It requires an intent to achieve what the cynics say is impossible, impractical, and unnecessary. So does solving this crisis today, by rebuilding the moral and creative powers of a cadre of leaders from within the younger generations, who, like the young great leaders of the Academy in Athens, or the Christian movement, or the American Revolution, are capable of sparking, through the depth of their moral leadership and the foresight of their creative discoveries, a new and even higher conception of what it means to be made in God’s image. 

This is the very essence of the United States, and it is through the sovereign powers of our Nation, and the sovereign creative powers of our people, that we can rescue our civilization from the precipice of this dark abyss. 

All this and more will be discussed at our National Conference on Saturday, June 8th, in Detroit, MI. We hope to see you there!