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Promethean Zoom Discussions and America’s 2025 Economic Revival

Promethean Zoom Discussions and America’s 2025 Economic Revival
Promethean PAC organizers in Houston, TX. February, 2024 "Agenda 47 vs Heritage Foundation Project 2025"

By: Peter Bowen and Evelyn Lantz

Promethean Action organizers across the nation have been conducting regular Zoom discussions with MAGA activists, highlighting the importance of President Trump’s Agenda47 policies. The power and importance of such dialogue was demonstrated on March 14 in the “Texans for Agenda47” event, which began a 15 minute video dialogue between Susan Kokinda and Brian Lantz on the topic of what should shape Trump's Second Term: the Heritage Foundation or the American System.   It lifted participants above the endless discussions of what the enemy is doing and into a substantive dialogue of what we can and are doing to save and rebuild America. 

A machinist, who had initially texted that he was going to be listening, but could not speak because he was at work, was so stimulated by Lantz’ discussion of the need for more reliable electricity, that he joined the discussion and presented the dilemma of his company, which is  facing the results of Bidenomics. He reported the company management is treading water,  waiting for Trump’s return, anticipating a push for more gas and oil and a national drive for more power plants.  

In response, an activist in the Waco area told the group that his local school district had just auctioned off some high quality machine tools.  He commented that the machinist would know the tools he was talking about. The incredible tools had been sold by the district for a pittance, because they had only had three students sign up for the class!  The  machinist gestured with thumbs up, clearly reflecting a dialogue among productive minds.   The importance of the unique role of LaRouche PAC and Agenda47 in stimulating the minds of young people with a vision of the future they are needed to create was stressed.

Another activist lamented the unwillingness of leaders to “just go ahead and build the pipeline or wall or whatever”, but was reminded by Lantz  that to do much of what he wanted requires building out domestic supply chains, which don’t today exist in the United State. This is a critical part of Trump’s Agenda47. 

An activist from Louisiana gave a very excited report on her success at her Republican Women's club. After months of circulating LaRouchePAC literature on  Agenda47 with little apparent response, she was delighted at the most recent meeting to hear the leadership discussing Agenda 47 before she had even said anything! Others were encouraged to emulate this and take these policies to their local groups. 

The discussion was also joined by the Executive Director of a national group of young Trump supporters, who expressed his appreciation for the discussion and pleasure at having connected with us, as he has known of our work with his group in Michigan and in Tennessee. We look forward to developing collaboration in ensuring Agenda 47 is implemented come January of 2025.