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The Fight for American Sovereignty through the Eyes of President Putin

The Fight for American Sovereignty through the Eyes of President Putin
Vladimir Putin takes his oath to the people of Russia. May 7, 2024 Photo: Alexander Kazakov, RIA Novosti

Despite the smell of anti-America sentiments in the international left, the United States remains the paramount and longest-lasting Republic on Earth, and its victory against Empire remains the most decisive political fight for all nations and peoples. As President Putin identifies, this is a fight stemming from the heart of the American citizens against our destruction by an imperial system, an empire ruled via the ultramontane control of the DC-London Consensus. It is an empire that seeks the destruction of all nations and their peoples, an evil that seeks the ruin of all that is good and true.

President Trump's campaign today, and the MAGA movement behind him, represent for sovereign nations what Abraham Lincoln represented for the institution of free labor and the growth of sovereign nations then. Lincoln's patriotic devotion, as expressed in the Gettysburg Address, captured the sentiments that would eventually free all men and women around the world from chattel slavery, as the Union was triumphant against the British Empire-sponsored rebellion.

It is this same British hand that is again apparent in Ukraine, from the coup in 2014 to Ukraine's current maniacal self-destruction in what is nothing less than a fratricidal war against Russia. The same British hand that sought the destruction of President Trump in Russiagate, and the destruction of our nation through decades of globalization, wars, drugs, and despair.

This fight in America against the British Empire is a fight for our true Republic, and stems from a growing and deep existential sentiment of the American people. That is, either we once again bring to life the principles of our Constitution, or we will perish from the earth. This is not a populist revolt; it is not born of rage and impotence. It is a sacred mission of hope, of love of country and love of mankind.

Today we see a resurgence of the creative powers of mankind, universal powers that are seen now from El Salvador to Slovakia, and from Hungary to India, and it is this which is the only true American political tradition. We are not a nation based on hereditary rights or entrenched financial interests. We are a nation, if we are to exist, based solely on those universal powers bestowed on us by God Almighty, and it is the defense of those rights and powers which is the only legitimate basis for our Constitutional government.

Empire, in any form, is anathema to the American soul. As Putin also understands, if America once again declares its sovereignty and superiority over any imperial designs, then the world as whole will prosper and flourish by addressing the true needs of each nation and her people—and in concert together wherever possible. Such is the real nature of universal history, and such is true statesmanship. To the slaves of Perfidious Albion we declare Britannia Delenda Est, and then “onward patriots, because the future is ours!” 

Putin: “If the Next Administration Prioritizes National Interests”

June 5, 2024 (St Petersburg)

Question: "With regard to Ukraine, you don’t think anything will change in terms of support for Ukraine or if Trump comes back? You don’t think there will be a change?"  http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/74223

Putin: "If the next administration prioritises national interests and if they believe that ensuring domestic stability is in their national interests, if instead of focusing on immigration they seek to consolidate their society within the United States in order to overcome the mistakes that brought about a spike in inflation while the US debt ballooned – in this case, of course, if they focus on their national interests and act this way,…

"If they seek guidance from their national interests, then there can be some shifts in US foreign policy and the way it treats Russia and the Ukraine conflict. However, you will understand that it is all about the ifs that I keep mentioning. It can all change.

"Still, I think that you would agree with me that no one cares about Ukraine in the United States. All they care about is how great the United States is. The US is not there to fight for Ukraine or the Ukrainian people. It is fighting for its own greatness and world leadership. There is no way they can allow Russia to succeed. Why? Because they believe that this would undermine US leadership. That is the purpose behind everything the US does.

"But if the next administration changes course and shifts its agenda so that its raison d’etre and its work focus on strengthening the United States from within and reinforcing its economy, finance and building normal, more respectful relations around the world with everyone, it is only then that something would change. I think that the overall public sentiment can play a decisive role here. And the public opinion seems to be tilting this way, and if the next administration catches this wind in its sails, it is at that point that change becomes possible."

Putin: Many in the US Don’t Want to be an Empire

May 28, 2024 (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Viktor Sineok: Mr President, my name is Viktor Sineok, Izvestiya. For several months before your visit, delegations from the US Treasury and other agencies implementing the sanctions regime were coming to Central Asian countries, including Uzbekistan. Unprecedented pressure was put on the Central Asian capitals in order to exclude and strangle all the possibilities and prospects for cooperation with Russia. How do you find this behaviour? Can Russia redress this pressure for the Central Asian countries, including Uzbekistan? http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/74132

Putin: “As for the first part of your question, there is nothing new about it. I mean the voyagers flying all around the world, be it Latin America, or Africa, or the East, threatening everybody. These are elements of imperial behaviour. American political observers and analysts say directly that the United States is an empire, and its imperial ambitions are connected with internal political events to a large extent. [The] Presidential election is coming soon, and the current authorities want to confirm their status as an empire. Many in the United States do not like this, do not want to be an empire and bear the imperial burden. They do not want [the] responsibility, and do not want to expose their country to any dangers or get it into a difficult position."