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The Midweek Update - Biden Trashes America, Trump Celebrates It - June 19, 2024

Joe Biden has taken the occasion of Juneteenth to chastise America for its "original sin" of slavery. But Donald Trump, with a big boost from economic reality, is awakening the real American identity.

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Joe Biden has taken the occasion of Juneteenth to chastise America for its "original sin" of slavery. But Donald Trump, with a big boost from economic reality, is awakening the real American identity, an identity which starts with our "unalienable right" to pursue happiness and do good. We saw that at play in Trump's visit to a Detroit church on June 15.

This awakening leaves the imperial elite desperate and willing to gamble with World War III, a threat which Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un responded to with a new pact between their nations.

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"Robert Ingraham's class, Washington's Republic: Science, Progress and Human Freedom, is an appropriate way to celebrate Juneteenth."

Transcript: The Midweek Update - Biden Trashes America, Trump Celebrates It - June 19, 2024

Susan Kokinda: [00:00:00] Hello everybody, this is Susan Kokinda. Today is June 19th and this is the Midweek Update. June 19th is our newest national holiday, now known as Juneteenth, marking the day in 1865 that slaves in Texas learned that they had been freed under Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. That proclamation had actually been issued two and a half years before.

But it only freed the slaves held in Confederate states. It wasn't until Congress ratified the 13th Amendment later in 1865 on December 6th, that slavery was ended in the United States entirely. I want to take a few moments to contrast the real history of slavery in the United States to the narrative, which is embedded in the White House proclamation on Juneteenth, [00:01:00] which was issued yesterday, and Joe Biden's comments about Juneteenth, because the distinction between historical reality and ideology has great relevance to the strategic, the economic, and the political crisis facing us today.

Biden, in his remarks at a Juneteenth concert last week, called this quote, a day to remember the original sin of slavery. And the White House proclamation, which was issued yesterday by Biden, says, Today, we recognize that Juneteenth marks the end of America's original sin of slavery. The impact of America's original sin remains.

Original sin. Wow. That's the equivalent of saying that [00:02:00] the Declaration of Independence Doesn't exist. That the words, we hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

But these words are meaningless. Now, as Promethean Action's premier historian Bob Ingraham has documented in numerous books and classes and articles, the abomination of slavery, both modern and ancient, is embedded in the imperial or oligarchical view of mankind. In recent centuries, it has been the British and the Dutch empires in particular that propagated slavery, and it was the British imperial faction in the United States, which included Thomas Jefferson, which [00:03:00] fought to keep slavery alive, and which essentially revived it.

In the 19th century, after the American faction, with the American system of political economy, was well on its way to eradicating slavery. Slavery is not our original sin. It is the original sin of the oligarchy, the British Empire, and of British philosophical liberalism. When conservatives idiotically say, And you hear it all too often.

Life, liberty, and property, rather than life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they are spreading this really evil imperial ideology. And I think that's a very important backdrop as we look at current developments. The biggest strategic news of the day is the results of Russian President Putin's [00:04:00] visit to North Korea, and the fact that Russia and North Korea have now signed a comprehensive agreement pact.

Kim Jong un called it peaceful and defensive. Putin said it did not rule out The provision of mutual assistance in the event of aggression against one of the parties to this agreement. Of course, this is setting the elite's hair on fire, but it's worth it to take a step back and remember that President Trump was on the verge of an agreement with North Korea.

When it was sabotaged by imperial agent and neocon John Bolton, and that he had a constructive relationship with Russia. This agreement between these two countries is a natural response to the inexorable march by the global elite to World War III, with the killing fields of Ukraine as the flash point, the current flash point.

So the dividing line in the [00:05:00] world is not between democracies and the authoritarian nations, As Biden and the other hapless leaders who met at the G7 last week try to portray it. It is really between sovereign nations, which are endeavoring to advance their populations with economic and cultural policies that foster human creativity and genuine progress versus what Donald Trump calls the globalist financier class, which is instead seeking to impose its rules based order on everyone.

Ironically, Russia, with its current policies of economic nationalism, scientific advance, and its defense of Christian spiritual values, Is perhaps the leading defender of national sovereignty in the world today. And that same elite knows that they must keep Donald Trump [00:06:00] out of the White House to prevent the re emergence of that kind of economic nationalism, and defense of such values from re emerging in the United States.

They have to keep him out of the White House if they have any chance of maintaining their control. And they are desperate. Britain's Daily Mail reports that Joe Biden is on course to suffer a catastrophic loss, the most catastrophic loss by a Democrat, in the state of Iowa in a hundred years.

A new poll by the Des Moines Register shows that former president Donald Trump holds a 50 to 32 percent lead over Biden in the state. The Daily Mail calls this a devastating new poll and makes the point that if Biden gets this meager 32 percent of the vote, It would be the worst Democratic showing in Iowa since [00:07:00] the 1924 general election, a hundred years ago, because really nothing is working for them.

Everybody sees that the lawfare attacks on Trump are backfiring. As the outrageous and over the top assaults are waking up more and more Americans to the reality that the big brother, brave new world society we've been living in does not have to be adhered to. The lawfare apparatus itself is also facing scrutiny.

This week, U. S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, who is dealing with the classified documents case, has set aside two full days of hearings, Friday and Monday. To hear arguments put forward by the Trump campaign, addressing whether the so called special prosecutor, Jack Smith, even has the legal authority to prosecute the former president.

As investigative [00:08:00] reporter Julie Kelly says, this is a clear sign that she perceives Trump's argument as tenable. And the Democratic Lawfare team should be very nervous, she says. Now Biden's absurd, but disgusting campaign strategy of portraying Donald Trump as his campaign, as Biden's campaign says, quote, a spiraling and unhinged man.

Who will do anything for power, revenge, and retribution is going to be launched with 50 million behind it. Some of which was garnered, I'm sure, from Biden's fundraiser with the Hollywood Glitterati last week. But again, it's not working. Economic reality has a way of trumping all the hype and all the spin.

As a friend of mine Republican Congressional candidate Martel Bivings from Detroit [00:09:00] often says, Today, a trip to the grocery store demands life altering decisions. Both the New York Times and Time Magazine acknowledge this, publishing back to back articles within a couple of hours of each other.

Offering the following very sage advice to people who are struggling to survive. Times headline reads, How to buy groceries right now without breaking the bank. And the New York Times suggests nine tips to stretch your food budget. I mean, this all has a kind of Marie Antoinette quality to them. You know, Let them figure out how to buy cake.

That's on the microeconomic level. On the macro level, the Congressional budget office announced on Tuesday that they are significantly increasing their estimate of the US budget gap from [00:10:00] $1.6 trillion two a $2 trillion deficit this year. This is being driven largely by Biden's election stunt of perpetual student loan forgiveness and the recent nearly 100 billion dollar foreign aid bill for Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel, whose result could indeed be a further step toward World War, not to mention then, of course, the increase of the interest on the debt.

This is the real world within which people will be making their decisions as we go into the November election. So, in conclusion, I'd like to return to the occasion of Juneteenth. America was not a product of the original sin of slavery. We were founded to be a nation of Prometheans, of actors on nature, of producers.[00:11:00]

Abraham Lincoln rekindled that with his revival of the American system and his creation of the Republican Party as a party of workers, of farmers, of blacks, and entrepreneurs and dreamers. There's a reflection of that shift going on among young Americans. Which the Wall Street Journal captured in an article last week entitled Gen Z plumbers and construction workers are making blue collar cool.

And it reports on the growing number of younger people from those generations who are turning to hands on productive jobs and rejecting the consumer parasitical society. Which has been the archetype for so much of the recent decades. Now, I saw this shift in person [00:12:00] last Saturday. at a church on the west side of Detroit, where Donald Trump engaged in a truly delightful roundtable with Black Detroiters from all walks of life.

But what really came across in the dialogue and just in the discussions before the event going on in the room and among some of the other speakers, especially Dr. Ben Carson who is a Detroit native. What really came across, was that Detroit spirit of being producers and creators. And it became palpable to me that if we revive that human and really very American identity as people who have the power to act on the universe and change it for the better, all the psy war and all the lawfare waged by the enemy is not going to work.

And that's where their desperation comes [00:13:00] from. I'm reminded of the line in Percy Shelley's poem, The Mask of Anarchy. Rise like lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number. Shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you. Ye are many, They are few. And that is what the empire fears the most.

That's why they hate Donald Trump. And that's why they will do anything to stop him. Will they dump Biden? Who knows? There are a lot of complications involved in that. Will they push the planet to world war? They're satanic enough to do so. But our mission is to create a force so powerful that we can stymie their drive to war, and that means you have to hold your congressman's feet to the fire on this.

But most importantly, make a Trump 47 presidency absolutely unstoppable. [00:14:00] So that's your Midweek Update. Tune in for Barbara's Weekend Wrap Up and hope to see you again next week. Thanks for listening.