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The Midweek Update - George Washington Defends Donald Trump - July 3, 2024

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This week's Supreme Court ruling on Presidential immunity did more than sidetrack the lawfare attack against Donald Trump. It reasserted fundamental principles of our Republic and pointed to the nature of the dangers threatening our Republc, as explained so brilliantly by George Washington in his Farewell Address.

Washington's Farewell Address also provides some insight into what is happening with today's Democratic Party.

Susan's Selections:

Washington's Farewell Address: https://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/resources/pdf/Washingtons_Farewell_Address.pdf

A Supreme Court Says What the Constitution Says
The Trump immunity decision is not controversial. What is controversial is the Jacobin reaction to it.

Transcript: The Midweek Update - George Washington Defends Donald Trump - July 3, 2024

Susan Kokinda: [00:00:00] Hello everybody. Today is Wednesday, July 3rd. This is Susan Kokinda with the Midweek Update. And of course, this is the day before Independence Day, on which we will celebrate the 248th birthday of our national independence. This week's Supreme Court 6 3 ruling on presidential immunity does provide an appropriate and happy setting for our national celebration.

Contrary to the screechings of Joe Biden and the controlled press, One headline read, the court's Trump immunity decision is a blueprint for dictatorship. The decision did no such thing. The court looked at the question of presidential immunity in a constitutional and a nuanced manner. It ruled first that [00:01:00] presidents do enjoy absolute immunity from prosecution when exercising their core responsibilities as specified in article two of the constitution.

Secondly, they ruled that presidents have a presumption of immunity for their official acts. But those are subject to rebuttal. And number three, they have no immunity for purely private actions. Let's see, maybe a hypothetical example of that latter would be Joe Biden covering up for the criminal actions of his son while in office, but as Barbara Boyd says in her post on the Supreme Court decision, which is linked in the comments.

The decision amounted to Chief Justice Roberts simply reading the US constitution aloud. Now, just as significant as was that simple and very [00:02:00] profound restatement of the Constitution itself, was the fact that Roberts drew from George Washington's farewell address. and Washington's warning of the danger of faction to our then infant republic.

In the section that Roberts drew from, Washington says the following, especially That for the efficient management of your common interests in a country so extensive as ours, a government of as much vigor as is consistent with the perfect security of liberty is indispensable. Liberty itself will find in such a government, with powers properly distributed and adjusted, its surest guardian.

It is indeed little else than a name where the government is too feeble [00:03:00] to withstand the enterprises of faction. Now what both Roberts and George Washington are touching on is the absolutely unique character of the American Constitutional Republic and our presidential system.

Lyndon LaRouche often spoke of the institution of the US presidency. In the sense that the US presidency is constituted to represent all of the people of the United States, not as in a parliamentary system of a particular party. Look at how those party based parliamentary systems are struggling in Europe right now, as previously dominant parties throughout Europe collapse.

We just saw that in the recent French and German elections, and we'll probably see that in today's elections in Great Britain. These governments have been created by knitting together various parties, i. e. factions, [00:04:00] in some kind of unholy combination to serve the will of the globalist financier elite. It ultimately can't work, and it's not working.

It is being rejected, and instead European populations are gravitating toward movements which represent, however imperfectly, a national impulse. This is even more obvious in terms of the chaos of the Democratic Party in the United States, to which I'll return in a bit. The American presidential system has been under attack since its inception, and Washington made that clear in his farewell address, which continually warned of the danger of faction and party.

Roberts again quoted Washington on the danger of a frightful despotism stemming from the domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the [00:05:00] spirit of revenge. Washington knew whereof he spoke, because he was no stranger to factions. Contrary to all the rewriting of American history, which is common to both the so called left and right wings of American politics, Washington and his closest ally, Alexander Hamilton, were under constant attack by the faction led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Both of whom were fatally infected by British philosophical liberalism. Like today's Democratic Party, and like the libertarian tendencies in the Republican Party, and even some in the MAGA movement, that infection falsely pits individual freedoms against the tyranny of the federal government. It's from that standpoint that I would recommend that one of the best ways to celebrate Independence Day [00:06:00] this year is to read or reread George Washington's Farewell Address, especially in the light of what we've lived through over the past eight years.

Because what Washington does in his Farewell Address is celebrate, quote, the unity of government. which constitutes you one people. He says that it is the main pillar in the edifice of your real independence, the support of your tranquility at home, your peace abroad, of your safety, of your prosperity, of that very liberty which you so highly prize.

Washington later says, it is of infinite moment. That you should properly estimate the immense value of your national union to your collective and individual happiness. Now, this immense [00:07:00] value of your national union is what the radical British philosophical liberals hate. And why they hate Donald Trump so much and have deployed the spirit of, the, the malignant spirit of faction in the form of the uniparty, the media, the justice department, the intelligence community, to try and destroy Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is by definition, an economic nationalist.

He is prepared to use the power of government for what he calls patriotic protectionism. This is not the anything goes free market of Wall Street and the Austrian School, so loved by Hillsdale College and others. He's prepared to wield the power of the presidency for bold new initiatives, like the Artemis mission to return to the moon and beyond to Mars, like his revival of the Strategic Defense Initiative, [00:08:00] for his vision to build 10 new Freedom Cities as hives of industry and technology, For his commitment to make us a manufacturing superpower and to create a quantum leap in the American standard of living, all of which you can find in his Agenda 47 policies.

To the extent that Donald Trump's Republican Party represents this, it's not really a party, it's a movement in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln's Republican Party. which represented a revival of genuine American principles and institutions. And it is that which the Supreme Court decision just ably defended.

Contrast that to the Democratic Party, or for that matter, the pre Trump establishment Republican Party. To the extent that any political formation defines itself as anything other than fulfilling [00:09:00] such a national, Republican, with a small r, mission, it is a creature of faction, and it will ultimately fail.

Look at the shattering of the Democratic Party at this point. It's a caricature of competing identities. of different ethnicities, different multiplying sexes, different issues, which ultimately break down. Besides the national drama of what to do about Joe Biden, the state of the Democratic Party this week was captured by the fact that pro Palestinian demonstrators blocked a gay pride parade in Philadelphia.

I'm not really sure what the issue was. But that really does capture the Democratic Party's collapse at this point. And this is the essence of British liberal philosophy, breaking us down into smaller identities where we're [00:10:00] defined by our individual passions or our individual physical characteristics.

And where government is just a Hobbesian social contract where we're willing to surrender some of those unbridled freedoms and submit to a certain amount of government to prevent complete anarchy. And out of that, we're supposed to cobble together some kind of coalition of competing interests in order to hang on to power.

Well, that Democratic Party game plan certainly collapsed with last week's debate. Joe Biden's performance reminds one of the Hans Christian Andersen story of the little boy who stands up and declares the emperor has no clothes on. In this case, it was Biden himself who was the little boy. Okay. His debate performance was the equivalent of the emperor parading around in his non existent new suit of clothes.

So, now the Democratic Party is [00:11:00] madly paddling up Schitt's Creek trying to figure out how to regroup. Whether they keep Biden or replace him with an equally holographic figure like Kamala Harris or Gretchen Whitmer or Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom, They have nothing at all to offer the American people, other than shrieking about the threat of dictatorship and being against Trump, the Supreme Court, and in essence, the US constitution.

So as we are on the eve of Independence Day, I want to return again to the words of George Washington, where again, in the farewell address, he says, The name of American which belongs to you in your national capacity must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from [00:12:00] local differentiations.

So, thank you for listening and have a happy 4th of July.