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The Midweek Update - Oligarchs try to “Trump-Proof” the Future - May 1, 2024

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Promethean Action is launching a new mid-week, Wednesday update, with your host Susan Kokinda, Mid-West Coordinator with Promethean PAC. – Donald Trump’s recent interview with Time Magazine, and especially his comments on Israel and the Middle East, show, once again why the global elite are desperate to prevent his return to the White House. But, if they fail to stop him, they are maneuvering to put in place “Trump-proofed” policies and people to try to straight-jacket him.

The Midweek Update - Oligarchs try to “Trump-Proof” the Future - May 1, 2024

Susan Kokinda: [00:00:00] Hello everybody, this is Susan Kokinda at Promethean Action. Today is April 30th and this will be your midweek brief. In a minute, I'm going to look at Donald Trump's interview with Time Magazine, which was released today. I think it's extremely important in terms of what Barbara Boyd developed yesterday in the Monday brief which you can watch here on our Rumble channel.

Of course, the headlines continue to be about the demonstrations, and the riots on the college campuses over the crisis in Gaza. As Barbara outlined both the crisis in the Mideast and on the campuses themselves is a classic example of the British tactic known as gang counter gang, where you control both sides directly for your own purposes.

So whether it's the British created Muslim Brotherhood, from which you Hamas came, [00:01:00] or the British created Zionist movement, or whether it is the Soros Foundation funded campus demonstrations versus the calls for purging students and eliminating free speech, the result plays out right into the globalist hands.

So if you missed Barbara's Monday Brief, I encourage you to check it out. It's up against that, that I want to look at Donald Trump's April 12th time interview with Eric Cordelessa, which was released today. The interview starts, as so many of these do, with a series of gotcha questions on immigration, the wall, and abortion.

But when the interview turned to Israel, it gets very interesting. And I encourage people to read the transcript and actually compare it. to the screaming Christian Zionists who claim that [00:02:00] every action by Netanyahu and Israel should be defended right up to the point of World War III. So, Trump was asked about Netanyahu, and here's what he said.

He said, first of all, I think that Israel has done one thing very badly, public relations. I don't think that the Israeli Defense Fund or any force or any other group should be sending out pictures every night of buildings falling down and being bombed with possibly people in those buildings every single night, which is what they do.

He then went on to describe his conflicts with Netanyahu when he was president. And then he was asked further about Netanyahu. And he said, I will say this, Bibi Netanyahu rightfully has been criticized for what took place on October 7th. He was then asked about another leading [00:03:00] Israeli figure who could conceivably replace Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, and he said, I think Benny Gantz is good, but I'm not prepared to say that, namely endorse him.

I haven't spoken to him about it, but you do have good people that I've gotten to know in Israel that could do a very good job. So he then goes on to be asked about the two state solution for Israel. And again, this is extremely nuanced, this is not what you're getting from either side of this so called control debate.

He said, he was asked, he said, you supported the two state solution. And Trump says, it depends on when. There was a time when I thought two states could work. Now I think two states is going to be very, very tough. I think it's going to be much tougher to get. I also think you have fewer people that like the idea.

You had a lot of people that liked the idea four years ago. Today, you have far fewer people that like the idea. But then he goes [00:04:00] on, and he says, but there might not be another idea. There are people that say that this situation is going to be the toughest, the toughest to settle. Now, again, that's extremely nuanced, and I want you to compare that to the all too many MAGA figures like Steve Bannon and Charlie Kirk, who've plopped themselves firmly down on one side of this globalist orchestrated situation.

And look, this is why the empire hates Donald Trump, because he does not play their geopolitical games. So what I want to do in the remainder of this brief is go through the deployments against Donald Trump, because I think they're twofold. Number one, obviously the preferred solution of the modern day British empire and the global elite is to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.

But if they fail to do that, they are [00:05:00] also prepared to try and Trump proof the administration, the Congress, and the world, if he does win. So, on the former, in terms of trying to stop him, of course Donald Trump is back in court in New York today. He's been fined $9000 for violating the contempt, or the gag order. So, this Absurd Clown Show is going to continue.

We did cover how a lot of these, the other legal actions against Trump are moving in the right direction and potentially backfiring. We'll be taking a deeper look at the end of the week on the classified documents side of this, which might prove to be more problematic. So stay tuned for that.

The other obvious side of this is the continuing attack on Donald Trump's networks throughout the country. Arizona is taking [00:06:00] particular attention with the New York Times writing a very overwrought article about how they have failed to crush the election denier based MAGA movement in Arizona, and that many of those people are now running for office moving potentially into leading positions and so on.

This, of course, comes on the heels of the new indictment in Arizona, following on similar indictments in Michigan and in Georgia of the so called fake electors. And in Arizona, of course, they've included, as indicted co conspirators leading members of the Trump campaign in Michigan during the pretrial hearings of the so called false electors. They just dropped the fact that Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani are unindicted co conspirators in this case. And in both cases in Arizona, Michigan, and elsewhere, these, [00:07:00] this witch hunt carries with it in some cases dozens of years in jail. As Christina Bob, one of Trump's lawyers who was indicted in Arizona just said, if I'm convicted, I could spend the rest of my life in jail.

So this is obviously one part of the enemy's operations to try and beat down and terrorize and stifle the Trump movement. And of course, it's not really working. One other thing we'll be keeping our eye on is the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. campaign. He was just put on the ballot in California. I don't know that that's going to have that much of a difference because it's not a swing state, but he is on the ballot in Michigan, which is a swing state.

And the potential there is something to, pull votes away from Trump, perhaps more than Biden, is something that we're going to have to keep our eye on. So that, that's on some of the more obvious, of the attacks on [00:08:00] Trump. But I want to turn to the question of the Trump proofing which is going on.

In other words, trying to put Donald Trump in a straitjacket if they can't prevent him from becoming president. We saw that big time with Congress locking in policies with these outrageous votes that took place recently, extending Ukraine aid and trying to lock Trump in to support for that war as well as the extension of the FISA surveillance side of things.

But I think, and again, that part is kind of obvious. If you look on the foreign policy front we just posted a very important piece on our website on Promethean Action, written by Robert Ingraham, where he looks at the World Economic Forum's just concluded report emergency session in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

And [00:09:00] there the stars of the show probably were U. S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and British Prime, former British Prime Minister David Cameron, where they presented a proposal to allegedly stop the violence in Gaza and in the Mideast. Violence, of course, which their master's policies have created.

Now, this is a classic British geopolitical construct because what it attempts to do is to consolidate US British hegemony over the Mideast by putting together Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states into a relationship with Israel and eternally against Iran, China, and Russia. It's And the Palestinians are supposed to get something as a byproduct of this.

Now, if [00:10:00] you contrast that to President Trump's Abraham Accords, which comes from a completely different place, because he recognizes that nations and peoples have different but legitimate self interests. And he attempts to negotiate a fair and lasting peace. Grounded in American style economic development.

And, if you go back to the Time Magazine interview, Trump once again challenges the imperial premise, which is embedded in this Blinken Cameron British US proposal. The imperial premise that we have permanent enemies, like Russia and China. And instead, here's what President Trump states, He says, I'm talking about the fascists and the people in our [00:11:00] government right now, because I consider them, you know, we talk about the enemy from within.

I think the enemy within, in many cases, is much more dangerous for our country than the outside enemies of China, Russia, and various others that would be called enemies depending on who the president is, frankly. And again, this is why the global elite hate Donald Trump because he will not play their geopolitical games in terms of treating other nations, frankly, as chess pieces on the chessboard to serve the higher imperial power, which certainly has been the case in the Mideast, over the last hundred years or more.

One other thing I want to take note of in terms of, so this is an effort to put a Anglo American construct over the Mideast to [00:12:00] prevent Trump from returning to the principles that he had embedded in the Abraham Accords. One other aspect I want to just keep an eye on in terms of this Trump proofing question is how the elites will probably be attempting to maneuver new leadership in various countries whom they hope they might be able to use to manage Donald Trump a little bit more.

Recently a cabinet minister from Canada, a man named François-Philippe Champagne, if I'm saying it right. Was at the White House Correspondents Dinner and was very much being touted, as a potential future leader of Canada who might have a less acrimonious relationship with Donald Trump. And you can keep your eye out for the British trying to maneuver people into positions to try and control Donald Trump. I don't think it's going to work. So that's on the side of Trump [00:13:00] proofing things internationally.

Domestically, on the electoral side, we will be keeping up what we call our Trinow Watch. Trumpers in name only. Because obviously part of the intention of the global elite is, again, if they can't stop Trump, to put into Congress and elsewhere an array of forces.

Who, while they might be nominally Republican or nominally pro Trump, because rhinos are becoming an increasingly extinct species. But I think we have to watch out more for, again, the trinos, the Trumpers in name only. And just to give you an example of how this works, you can look at the situation here in the key state of Michigan, where Donald Trump was convinced to support a deep state [00:14:00] neocon pro war Republican, namely Mike Rogers, because he was presented with the alternative of Peter Meijer.

These are two people who are running for the open U. S. Senate seat. Now, Meijer, of course, voted for the impeachment of Trump, was a virulent anti Trumper, and Trump apparently despises him. So, with Peter Meijer on the one side, he was convinced to endorse Mike Rogers on the other side. But let's look at how this actually played out.

The day that everybody filed their final petitions to get on the ballot for the Republican Senate primary in Michigan, last week, Peter Meyer filed and then withdrew. So this was sort of your classic bait and switch operation. So Trump is now joined at the hip, apparently, in Michigan with Mike Rogers.

We just announced that he's going to be participating in [00:15:00] a America the Great tour in Michigan with none other than Lindsey Graham, one of the biggest neocon blowhards that we have. And this group has also hosted Mike Pence and other, never Trumpers, or not never, anti Trumpers at this point.

So again, this is part of the Trump proofing. Try and give them a Senate and a Congress which might be Republican. Of course, their preferred option would be to make it Democrat, but if they end up with a Senate or a house, which might be Republican. It's going to be controlled Trinos who can pull the plug at will.

So this really underscores our role in making clear the fundamental differences between Donald Trump's policies and the establishment Republican party with its adherence to war and the wall street. We know that the challenge is not [00:16:00] only winning in November, but for transforming this country with a new constellation of forces who represent the producers, the builders, the visionaries, and Trump knows this, which is why he's turning to construction workers in New York City, autoworkers here in Michigan, and we have to provide the deeper understanding of the economic, foreign, and cultural policies which will create a too big to rig movement.

So that's your midweek update. Stay tuned for upcoming installments and go to prometheanaction. com to catch our latest and newest posts. Susan Kokinda signing out. Thanks for watching.