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The Midweek Update - Reality Bites Ruling Class in the Ass - May 15, 2024

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We are reaching a boundary condition, where the ability of the ruling class to control and manipulate the population with perceptions and opinions and narratives, whether around the fantasies that the economy is doing great, or around the even worse lie that Ukraine can win this war, is beginning to shatter. This Midweek Update looks at Biden's tariff announcement and developments in Ukraine and Russia from that perspective.

00:00 Welcome to the Midweek Update
01:28 Analyzing Biden's Tariff Announcement and Its Implications
03:46 The Economic Realities Facing the Biden Administration
05:59 The Situation in Ukraine: Developments and Accusations
07:22 Russia's Strategic Moves and Historical Insights
10:31 Trump's Economic Vision and Lyndon LaRouche's Power of Labor
11:36 Concluding Thoughts on Reality, Perception, and Action

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