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The Midweek Update - Trump-Inspired GOP Platform Reclaims the "Mandate of Heaven" - July 10, 2024

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Contrary to the delusions of nihilists, atheists and libertarians, societies and individuals are not free to do whatever they please. If they violate universal principles, they will lose "the Mandate of Heaven," as is demonstrated in the crisis in the Democratic Party in the United States, and in globalist leaning parties throughout Europe. The release of the Trump-inspired 2024 Republican Party platform opens the door to the now-tangible potential of our Republic reclaiming that heavenly mandate.

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Transcript: The Midweek Update - Trump-inspired GOP Platform Reclaims the "Mandate of Heaven" - July 10, 2024

Susan Kokinda: [00:00:00] Hello, everybody. Today is July 10th, and this is Susan Kokinda with your Midweek Update. Today, I'm going to talk about the disarray among the establishment's political parties in the United States and in Europe, mostly about the new Republican party platform. and about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's Trump like peace initiative.

Let's start with the dwindling power of the political parties which are so favored by the globalists. This falls under the heading of losing the mandate of heaven, which I'll come back to. The universe that we live in is so constituted that if ideas or Systems or leaders violate the principles which are embedded in nature and nature's laws, they will ultimately fail.

And there are two [00:01:00] immediate examples of this. The most obvious is what is happening with the globalists favored political parties. The headline grabber, of course, is the Democratic Party here in the United States, despite the pronouncements of the New York Times and other establishment voices, that Biden has to go, as of right now, it looks like Joe Biden, propped up by Lady Macbeth Jill and Hunter isn't budging. The Democratic Party is desperately looking for ways out of a 2024 election disaster with or without Biden. Apparently donors are not returning the Biden campaign's calls as strategists madly scramble to try and save at least the Senate and the House.

Now, of course, this is not a foregone conclusion and nobody on the America First side is letting their guard down in terms of this election. But we see a [00:02:00] similar case of disarray with key establishment parties in Europe, which just lost elections in Britain and in the first round of the French elections.

The Wall Street Journal nailed it with their headline. Europe's new politics. Nobody is popular. They say that the biggest trend in Europe is fragmentation and that divisions are multiplying in European societies, making it harder for leaders to claim quote, a clear mandate. Now, that reference to the struggle to claim a mandate Brought to mind a passage from a very powerful statement that Lyndon LaRouche issued from his jail cell on July 4th in 1989.

LaRouche, of course, had been subjected to the same ferocious legal assault that we've seen more recently directed against Donald Trump. And to show that the [00:03:00] global elites don't have a very deep toolkit, We are seeing the same thing deployed in France, where French authorities just announced that they are launching an investigation, for campaign finance fraud against the anti globalist leader of the National Rally Party, Marine Le Pen.

That party, of course, won the most popular votes in the recent election, despite being maneuvered out of seats in the parliament. But, back in that 1989 statement, LaRouche spoke of how governments and institutions lose the mandate of heaven. This is a concept that comes from Chinese history, where even emperors could lose the mandate if they failed to govern properly.

And what we're seeing is that Wall Street Journal article references. is the widespread loss of the mandate among broad swaths of the [00:04:00] Western elite's parties, political puppets, and institutions. The second example of that same phenomenon is a recent report that within weeks of their deployment in Ukraine Excalibur artillery rounds, which were provided by the United States, were rendered essentially useless by Russian technical advances.

In other words, a bloated, money sucking, military industrial complex does not defeat real scientific and technological advance. But aside from the loss of the Mandate of Heaven, LaRouche goes on and takes it to the next level with this challenge, a new government must be seen as qualified to receive the mandate of heaven.

Now too many times in history we've seen old orders failed and [00:05:00] then replaced by further failures or worse failures. Much of the cynicism, which has infected too many Americans, in recent decades, stem from the sense that replacing one party with another made no difference, like going from George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush to Barack Obama. But that changed with Donald Trump's election in 2016. And we know what the potential that that represented was and what the response of the imperial elite has been to that over the past eight years. Now, despite everything thrown at Trump and us, we can see a pathway to returning him to the White House.

There are, it seems, only two institutions right now in the United States that seem to be operating under the mandate of heaven. What is the Supreme Court, whose recent rulings on [00:06:00] presidential immunity And J6, reaffirm our constitution's coherence when applied with that heavenly mandate.

The second is the emerging Trump 47 presidency. And that is beginning to be seen more clearly in the just released Republican 2024 platform. Now, I'm not a student of party platforms. But, from what passing knowledge I have, I think that this 16 page document released this week is unlike anything we've seen in our lifetimes. And possibly since Abraham Lincoln's creation of the Republican Party and the platform that accompanied that.

This platform is a thoroughly composed set of policies. Which will completely transform the Republican party. First, it is dedicated to quote, [00:07:00] the forgotten men and women of America. I wonder how many MAGA supporters realize that Franklin Roosevelt addressed those same forgotten men and women. And fought for them as he challenged the Wall Street control of the Democratic Party, just as Trump is doing today with the Republican Party.

I suspect that Trump knows that. The preamble of this new platform is a resounding restatement of Donald Trump's commitment to create a new Republican Party. Quote, The Republican Party must return to its roots as the party of industry, Manufacturing, and workers, unquote. Throughout the platform, whether it talks about stopping inflation, improving the standard of living for young people and for seniors, or strengthening our defenses, it stresses the need to grow, to produce, and to produce [00:08:00] in the United States.

This is a platform for producers. This is the American system, not the parasitical British imperial system. Now, for those of you who have been following our discussions about Agenda 47 for the past year and a half, many of the elements of the platform will be familiar. Trump struck on many of those Agenda 47 themes in the new platform, discussing them in the 30 or so videos that he grouped under the Agenda 47 tab on his website. This includes his pledge to make the United States a manufacturing superpower, to use tariffs to protect domestic industry and agriculture, to end the insane green mandates, to close the border, to come down hard on crime and the cartels.

But this platform, drafted by Trump's closest advisors. If not by Trump himself, draws all of those [00:09:00] Agenda 47 proposals together into one coherent composition. And you can't miss the uniquely Trumpian language and Trumpian positions. His adamant defense of social security and Medicare, his proposal to build new cities. His willingness to use all tools of national power to protect our infrastructure and industrial base.

This is not Jeffersonian limited government. This is not Newt Gingrich's contract for America. This is Alexander Hamilton. This is Abraham Lincoln. But it does more, it opens the door to the future. It not only advocates the familiar drill baby drill, but stresses that we have to unleash energy production from all sources, including nuclear.

And then there's the question of America's mission in space. Back in 2020, we organized with banners and leaflets [00:10:00] that said, Donald Trump, the best Democrat since JFK. And we were focusing on Trump's commitment to revive the manned space program with his Artemis mission.

Here's what the new platform declares. Quote, Under Republican leadership, The United States will create a robust manufacturing industry in near Earth orbit, send American astronauts back to the Moon and onward to Mars, and enhance partnerships with the rapidly expanding commercial space sector, hello Elon Musk, to revolutionize our ability to access, live in, and develop assets in space.

In order to do that, we're going to need an educated workforce. Which, as anyone who lives in the real world knows, means that we're going to have to carry out a complete reorientation of our education system. And the platform pledges to revive classic liberal arts education, [00:11:00] to support schools which will teach America's founding principles and Western civilization, as well as providing project based learning, and meaningful work experience, i. e. vocational education. One of Trump's most far reaching Agenda 47 proposals calls for the creation of an American academy, an institution of higher learning, which will span everything from classical education to vocational education. So say goodbye to the 20th and 21st century Republican party of Wall Street and the Heritage Foundation.

I don't think it's coincidental that Trump dissed the Heritage Foundation's Project 2025, just a few days before the release of this platform and say goodbye to a Democratic party, which except for two presidencies, has been the party of the British Empire. Say hello to a [00:12:00] new political formation, which will span the best of America.

From George Washington, to Abraham Lincoln, to John F. Kennedy. These are indeed the policies which will restore the mandate of heaven to our government. There's a lot more that can be said about this platform and some of the controversy surrounding it. And we'll be writing about this on our website. But the final aspect of it, which I want to note, is its rejection of the imperial idea of permanent enemies.

It radiates Donald Trump's commitment to avoid devastating wars and to work with each and every sovereign nation to resolve our differences. Over recent weeks, Prime Minister Viktor Orban who has declared that the way to avoid World War III is to make Trump president, has been engaged in some Trump like diplomacy, in an effort to open a pathway to ending the war in [00:13:00] Ukraine.

Besides his meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky, he has met with Russian President Putin and Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping. Russia and China, of course, are two pillars of what LaRouche called the needed four power alliance, of Russia, China, India, and the United States.

That combination is what is needed to confront the British Empire and establish strategic and economic stability. That larger conception of a four power alliance based on rejecting globalism and empire and returning to an alliance of sovereign nations begins to address the steps that must go beyond the GOP platform and which will be needed, to truly restore the Mandate of Heaven.

The need to replace the current central bank run [00:14:00] international financial system with a new Bretton Woods, as called for by Lyndon LaRouche, is key to this. This Saturday, Will Wertz will begin a two part discussion as part of our class series on Promethean Action on this vital question.

Please subscribe to our emails to be notified of this. So next week, I will be bringing you the midweek update from the GOP convention in Milwaukee, where I will be attending as a delegate. So thanks for listening, and see you next week.