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The Monday Brief - "A Wider Ukraine War If We Don't Stop it" - March 25, 2024

Today's episode discusses a recent terrorist attack in Russia blamed on ISIS K, with suspicions around Ukraine's involvement and potential false flag operations. It scrutinizes the rapid blame assignment, potential escalation of the Ukraine war, and broader implications for Europe.

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Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi, everybody. It is Monday, March 25th, and this is your Monday Brief. I want to talk to you this morning primarily about war and Ukraine. As many of you may know, there was a major terrorist attack in Russia on Friday, killing 137 people. I with the death toll climbing. The United States and our Five Eyes allies are blaming it on ISIS K.

In fact, they said that almost before the attack was over with, and they issued warnings about such an attack well prior to it occurring. The obvious question is, was this a false flag? Was this a false flag in fact by Ukraine? And will this in fact at this point result in a major escalation of the war in Ukraine, possibly into a war in all of Europe?

A very, very serious situation [00:01:00] indeed. Who done it? Well, there's a lot of speculation all across the internet as one might imagine from prior experiences, but the truth be told is we really don't know at this point. President Putin, in his address to the Russian people, said that these people were fleeing towards the Ukraine border when they were captured, the perpetrators that is.

And that they basically had contacts in Ukraine. There's a lot of ridiculous and insane chest thumping by our intelligence scribes in our controlled national news media saying this was great because it undermines Putin's reputation for being a strong man and a person who can provide security to the Russian people.

Totally crazy in this situation. Now, Russia will investigate and assign blame. They've arrested the four mercenaries who shot up the place and the other 11 who they think [00:02:00] participated in it. If the blame is assigned to Ukraine, we can expect a major and very nasty escalation of that war in ways which we have not seen before.

The basic people who are talking about this, our Deep State, et cetera, the people who, Washington insiders call the blob, are basically those deployed by the international oligarchy to bring about their financial survival. To ensure it, in fact, and to subjugate the rest of us. So you have now, over the past two weeks, really quite insane statements coming from people like Emmanuel Macron in France, who seems to imagine himself to be a new Napoleon, talking about putting ground troops from NATO on the ground to fight Russia in Ukraine.

A deployment which of course will result not only in an [00:03:00] escalation but probable war throughout all of Europe, a nuclear war. The reason for it is that the Ukraine war is lost, it has been lost for some time, and all of the politicians who backed it who are up for elections throughout the world this year, if truth be told to the population as to what actually happened here would be run out of office by an enraged and emboldened population. That's their fear. They're willing to drown all of us in a nuclear Holocaust to stay in power. And that pretty much sums up the situation in terms of what you're looking at. People all over the internet, of course, are pointing to Victoria Nuland statements at the Center for International and Strategic Affairs in February, saying that the 60 billion dollar Ukraine aid package before Congress would will be used to fund exactly this kind of terrorist war against Russia, the kind of terrorist [00:04:00] war which described as hybrid warfare.

Her husband, Robert Kagan, is the dean of the Washington, D. C. foreign policy establishment, the lead British agent, you might say, in Washington, D. C., whose instructions to all of us, insiders call the deep state, the blob. He's told all of us to learn from the blob, respect the blob, and love the blob.

And he most recently wrote in the Washington Post that Donald Trump deserves assassination in the same way that Julius Caesar deserves assassination. So that's what we're dealing with, a bunch of really crazy people who have lost touch with reality. Just look at what they told us about the Ukraine war.

They said financial sanctions would destroy Russia. In fact, Russia depends on a physical economy and physical production, not pieces of financial paper. So they have [00:05:00] prospered instead. The economies which have been destroyed are all of the economies of Western Europe, most specifically Germany, which depended upon Russian energy resources to survive.

Energy resources which cannot be replaced by whatever schemes the Five Eyes states had for putting in liquefied natural gas and shipping it there to make huge profits. They said that Russia couldn't match U. S. weaponry or modern NATO weaponry. and intelligence. In fact, most of our equipment sits as hulking destroyed multi million dollar failures on the ground.

Russia has been able to mobilize a war economy and is geared up and is producing more and more and more every single day. They said that the world will rally around this cause because they were dedicated to the fight for democracy against autocracy. [00:06:00] Or that's Joe Biden's insane phrase. In fact, Most of the world is on the other side, supporting Russia.

More importantly, they said this would help Ukraine. In fact, over half of the population has fled or been killed. The rest who stayed are pensioners, meaning that the country is in complete demographic and financial collapse. Congress comes back in two weeks. Then we will see the debate on this crazy additional 60 billion for this insane war.

Russia will be looking for a signal from the American population. We need to make that signal very firmly. And we're calling upon people to mobilize, to go meet your congressmen in the districts, to call their offices, to flood them, to tell them no more insane wars, no more of this stuff. We need to be paying attention [00:07:00] to what's going on in rebuilding our country.

We need to be suing for peace. You, Mr. Congressman, should exit the committee to blow up the world. Now, the same incompetence and what I call narcissistic arrogance Insanity, in fact underlines the oligarchies in the village and understand Trump or MAGA. It's like they are children who have regressed to an infantile state and are essentially jumping up and down and crying because nothing they're doing has worked.

They don't understand that there's a spiritual awakening going on in the American people and to many peoples throughout the world. A calling to end the destruction of our nation. A calling to end the destruction of all sovereign nations against this globalist monster. They don't understand that their lying and fear mongering don't work anymore and [00:08:00] only strengthen this movement.

Today in New York, We'll see the potential seizures of all of Donald Trump's wealth and his properties. The ultimate in election interference, the ultimate in attempting to rig the next election, I don't know what will happen, but I do know. That it will move us to do even more. I do know that it will strengthen this movement.

And what we've got to do right now is that we've got to focus on electing a new Congress so that they can't, as planned, divert a Trump presidency. And we've got to work on educating the population as to the types of economic. policies which can actually turn this mess around.

People are mad at Mike Johnson. They shouldn't be. He has a rotten Congress. He has a Congress in which there's a hundred or so people who are patriots. The rest of them are [00:09:00] bought. And what we've got to do is we've got to reverse that and we've got to ensure that the Congress is there to start the type of industrial manufacturing and scientific revival of the United States, which President Trump has called Foreign Agenda 47 and which we here at LaRouchePAC Promethean Action are dedicated to actually ensuring comes into being.

Israel is sending a delegation to the United States this week to discuss the planned invasion into Rafah. which will be a humanitarian and a diplomatic disaster. They're conducting further seizures of land in the West Bank, all of which is leading again to a yet another war, this time in the Middle East.

Nobody is actually laying out what is the plan for development. What is the real plan for a two state solution here? Trump had it with his Abraham Accords. That has largely been destroyed and thrown aside by the maniacs in the Biden [00:10:00] administration. Now, all of these wars are designed to manufacture in your mind an external enemy as the enemy of the American population.

That's not true. Basically, the enemy is right here in the form of the oligarchic financial system, its appendages in Wall Street, the city of London, Brussels, and Washington. The enemy is within. Trump knows this. That's why he's talking about making deals with all the people these guys portray as the enemies of the United States, Russia, China, and India.

We're determined to actually demonstrate this to the American population. We're determined to bring about the policies which can truly reverse this, but this requires action from you also. So join us in our mobilization against the Ukraine war vote. Over the next two weeks, join us and go to your congressman's office and demand that he not vote for this funding package.

[00:11:00] Join us in bringing about the true spiritual awakening of the United States. Go to our website for further developments, www. larouchepac. com, go to Promethean Action for further policy developments. www. prometheanaction. com and join us next week and follow our emails because we're going to be really fighting like hell this week for these policies.

Thanks very much for listening. See you next week.