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The Monday Brief - Be An Outsider - June 3, 2024

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In a short video released after the insane Manhattan verdict, Donald Trump says, be an outsider if you wish to accomplish great things. He draws on a theme much beloved by Lyndon LaRouche: the difference between inner directed and other directed souls after World War II. That other directness, that perceived need to conform to advance, is the basis for all the psy war now waged against us. Otherwise we touch upon elections in India and Mexico, the Biden Middle East peace charade, the steps toward World War in Ukraine, Hunter Biden's trial, and Fauci's appearance in Congress. The most important thing, however, is the popular uprising now in motion following the atrocity against Trump and our system of justice.

Transcript: The Monday Brief - Be An Outsider - June 3, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Good morning. It's the 3rd of June. I'm Barbara Boyd and this is your Monday Brief. Our headline story remains the rigged and beyond words corrupt Trump verdict and the incredible reaction to it throughout the land. If you go to Truth Social, you see the beginnings of spontaneous gatherings in support of Trump.

In very many states, not just the plaudits from the Republican Party and others about the rigged nature of all of this, but people actually coming out and getting in the streets. Those gatherings must become self organized now into door knockers and voter registrars. At the UFC, which Trump attended. Over the weekend, you heard chants of F Joe Biden, USA, USA, USA, [00:01:00] Donald Trump, we love you, all of which echoed through crowds of hundreds of thousands actually would represent the type of thing we need to create in this nation right now.

He had an interview with Fox Friends in which he was very relaxed. I thought the headline was that he told his lawyers not to beg about jail time. He would willingly do it, proudly, if this corrupt and crazed judge actually imposes it. He said, don't show weakness. In the Senate, the first signs of viable resistance are emerging.

Ten senators, led by Mike Lee and J. D. Vance, have declared that they will no longer cooperate with the Biden administration on anything except, quote unquote, security measures for the nation. They'll block all judicial nominees from Biden. [00:02:00] They won't fund any more lawfare. That's tentative and that must become now an actual full blown effort to block any further lawfare against Donald Trump and defunding it.

We must be telling congressmen who are up for election this year, on our part, No more money for wars, no more money for lawfare, or you will lose this election. If we succeed in that, we will cure a lot of the inflation, which is eating everyone's paychecks alive. So we're watching a lot of stories this week.

Biden is obviously desperate. He's pushing a plan for peace in Gaza. Which appears to have some form of traction, although it's extremely fragile and could break down. We've emphasized that the only reason why this is occurring is because [00:03:00] Biden wrecked what Donald Trump had established with the Abraham Accords, a pathway to peace.

Like everything else, he threw it in the dustbin, and like everything else he threw into the dustbin, the things, the problems which had been solved reappeared, and even, and in even worse form. We'll see this week whether the planned ceasefire goes into effect or whether it, like everything else this administration does, gets blown up and becomes a ruin.

The alliance which they're putting together through this proposal, an alliance of Gulf States Sunni Muslim nations, outside forces to create a peace in the Middle East. According to the Biden administration, it is for one purpose and one purpose only. That is, to wage a new war against Iran.

Ironic, isn't it? [00:04:00] That's their purpose by which they seek a peace. He'll also announce this week, some band aids for the hemorrhaging border, which we'll analyze once it comes out on Promethean action. It will have absolutely no effect. In Mexico, there's been an election. Claudia Scheinbaum is the first woman elected in Mexico to the presidency.

She's a protege of AMLO. Again, we'll have something for you once we have a chance to look at this later in the week. India is also holding elections today, and Modi looks like he's going to be re elected in a landslide. China has landed on the far side of the moon. an epic scientific achievement. Our little Yoda, Janet Yellen, goes over there and declares that the way to actually cabin the Chinese is that they must somehow stop producing.[00:05:00]

They must somehow turn their economy into the type of service economy which has thrown our economy down the toilet. Hunter Biden will go on trial today. More and more, and I'll be covering it this week, not the gun charge, which is going on trial for, but the rest of it, the bribery, all of the dirty stuff around Biden actually turns out to be very much related to a long time CIA project to deprive Europe of Russian natural gas.

That's what Burisma was all about. That's why Hunter Biden has been protected, because he actually was working for the NAD, the National Endowment for the Democracy, a CIA cutout, which we here at the LaRouche Movement have analyzed for some time. In Congress, Anthony Fauci will appear. He's now immersed in an email scandal of the [00:06:00] first order, which shows him hiding evidence in a very self conscious way to prevent the disclosure that the NIH, was highly responsible for the invention of COVID in a Chinese lab.

In addition, Congress is actually talking about the Biden tapes from special counsel Robert Herr and the Biden administration and the Justice Department have invented a new privilege. They're saying to China, you can't have them because someone in the future might make a deepfake out of Joe Biden's bumbling appearance there.

So that's the world. It's pretty crazy. In Ukraine, again, we're rolling ever closer to a nuclear war and boots on the ground with the Europeans testing that for us. The irony is the breakdown of the economies of the world, [00:07:00] except for those who've chosen to produce like Russia, result in economies which are not fit for war fighting.

The latest crisis in Europe is that there's no more explosives because all of the factories were closed down and all of the people who made them no longer exist. So we'll see what happens. The latest thing being counted is there's going to be wonder weapons deployed against Crimea. Again, we edge closer and closer to a red line, which cannot be crossed, but which we dare to cross because the people in power who started this war cannot afford to have the truth be told to their populations.

Now, I want to emphasize something which Donald Trump emphasized over the weekend. He has a wonderful little video up. called Be an Outsider on Truth Social we'll give you the link to that in the blurb [00:08:00] which follows. It reminded me of something which Lyndon LaRouche used to stress all the time.

The difference between someone who is interdirected, i. e., Driven by their own passions and their own reason in truth seeking and someone who is other directed. The sociologist David Reisman analyzed this in a book called The Lonely Crowd, looking at the people who came back from the Second World War.

Here they were. They'd engaged in a heroic struggle and yet they became extremely small because they were trying to conform to what the new sort of vision of what people should be all around them became very banal. Unheroic, stupid, mediocre. It was a favorite theme of Lyndon LaRouche, and now Trump has picked that up.

In this video, he says, be an outsider. [00:09:00] It is the outsiders who get things done. It's not people who crave after the image of an insider. And if you really think about it, That's the basis of all psychological warfare, as it has been conducted against us. It's the difference between say, a Musk, a Donald Trump, a James Webb, and mediocrities like Obama and Biden.

The ability to, again, apply that pressure to be an insider is the key to all psychological warfare being conducted against us at the present time. And Trump has keyed in on the actual most important thing, be an outsider, be someone who creates something new. Now, we're having a conference next week in Michigan.

We're going to be putting it up on the internet. We'll have a [00:10:00] lot of people attending in person. It's very much along these themes. Man is not an animal. He or she has the capacity not to succumb to the herd, therefore, and to willfully change things for the better. Lyndon LaRouche fully developed the studies and methods by which this self direction and creativity in coherence with the laws of the universe and God's gift to us in participation in his creation can be wielded against this lower order enemy of ours who has sought, especially since August of 1971, to stamp out any trace of the American intellectual tradition and to reclaim This republic on behalf of the oligarchy.

We were founded by outsiders in that sense that Trump is talking about. We have a chance now, and it is fleeting, to reverse [00:11:00] everything which has happened since August of 1971. We must bring young people, minorities, the so called democratic base, into this movement. We must articulate the ideas and policies which can turn this great nation around as our elites seek to distract us with one trial after another. We can prevent them from executing their destructive plans only by ourselves, assuming leadership and supporting Trump while walking in the actual philosophical footsteps of our founders. I think you want to join us for this exciting perspective and discuss all of this over the weekend. And we hope to see you there. Otherwise we'll see you in Wednesday for Susan's update. on a lot of the stories I highlighted, and we'll see you again on Monday of next week. Thanks a lot for listening. Please follow us on Promethean Action and PrometheanPAC throughout the week.