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The Monday Brief - If You Unpeel Your Axioms, Do you find a British Core or an American One? - May 28, 2024

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A momentous week awaits. Trump’s trial will conclude in Manhattan. It’s rigged and it’s not the verdict but the response to it which will be historic. We think a conviction is inevitable, but the public knows it’s rigged. The American people continue to reject it. They are responding to something truly American and universal in Trump. Authentic, he says what he means and fights for it. He is a builder, not a politician. But the scripters are also making him a hero, the man fighting against all odds for his truth. They don’t understand either his connection to the American people or this aspect of what they are doing. Two events, the Libertarian Convention and the huge rally in the Bronx showed him to be the city builder and the uniter. The Libertarians share a characteristic with both the war in Ukraine, and in the Middle East. They all are totally British creations, dating back decades and centuries. Do you know your own ways of thinking and reacting which have been shaped by British intelligence? Do you know the difference with that, an ideology invented to destroy the United States, and the American System which Trump represents?

Transcript: The Monday Brief - If You Unpeel Your Axioms, Do you find a British Core or an American One? - May 28, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi, everybody. It is Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day, Memorial Day being, of course, the weekend in which we remember those who sacrificed everything for us to be here today. And indeed, that's probably the state of mind we have to have going into what will be a very momentous week. Obviously, it's led off by events in New York City.

Where the Trump trial is coming to its conclusion today, the atrocity is coming to its conclusion with closing arguments and a charge to the jury. It's, the verdict here is not important. It's the response to the verdict which is very important. Joe Biden and his minions plan an Oval Office address already saying that Donald Trump is a convicted felon.

Kind of like a branding [00:01:00] session for the rest of the political campaign, which has been their intent after all, all along. So strap yourselves in and get ready for the next chapter in the epic journey of the hero, Donald Trump, they have largely created. And I want to point out at the outset. That Trump is responsible in many ways because of who he is.

He's authentic. He's an authentic leader, but The reason why people are actually responding to him is twofold. One, he has a genuine connection to this population. It's very real. People sense that. Second, he is encountering a typical heroic story in all of human history, where he is fighting an epic battle almost of good versus evil, and people also sense that.

For every blow [00:02:00] they take against the hero, the population sides ever more with the hero. That's what they don't understand here, both his connection to the population, and also the fact that they have themselves created an epic narrative, which overwhelmingly resounds with the American people.

The narrative of the hero facing adversity and overcoming it by strength of character and vision. Now, the trial itself, well, I don't hold out much hope for anything other than a hung jury at best. The jury in this case has never been sequestered. They go home to their New York City friends and relatives every single day.

Everybody at this point pretty much knows who they are, despite the fact that they're anonymous. And this will be the major thing. Will somebody actually take the cup of Gethsemane, so to speak, and do justice here? Or will they, [00:03:00] as many, many people have in our generation, sell themselves out, sell their souls, and let a conviction go forward?

I think that basically they've rigged it in such a way that it'll be a minor miracle if Trump comes out with even a hung jury. Remember what's at stake here. We're trying someone for felonies which are really misdemeanors, i. e. book, wrong, wrongful bookkeeping entries. There doesn't have to be really any intent as this fixed judge, Judge Merchan has rigged the crime.

He shifted the burden of proof so that really there's no intent requirement. And really what is going on here is an all out effort to actually just convict someone by having convinced them previously and now that he's a bad guy, and you don't have to say why. It's been a farce of the first order.

Really a farce [00:04:00] of the first order. And that's where I'll leave that, because as I said before, the issue is the response. Not the atrocity itself. Now, in the meantime, we have Trump doing two things last week. Really going into the lion's den. First, in the Bronx, where the Democrats think they hold sway over a plantation.

And disrupting the entire thing simply by being Donald Trump, the builder. The idea that is central here is that he's a builder, which is what Americans respond to. And he told these New Yorkers that, among other things, he would rebuild the subway system. Think about that. That's the way you get around in New York.

There's no avoiding it. And it is a horrible day long ordeal for most people. Will you be mugged? Will you be robbed? We smell urine every step of the way since that's [00:05:00] what's going on there. Trump says, I'll change all that. I'm going to rebuild it and make it worthy of New Yorkers. People in the South Bronx responded coming out, which the Democrats didn't think they would dare to do.

And in thousands, and they said, we're going to back this guy because, why? Because he represents something very, very, very American. I would contrast that with the second visit to a lion's den our hero made last week, going to the Libertarian Conference. Now, for those of you who don't know, the Libertarians are an entirely British oriented bunch.

They live or have lived historically to attack the United States, particularly the American system, economic system. On the one side, they're composed of people who come out of the Mount Pelerin Society, specifically, fans of Ludwig von Mises and the so [00:06:00] called Austrian School of Economics, which was set up deliberately in 1947 to attack the American system of political economy and to attack the United States.

There you'll find von Mises, who's nominally a conservative, and there you'll also find Karl Popper. Who is the mentor to none other than George Soros. Funny how things work on both sides of the coin, which is really simply not what's going on as the real dynamic. Trump said everything which these people would like to hear.

He embraced the best parts of the libertarian agenda. He said he was going to end wars, which they're very much for. He said he was going to protect free speech and end the censorship industrial complex, which they're very much for. He said that he was going to free their modern day hero, Russ Ulbricht, the former head [00:07:00] of an internet called Silk Road, which sold drugs and child pornography.

He said, nonetheless, that he would commute his sentence since he served a number of years. He said that he would free Julian Assange. Also, one of their causes, and something that should actually be done. But they couldn't do anything but jeer him, because essentially that party has been divided at this point between those who support the Koch brothers, who are never Trumpers, and who fought Trump's nomination and these Von Mises people.

So, you got two peas in the same pod. The winner of that nomination, defeating Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who was fighting for that libertarian ballot line across the country and actually descended into such tactics as distributing rubber duckies to actually mock Trump, as well as going after him on vaccines.

[00:08:00] Nonetheless, Kennedy lost. And the winner is a character by the name of Chase Oliver, a gay man who supports open borders, but he's violently anti war. A good thing, but the economics overall suck. They're two peas of a British pod. Similarly, let's move on to the situation in the Middle East, which is kind of the same.

Friday, Israel attacked in Rafa, a refugee camp, killing some 45 people and setting off a new round of fuor against the genocide in which they're conducting this war against very real terrorists. As we have said repeatedly, these are two peas of a British pod. On the one side, you have the cult of, revisionist Zionism, which is Benjamin Netanyahu.

On the other side, you have Hamas, which is the Muslim Brotherhood. Both are cults actually invented by British [00:09:00] intelligence to keep the Middle East in a continuous uproar because the British see that as the crossroads of the world, which it is, and the means to it actually, you know, flank their empire in terms of trying to control all of Eurasia.

That's been the British push, the British strategic push now for decades. That's what this war in Ukraine and Russia is really all about. They wish to take over Russia because of natural resources and the keystone to obtaining the riches to maintain their empire in terms of raw materials and other riches.

If you think that they care or give a wit about the children who are being killed or what have you, think about Madeleine Albright talking about the war in Iraq in which she was asked whether killing half a million children was worth it in terms of overthrowing Saddam Hussein?[00:10:00]

She said, yes. Difficult question, but it was worth it. Think about Zbigniew Brzezinski saying the same thing. We and the British created Muslim terrorism to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. Asked whether that was okay after 9 11. Brzezinski said, yes, weigh that, i. e. 3, 000 American deaths, versus what I did, and he credits himself stupidly, with overthrowing the Soviet empire.

They don't give a damn. They're pursuing an empire policy, and that's what you really need to understand. It is not an American policy. In Ukraine, We're taking steps further and further down the pathway to war. Putin offered peace last week. The Europeans responded with such stunts as Boris Johnson hosting the Azov Brigade, a neo Nazi formation in the Ukrainian [00:11:00] military, in Parliament, hugging the Azov flag, which contains the famous Wolfsangel or the Nazi symbol. That's where we stand in terms of the so called fight for democracy, as Biden calls it, against authoritarianism or, as I would call it, true American leadership. That's what they're afraid of. Think about Donald Trump talking in the Bronx. I'm a builder. I built the New York skyline. I will build it again.

Do you know how hard it is to build a skyscraper? Think about that. That's a very American notion. It's not about pushing paper or the service economy. Speaking of which, the Democrats are completely freaking out. The headline today is James Carville. If you remember him, he was, the actual author of Clinton's victory in [00:12:00] the presidential campaign against George H. W. Bush. He famously coined the phrase, It's the economy's stupid. That's what Americans care about. That's what working people care about. And right now, they're being eaten alive by the continuing bailouts from 2008, the continuing inflation. He basically, over the weekend, told Biden in no uncertain terms, What you're talking about is complete BS.

It has no relationship to people's real lives. It has no relationship to real people. The other hand, Donald Trump is out there talking both at the Libertarian Convention and in the Bronx about the forgotten men and women of this country who he is out to support and save. Which one do you think is going to win? The guy who speaks from the Oval Office probably on Wednesday or Thursday night about Donald Trump the [00:13:00] convicted felon, or the hero, which Donald Trump and they have created, which sings to the American spirit, which sings to that which in us, which comes from our forefathers.

That's what our task is here. We need to ensure not only that Trump wins, but that he can govern for four years. We need to ensure that, that the work, which will take a generation to do, at least, or more, to recreate these United States, undo the damage which has been done since the 2008 bailout and before.

We need to make sure that we're creating an entire leadership class here, very similar to Donald Trump. Let's call it creating many, many Donald Trumps of different stripes. That's how you defeat their intent to assassinate him. That's our task. That's what [00:14:00] we here at Promethean Action have dedicated ourselves to doing.

Think about what I just told you about the Libertarians and think about what I just told you about the Middle East. These are deep British constructs created really since the middle of the 18th century and going forward as to axiomatic assumptions about how you should think. Now we're talking about a different set of axioms which is coming into being because we're creating them rather than reacting to them.

That's what our conference coming up on June 8th in Michigan is going to be all about. Make sure we're going to be doing it on the internet. Make sure you check in with us. Make sure you follow us throughout the week. It will be a very eventful week this week. Thanks very much for listening, and I'll see you on Saturday basically outlining what the heck has gone on.

Thanks a lot.