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The Monday Brief - Is Your Mind in the Right Century to Win the War for the Future? - May 6, 2024

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Monday’s Brief reviews the escalating landscape of war in Ukraine and the Middle East and the continuing color revolution in the United States.  The color revolution manifests itself most clearly in the thoroughly satanic and Gestapo like Trump prosecutions and the fight to win the White House for MAGA rather than the Uniparty.  We ask, is your mind in the right century to understand what is happening, who the enemy is that is steering all of this, and how to think about winning the war?  Which is worse, the victims sacrificed for cult ideologies in Israel and Palestine, or the hundreds of thousands more sacrificed in Ukraine, that atrocity involving our open support of actual Nazis?  Both situations are out of control and escalating.   At best, our current friends identify in increasingly eloquent prose what is wrong.  They don’t say what we’re for.  We suggest that thinking in the tradition of that line of thinkers from the Renaissance, from the Greeks, Leibniz, and others, from our founders, and not from the Anglo-Dutch Enlightenment, provides the necessary remedy and victory.

Transcript: The Monday Brief - Is Your Mind in the Right Century to Win the War for the Future? - May 6, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi, everybody. It is Monday, May 6th, post Cinco de Mayo, and we have quite a week ahead of us. The title of our talk today on the Monday Brief is, Is Your Mind in the Right Century? And by that, I think, what we're talking about is the fact that the solutions to many, many things that we see coming before us requires us thinking in a different way, thinking in the tradition of the Renaissance thinkers who, you know, in a line extending back from Nicholas of Cusa, even further back to Plato, even further forward to people like Riemann and Planck and Gauss, and even further to Benjamin Franklin and Lyndon LaRouche, all had a different mindset than the mindset we see functioning in our society today.

And the [00:01:00] question which arises as you look at the world is how many people are actually going to die on behalf of dying ideologies. Let's take, for example, Ukraine in the context of the Middle East. How do we balance the tolls which are sacrificed to virtually satanic ideologies? Now, across the world, students appalled that the murder of, about the murder of women and children in Palestine are loose on our campuses and the typical manipulations of youth By the invisible hands of the intelligence agencies, they do not even see, yet so far that's only 30, 000 dead in Gaza.

Yes, there is a famine now emerging, but half a million and counting are dying in Ukraine seemingly off of anybody's notice. We told [00:02:00] you in our briefings when this Middle East war broke out on October 7th. That it was a disastrous religious conflagration. The solution to which lies nowhere between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

They have fought and hated each other for centuries. And as Lyndon LaRouche reminded us many, many times, the solution has to be: changing the world around the Middle East, not trying to manipulate the dynamics which exist within the Middle East. That's why Donald Trump's outside in Abraham Accords represented a fundamental change.

The last religious warfare which humanity suffered, that of the Thirty Years War, which devastated all of Europe, saw a peace imposed called the Peace of Westphalia, in which each side agreed to give the other that which [00:03:00] was to the advantage of the other. It's that very principle of Westphalia in international law, which the British and Tony Blair, in our recent century, have said has to be outlawed forever.

The rioting and outraged students know nothing about the history or the visible and invisible hands which are guiding their mental life. They don't understand that both sides of this looming religious war in the Middle East function under the banner of British intelligence created cults, gang and counter gang, the very big form, the very ancient form of imperial policing.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which is the terrorist Hamas, and the revisionist Zionists, who have an equal history of terrorism, which is Netanyahu's party. And the war at the ancient crossroads of the world between East and West, North and South, [00:04:00] will go on unless you change the entire world and the entire dynamic in which the Middle East exists.

In Ukraine, Joe Biden's phony defense of democracy, itself an intelligence cult and ideological fabrication, created decades ago, we are, after all, a republic. That crazed ideological adventure has sacrificed more than a half a million, and our Congress waves the Ukrainian flag as it provides the funds for yet more more, more slaughter.

The longstanding Israel lobby claims it is about to suffer from another holocaust because of our crazed and ignorant, outraged young people. They dominate the news cycle. They tug for all of our attention. All their PR compare, campaign comparisons that we see on our televisions flow with that fear and [00:05:00] that claim.

Yet actual Nazis populate the Ukrainian forces. And we're the battering ram, which our State Department and CIA funded in the 2014 coup, and then in John Brennan's civil war there, which followed the coup, and created the situation we see there today.

Now, last week, the Royal United Services Institute in Britain the think tank for the British military provided a detailed analysis authored by Alex Roshinin as to why the Ukraine war has been lost, why more than 500, 000 people have now perished in vain.

They point out that our corrupted and stupid defense apparatus is fighting the wrong war, a war of maneuver based on our previous very expensive colonial policing operations, targeting terrorists [00:06:00] and using very, very, very expensive precision weapons. Russia is fighting and winning a war of attrition, their chosen method for this war.

To win that war of attrition, Russia has engaged in a total mobilization of its economy in depth so that it can crank out shells and weapons designed so they can be utilized by anyone efficiently. They have focused on one new weapon. Hypersonic missiles, which our defense corrupt establishment can't even perfect.

Russia's strategy is to destroy Ukrainian forces rather than to fixate on gaining and holding territory. It tells its population about the positive values of its culture and mobilizes them around that identity for its people. The best we do now is purely negative in that sense. We say on every right wing channel and every [00:07:00] populist channel what we hate.

We don't say what we're for. Our physical economy is in shambles, and we just keep accumulating death without the slightest thought that a thriving physical economy capable of rapid transformations is the center of national security and defense. We import cheap labor to keep our labor costs low and to prevent any actual cultural coherence. All of this is why Donald Trump is right when he says we are a nation in decline.

Zelensky is now a wanted criminal in Russia, just announced. What that means is up for conjecture. As loudmouths like Macron in France and the Poles talk about deploying troops in Ukraine to salvage the war, Reuters floats this morning that Putin is planning a test of tactical nuclear weapons to meet this threat, to make the crazies come to their senses.

[00:08:00] It's unclear at this moment whether this is true or whether it is yet another effort to panic us ever closer to all out war. The latest 60 billion we set on fire is about to be consumed by the defense contractors here with little impact on Ukrainian charnel killing field. Democracy in Ukraine is what we're fighting for.

All the elections there have been cancelled. All of Zelensky's opponents have been jailed. All of the opposition press has been shot down, shut down. Zelensky's term is up officially this month. The people who have been sacrificed here were killed for an illusion as satanic as anything Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini ever mouthed.

In the Middle East, it appears that the peace deal went up in smoke over the weekend. And CIA Director Burns is off on an emergency mission to prevent the State of [00:09:00] Israel from effectively suiciding itself by its planned operations in Rafa. This is where, as you might know, in southern Gaza, the government told the Palestinians to flee when they flattened northern Gaza.

It's very, very clear that the Rafa incursion will spark a wider war. That's where everybody's calculus says it will go. As a side note, the peace deal, which just blew up, involved normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, depending on the resolution of the current war, without any further ethnic cleansing.

That peace deal had the U. S. building nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia to power the massive data centers necessary for our new generation of AI. We can do this in Saudi Arabia, apparently, but we can't power ourselves in the United States with nuclear power or [00:10:00] find the best use for nuclear power in the Middle East, even, which is in the massive desalinization effort to actually provide clean water throughout the region.

In the U. S. our ongoing color revolution continues. Trump will be in court all week, coming up in the New York case as a testimony of the serial perjurer Michael Cohen and the porn star extortion lady Stormy Daniels. We have posts about the unraveling of this case and at the, and the unraveling of the Florida case on our website.

It is all, as Trump says, just a huge scam. Biden is running a gestapo. And no matter how much the national news media frets over that description of themselves and what they're involved in, it's actually true. It's actually very, very true. What this administration is set up is as bad as the [00:11:00] Stasis in terms of the surveillance state and the reporting on anyone who chooses to dissent.

The tensions are rife as Trump tries to pull together a Republican Party consisting of money and corruption and elite acceptance on one side. The traditional Republicans and the RINOs and a raw, but very honest and angry voting base who will fight to the death for Trump, despite any of the mistakes he is likely to make in this very, very fluid, political circumstances.

Where our movement comes in is in educating that base to be able to operate and take power and exercise it as citizens, as our founders intended in our constitution. We'll see on the congressional side the effort of MTG to nail just exactly who is who, by forcing a vote on [00:12:00] Johnson, whatever reason Trump is currently supporting him seems absurd, but nonetheless, part and parcel of trying to get a coherent administration put together in a circumstance of huge financial, psychological, and other forms of warfare.

The swamp does indeed have to be drained and it will require the effort of every single one of us to ensure that happens. But more importantly, are we in the right mindset to actually secure a victory? Are we in the right mindset to actually declare what we're for? And I think the question which I posed at the beginning, are we in the right century, is one which bears your devoted exploration.

Myself and Lyndon LaRouche, like the line of people who lined up behind the Renaissance, who actually had a major influence through Leibniz on our founders who [00:13:00] actually you know, who every single one of the founders actually talked about when they talked about what it was to found a republic. We've, we brought here, we escaped from Europe, that oligarchical and terrible thing, and we brought with us the best of the Western Christian civilization.

That, that is the century of the Renaissance, and the Renaissance, great Renaissance thinkers going forward is not the Enlightenment, John Locke, and the British Empire as they would have us believe. I would urge you to take a look at the class which occurred over the weekend on the power of labor and physical economy to see what kind of mindset you actually need to educate yourself in to actually win this war and emerge from the dark age in which most of us have existed.

We're having a conference, a big one, a founding conference in Taylor, Michigan on June 8th. Stay tuned for the details and hopefully [00:14:00] we can get you there. See you again next Monday. We have a couple of actual briefs coming this week on Wednesday and also on Saturday to keep you up to date on the latest developments.

Thanks a lot for listening.