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The Monday Brief - Maximum Tension, Maximum Gain - April 29, 2024

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Last week saw the types of developments which our oligarchical opponents are unable to think might occur. These developments benefited the Trump campaign and MAGA. The Supreme Court will probably send the Washington DC Trump prosecution back to the District Court, delaying any trial. The Florida classified documents case is unraveling. The New York trial is a joke. Trump turned the streets of New York into his forum, meeting with the construction worker trade unionists who love him. But that just makes our enemy more frantic. The World Economic Forum is in emergency meetings in Saudi Arabia. They seem ready to put troops on the ground to save themselves from the truth about Ukraine. The Middle East will either be set on fire or resolve itself temporarily. They are stress testing a new Jacobin Army through the Gaza protests should Trump win the election. Our solution is to organize our way through this wall of fire. Sign our 2024 Vote Pledge.

Transcript: The Monday Brief - Maximum Tension, Maximum Gain - April 29, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi everybody, this is Barbara Boyd and this is your Monday Brief. A look at the week ahead. The biggest event in the world, of course, which everyone is focused on, is the Trump trial and the efforts of our oligarchy to prevent this guy from taking the presidency of the United States.

Last week ended in a pretty good week. For our side the Supreme Court of the United States seems very much disposed to send the crazy Washington, D. C. election interference case, so called back down to the district court, which of course will probably delay it beyond the election.

There are increasing reveals from Julie Kelly et al. about the fact that the classified documents case there down in Florida is a complete fraud, coordinated by the White House from the beginning. It turns out that all the classified [00:01:00] documents that ended up at Mar a Lago were packed by the General Services Administration, not by President Trump renting his own U Haul and spiriting them off there.

And so his liability in that one is of course very much up in the air. You have this crazy New York case, which nobody can figure out what the crime is, It is an effort to influence an election by a politician. We also knew about all of these women back in 2016. So where's the fraud? And there is no fraud in reality.

This is the weakest of the weak cases, but nonetheless, what they're depending upon is the propaganda machinery scaring the public into compliance. And Trying to ensure that in New York City they think they have a population which is duped and agitated against [00:02:00] anything Trump. Trump is trying to break all of that up by drawing out in public the actual support for him, which is significant in New York.

In fact, he's saying that his polling shows we're within 10 points in New York, which holds with our perception of the situation. Last week, he held a very early morning rally of construction workers who are coming out for Trump in large numbers. And it was reported after that rally that trade unionists from throughout the country were calling into that local, the pipe fitters local.

The ones that build nuclear power plants and fossil fuel plants, et cetera. And saying that they too, as trade unionists, were going to desert the Democratic Party for the first time in their lives and get behind MAGA. So, that's where this sits. The plan of the enemy could not be clearer. [00:03:00] Keep him in court, away from the campaign trail, have the idiot Joe Biden go out and celebrate the fact that he can't campaign and slander him.

I have the idiots in the justice department and elsewhere come down as heavily as possible on MAGA. And hope to terrorize the population into destroying themselves. That's essentially what's going on here. And increasingly, you're seeing the revolt of the population against precisely that.

Now, across the world, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia the World Economic Forum is holding a special One might call it an emergency meeting, trying to get themselves together for what looks like a looming worldwide financial collapse.

The jarring and emergence throughout the world of nation states against the globalist conspiracy, and they're trying to figure out what to do about it. [00:04:00] The IMF is clearly the lead agency here. And we'll cover the events coming out of our enemy conference in terms of the global deployment which they're utilizing.

Remember that we're fighting an enemy which functions on a global level, not just on the United States, although their functions are clearly directed at destroying the United States as their first target.

On the topic of war and peace. Well, you couldn't find a more maximally tense 24 48 hours coming up.

Israel is poised to invade Rafah at the same time as optimism about a potential settlement with a pause in the fighting is being hurried into existence by everybody who's sane. There has been a major Egyptian intervention into the situation. Attempting to bring about peace instead of a plunge into even more killing, into even [00:05:00] more tension, and into even more you know, craziness within the longstanding British controlled region of the world.

And I say that because that would be the topic of the strategic briefing tonight. To step back from the immediate emotions which seem to be governing this battle at this point on all sides and to look at something of the actual history of why the Middle East has remained a cauldron for war, for some centuries in fact, going back thousands and thousands of years, but most significantly after the Sykes Picot Agreement the carve up of the region between the British and the French and the colonial wars which actually occurred throughout.

Terrorism has been a function on all sides of this war. The Israeli state was won from the British [00:06:00] mandate by terrorism and hybrid warfare on the Israeli side. The Palestinians have fought through terrorism and hybrid warfare ever since. This is a crossroads of the world, which is why after World War II, the British Empire said that this was the keystone. of everything they had to do in the world. It was the crossroads which led to their colonies in India and in Asia. It was the crossroads of all trade through the Suez Canal. It is the opening to the vast underdeveloped African continent, a continent of riches not just in mineral resources and other things which have been captive for years of the various continuing imperial assault on that continent, but also of a magnificent groupings of people and potential nation [00:07:00] states which the British have subverted ever since World War II.

So we'll be taking that up tonight. You have to look at these things as historical dynamics, not as set pieces. And, what's happening with the demonstrations here in the United States is twofold. One, you're increasing in Israel the support for Netanyahu and the support for crazy policies because you're increasing the idea that Israel is alone. A functioning myth which has existed throughout the history of the Jewish state to basically further all sorts of atrocities. The idea that a new Holocaust is imminent based on anti Semitism. All of that is actually driven ahead by the situation here in the United States with these protests.

About the protests themselves, the side of it, which is the Republican so [00:08:00] called party viewpoint, the neoconservative viewpoint says that the Palestinian people simply don't exist, that there's a biblical mandate for the Jews to drive them, out of that entire area and into Jordan and into Egypt and into other places.

This is a form of religious warfare which has been a dominant counterinsurgency mechanism for the British Empire again most heatedly since Sykes Picot. We took it up, unfortunately, with the Iraq War, with Dick Cheney with the whole idea that you were gonna remap the Middle East and divide it along religious lines.

And we've been playing the religious card, along with the British for some decades now. So, we have, in that sense, blood on our hands, in terms of everything. that's happening there. Ukraine [00:09:00] remains a continuing disaster. The issue now is, are you willing to go to World War III so that Joe Biden and the various heads of NATO and the various heads of Western European governments can save face?

Because what's going on is a slaughter of the Ukrainian people and what's being mooted as the solution to that not only is to dragoon people who fled to other countries back into Ukraine to face a slaughter, but now actual talk of putting boots on the ground, which, of course, is a Russian red line. In terms of an escalating war, a war which could indeed escalate throughout Europe.

I watched over the weekend the film which is out by General Flynn. And I think it's very important to actually emphasize the first part of that. You know, sort of [00:10:00] tour through his hell of prosecution by a government he was willing to give his life for but turned out to be controlled by people he didn't know.

 And essentially what he says there is war is a racket, just like Smedley Butler said so. War is a failure of policy. War is something that kills and is actually evil when there is no plan to secure the peace. And that's been the nature of the wars which we've experienced in our lifetimes ever since Vietnam.

Our first American adventure, so to speak, in this type of British counterinsurgency warfare, designed to prevent nation states from functioning, designed to prevent peoples from realizing their vision of the future. So that's where the world sits at this point. Congress is back, I don't expect much, much out of that crew, [00:11:00] except possible evil doings in terms of the campaign at this point, given their failures of the last week.

And it's in that light that I'd like to really emphasize the pledge, which we have posted on the Promethean PAC website, the pledge to actually organize for a Trump victory in 2024. That's got to be done. by individual citizens taking responsibility for organizing their friends, organizing complete strangers, and getting on board with what Promethean PAC can do in serving as a coordinating mechanism for a passionate movement to take this country back.

There's lots and lots of people already engaged in this battle. There's lots and lots of groups engaged in this battle, but what we're going to do uniquely, I think, is concentrate on bringing the people who are really in the MAGA [00:12:00] movement and don't realize it yet into the fold. That is, we're going to concentrate on Democrats who are disaffected.

We're going to concentrate on the anti war Democrats, the Jack Kennedy Democrats in particular, like the trade unionists in New York. We're going to concentrate on Black and Hispanic minorities. We're going to concentrate on people who actually recognize the working men and women of this country that we need to return to being a producer nation again.

We need to end the endless warfare. And we need to overcome all of the manipulations, which they're now doing on Trump based on their profile of his organization, their profile of the various party apparatuses, all of which they know very well. This has got to be a revolt organized from below of the people organizing collectively in new institutions.

And. [00:13:00] actually bring about a complete surprise, something they didn't anticipate, something they didn't pre profile. That's what the pledge is all about. So please go to prometheanpac. com, our website, sign on to the pledge. We'll be in contact. We intend to provide an educational forum, a collaborative forum to get this job done, to create a Too Big to Rig result in November.

Thanks very much. See you next week.