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The Monday Brief - The Defenders of Democracy Initiate Desperate Coups, Populations Rise Against Them - July 8, 2024

We cover Joe Biden hanging on by a thread, the rigged French election, and NATO. The coming Republican Convention and Trump will provide inspiration and relief.

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As of Monday, the loyal life-long servant of the Anglo-American oligarchy's intelligence community was hanging on to the Democratic nomination by the thinnest of threads. Joe Biden's dementia is just too obvious to cover it up anymore and those who have done so cower for the blowback. In France, the election was rigged to prevent nationalists from asserting sovereignty. They rigged it to "save democracy." They rigged it even if it meant paralyzing the country for the near future and empowering Communists and socialists, that old relief valve for unrest among the lower classes. NATO, the empty testament to coups, regime change, and mind war against populations at home and abroad, celebrates 75 years of atrocities in Washington. The French program of wars, feudalist energy and economic policies, rule by feckless oligarchs, is the same as that of Biden and the Democrats. Monday's Republican convention and Trump's visionary Agenda 47 will provide a stark, optimistic, and winning contrast.

Transcript: The Monday Brief - The Defenders of Democracy Initiate Desperate Coups, Populations Rise Against Them - July 8, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi everybody. This is Barbara Boyd and this is your Monday Brief. The title of this one is a big week against the new coup against an American president, Joe Biden, NATO, and the Republican convention. So this is obviously a very momentous week. I'm going to give you a rundown of the stories we are following and where we can say something definitive, or say it, otherwise the situation is obviously very, very fluid.

As of Monday, Joe Biden is holding on to the Democratic nomination with something akin to the rigid grip of a dead man. The House returns today, and along with it will come more calls for him to step down. Senator Warner is convening the Senate to the same effect. It is possible that Warner, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, also speaks for that intelligence community, [00:01:00] which so far has been Relatively conspicuously silent, a particularly important thing to take into account in this dynamic, since more than anything else, Joe Biden has been their servant throughout his entire Washington career.

In fact, his allegiance to Anglo American intelligence starting with his long tenure as head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is what makes him remarkable at all. It is why he has been tolerated, despite the gaffes, despite the fact that he's been senile now for some years. He is reliable.

He is not going to balk, he is going to do as he's told. He was rewarded after the vice presidency with all the graft for good service that he could actually get in Ukraine, China, Russia, etc. The fact that this was authorized is why, [00:02:00] so far, nobody has been able to touch that corruption scandal.

He's untouchable because much of what he did, particularly with Ukraine, and what Hunter did with Ukraine, was a black intelligence operation on behalf of the modern British Empire to cut Europe off, from Russian natural gas. That's the sum and substance of it and why when President Trump just touched that and asked about the corruption and hinted that he might not arm Ukraine for this crazy proxy war we have with Russia, impeachment followed with much hysteria, much show, much demonstrable behavior, all of which was simply a shadow show for what was really going on.

Tomorrow, NATO convenes in Washington for its 75th anniversary summit. Like Biden, it is corrupt and evil and an anachronism historically, if you think about it. [00:03:00] It has found new life, Biden brags in his various interviews, in destroying Ukraine in its proxy war with Russia, a war which it is incapable of fighting itself.

That is both because it would lead to a nuclear confrontation, destroying all of humanity, and because NATO itself has cannibalized any warfighting capacity it ever had, with DEI, graft, paying for outmoded weapons within the military industrial complex, and the brain dead military thoughts and doctrines of its generals.

Russia, on the other hand, is a nation state. It has a cohesive culture. People are willing to die for it. NATO is a globalist institution conceived solely to conduct mind war against deemed enemies and against the rest of populations which inhabit the unfortunate [00:04:00] states which subscribe to it. As Biden told Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, it doesn't really matter if you are being overrun by the Taliban in reality.

The perception that this is not true is all that really matters or counts in Washington. It's all perception. It's all narrative. Obviously, this week will include new pitches and all of our media to re dedicate this country to the lost war in Ukraine. If nothing else, the need to preside will give Biden a lifeline, at least until Friday.

There's various efforts to basically meet the vast anti war vote worldwide, which is a major flank in attacking our present elite structure. It looks like there's new momentum towards a peace in the horrible war in Israel. More and more and more is coming out about that October 7th massacre, particularly in [00:05:00] Haretz, and dealing with the fact that a lot of people who were killed were killed by friendly fire of Israeli forces based on a crazy military policy authored by the Israeli crazies in Netanyahu.

So, we'll see what happens there. We're watching this very, very carefully along with various peace overtures in Ukraine. Obviously, Viktor Orban was trying such from Hungary all week. He'll be at the NATO conference. We'll see probably an outright fight there. That'll be very interesting to watch.

The French Assembly elections were held over the weekend. Despite the fact that the Nationalist rally received the highest vote total at 37.4%, it got the lowest number of seats in the French Assembly. Go figure, you might say. An alliance of Communists, Socialists, Radical Leftists, and Greens got the second highest vote totals at [00:06:00] 26.8%, but the highest number of seats at 177.

Emmanuel Macron's globalist centrists got 22.3 percent of the vote at 148 seats. That is basically almost, as I added up, 15 percent or more lower than the leading rally party, but more seats in the French Assembly.

The rigged result, those with the lowest vote totals get more seats than those with the highest, is the result of a very dirty trick, pulled by the elite to actually ensure that rally didn't take power in France at this most critical time in the Ukraine war. Macron forged an alliance with the so called left to ensure that the anti rally vote was not split between different candidates.

So the [00:07:00] headlines say the radical right was defeated. Really what happened here is that the defenders of democracy pulled the candidates who people had voted for so that there would be a clear lane to actually reclaim power, even if it meant empowering socialists and communists in a leading NATO country.

If you look at a map, it tells you it gives you the real picture. Rally, votes for rally covered the entire nation in red. That is the color of the rally vote. The blue areas are only in the cities. This rigging also features a flood of fear mongering hysteria directed at rally in all probability with full complicity of NATO and the State Department and our regime change experts.

The commentators all agree that France will now be paralyzed because the Parliament is hung. No one has a majority, and the commies, socialists, [00:08:00] and center cannot agree on anything other than stopping the nationalists on behalf of the global elite. Their overriding reality, however, is that there is not huge differences among these nominal factions, which have been named, these shadow factions, right, left, etc., in terms of actual policy.

Rally is anti immigrant. The rest are open borders. That's the biggest difference. All of them want to raise the retirement age. All of them want to stop working and have jobs totally subsidized by the government. All of them, in essence, agree to the Green New Deal as set forth by the globalists.

And they all agree on fighting the Ukraine war. And becoming a bulwark against Trump's election in the United States, with the idea that they will stop the ferment from coming to Morabund, Europe, which lost independence years ago, [00:09:00] with the founding of the European Union.

Somehow that rotten poem by the English fascist T.S. Eliot rings in my ears when I think of this. You may know the poem I'm talking about, the one called The Holloman. It has the famous lines about the world ending not with a bang, but a whimper, which I always took as a testament to the actual impotence of the Europeans, the slaves to the oligarchy who never escaped, where we did.

We came here, we founded a completely different republic. We founded the best of all worlds, and now it's up to us to reclaim it. The Republican convention begins next Monday. It is a huge opportunity to present Trump's actual program, to reindustrialize the United States, to end the wars, to once again, divorce us from the globalist order, which is dying and which seeks to extend its death grip to the entire world.

Joe Biden, [00:10:00] in a certain sense, is the ultimate representative of this dying order. Still fighting, still trying to actually extend that grip. Après moi, le déluge seems to be the globalist theme now for the diehards. Others are fleeing to Trump in the elite.

There is a controversy caused by the Heritage Foundation, now in the media, trying to prefigure what Trump's policies will be, despite the fact that he has outlined his broad vision already in Agenda 47. The media is attacking Trump, for endorsing the policies of heritage, which was founded as a British front here in the United States to teach us how to think like the British.

They're attacking Trump now saying that he endorses heritage policies and Trump is divorcing himself appropriately from them. There are big, concrete [00:11:00] questions which Heritage fails to touch, but otherwise they're just like every other policy think tank in Washington with some actual deviations. They're not touching the real questions, they're talking about pure mechanics. They imbibe all of the assumptions which Trump is attacking.

Just take the issue of war and peace. They say in their defense section that we have to gear up to fight China. That we also have to fight Russia and Trump obviously disagrees with this. The big problems are things like, how do you appropriately deport the millions who have come here illegally and build a U.S. labor pool of skilled workers without social chaos? How do you actually implement a fusion and fission based growing industrialized economy? How do you end the drugs porn and other [00:12:00] things which have collapsed the American psyche? How do you once again insert competence into leadership? How do you dismantle the corrupt military industrial complex and put those minds and resources to work building our country?

That requires the vision that Trump put forth in his Agenda 47, combined with the wisdom of Lyndon LaRouche. It requires attacking the real enemy, which is not the socialists or communists as many people think. The British financial empire, the secret British intelligence, actually invented communism and socialism as an escape valve when things got too hot in the so called class struggle.

We now require access to credit, the access to credit needed for building big projects in real industrialization, both here and in the world. Heritage has [00:13:00] minds which are small and which for the most part are incapable of grasping and articulating and meeting this challenge.

Hopefully the Republican convention will be a contrast in what we have lived through. The Green New Deal as executed by Joe Biden, which has turned this nation upside down and in and out and sent us into a rapid descent into that feudal economy, which Europe is now about to fully experience, giving the French elections and giving the British elections, which installed a member of the trilateral commission of yore as the British, as the head of the British government. A security state apparatchik.

As I said at the outset, the geriatric Biden is what Mike Benz and others have called the revenge of the blob against Trump in 2020. A willing servant taking dictation from them via teleprompter and repeating it. [00:14:00] His star advisor is Mike Donilon. The brother of Mike Donilon, Tom Donilon, leads the investment arm of BlackRock.

BlackRock has virtually dictated all of Biden's Green New Deal economic policies. The result is the roaring inflation which confronts you every day at the grocery store. So, I hope that you'll see an extremely useful contrast, which I believe you will, between the vision set forth by Trump and those who are our enemies, who we now must completely defeat.

It's a big task, it's an exciting one, but right now, it is possible where it never was before. Thanks very much for listening, that's your Monday Brief.