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The Monday Brief - The Ways of War - April 22, 2024

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The Ways of War, bad weeks from which we learn and calibrate, good weeks in which the way to victory is clear. Last week's votes on FISA spying and foreign war funding provided a precise sorting mechanism for the way forward. We now know clearly who is a patriot and who is a British influenced fool, like Joe Biden.

Mike Johnson's capitulation is just typical of the hold our enemy has on Congress. The fact that the real bad ones are from Red States certainly lights up the path toward victory. This week's other major task: make the Trump trial in New York the bad joke that it is. Fuel the fire of the looming backlash. History will record last week as the one in which our enemy made completely clear its entire battle-plan revealing all its weaknesses and multiple ways for a united and organized resistance to attack and win.

Transcript: The Monday Brief - The Ways of War - April 22, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Good morning. It's Monday, April 22nd, and this is your Monday Brief. In thinking about what happened last week with FISA, with the billions to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, while our border is invaded and poison is targeted our young people and nothing is done, I thought this interview between Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson is most relevant.

I want you to watch it. It's a little over two minutes.

 (tucker clip) ​

Barbara Boyd: [00:01:00] [00:02:00] That leads us to the other major development in the world, the Donald Trump Manhattan trial, which begins testimony today. Do you remember the famous Rachel Maddow, Senator Schumer [00:03:00] interview from 2017? At that time, Chuck Schumer said, I always thought Donald Trump was smart. I don't know why he's going after the intelligence community.

There's six ways to Sunday that they can get back at you. That both said that Schumer had already been compromised. And this Manhattan trial is just yet another episode of Six Ways to Sunday, an embarrassing national joke which has the entire world laughing at us and viewing us as a cheap version of empire, with the crudest of possible thoughts, which is what you're about to encounter, the images of the day.

It's a totally rigged job, corrupt and compromised judge. Rigged jury, seated by default when Trump's lawyers ran out of challenges. Absolutely absurd [00:04:00] case, meant to make you cringe about Donald Trump's alleged infidelities and sexual offenses. We've been hearing about all of this since 2016, and still Trump leads all polls.

That's why they call it the zombie case. The same story, basically resurrected over and over again. Hyped more and more, but nonetheless, landing with a thud. We intend to drive home that point, that this shows simply the criminality of our elites and nothing really essential about Donald Trump.

Last week was a bad week. Let's not put lipstick on a pig here. The Pfizer vote, the war votes, or the path towards national suicide, and world war. The Manhattan trial seems to show that our revered justice system is simply kaput. It is like that in a fundamental battle to save the republic. Our founders [00:05:00] experienced the same.

Seeming defeat after seeming defeat, which you learned from. The enemy exposes itself. You figure out the points of attack. And finally, finally, you prevail. The question is whether you use the bad days to reload your courage and determination and whether you learn from these battles and find ever new flaws in the enemy and ever new weaknesses to be exploited.

Are you in the corner bitching or do you really want to win? But make no mistake about it, it was bad. The Ukraine vote is basically designed to keep the war going and keep the horrible truth from manifesting itself before the election. We have killed thousands and thousands of people unnecessarily. Joe Biden did that. He's trying to make that our heritage, not his.

[00:06:00] Sometimes people question our emphasis here on the continuing British empire, but you saw a complete example of it last week. You saw the, on the vote, the horrendous spectacle of Ukrainian flags being waved in Congress. You heard Democratic congressmen saying that wonderful phrase, Slava Ukraine, basically the salute of old Nazis against the Soviets, current Nazis against the Russians.

The other war going on, Israel, has a deeper connection to all of this, a deep and unexplored relationship largely. Netanyahu is a protege of Zeb Jabotinsky from Odessa, Ukraine. Jabotinsky was a Ukrainian Nazi who was also a Zionist. These are all British agents. They, they stem [00:07:00] from the historical cults invented, by the British Empire under Lord Palmerston, something which we once characterized as Palmerston's Zoo. Just to make things encorent, the Foreign Minister of David, of Britain, David Cameron, was over here last week presiding over the capitulation from a bunch of ignoramus Republican senators and representatives.

He even tried to get Trump to drink the Kool Aid, he failed, but a bunch of ignoramus Republican senators and congressmen stood up and said that Winston Churchill whose policies murdered millions, whose government, in complicity with the Morgans and Harrimans on Wall Street, put Hitler into power. The monster Churchill was their man of the historical moment.

That's because the American heroes, whose portraits they walk past every day, Abraham Lincoln, George [00:08:00] Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and most specifically John Quincy Adams, would stand with those congressmen who oppose these continuing wars, would not recognize the America the others are talking about.

JQA said Americans do not go abroad seeking monsters to destroy. He said we lead by our example of building a great nation and offer guidance only to others in doing the same. FDR told the monster Churchill directly. that the America of JQA would destroy British colonialism after the war. Then Roosevelt died and Truman took over and sold us out to the British.

So the abject ignorance of most congressmen about our real history powers Mike Johnson's betrayal in addition to some component of what the intelligence guys have on him. [00:09:00] His son will attend the Naval Academy. Think about that. Do you think that was a factor? But last week's vote also gives us a true sorting out mechanism for determining our future on the most important issues before us, whether we drain our resources, fight endless wars and destroy ourselves while bringing humanity to the brink of destruction, and whether we tolerate a censorship and propaganda regime which would put the Stasi of East Germany to shame, performing menticide on ourselves.

We now know who is courageous and sane and who is the opposite. The crazy people have to be defeated or substantially reduced by November, or we will no longer have a recognizable government. That and Donald Trump's too big to rig election are the ongoing tasks of the newly renamed Promethean PAC, [00:10:00] formerly LaRouchePAC, which begins its official existence today.

Not since the Vietnam War, and this was the good note from last week, has there been such opposition against the policies of the security state, and that expresses the will of the American people. Again, not since the Vietnam War has this population been so awakened and engaged. This time, for the right and righteous historical purpose.

If you look at the vote on these two measures in the House and the Senate, it strikes you that all of the worst people are from red states. This is a deep vulnerability and expresses the fact that Congress is completely detached from the will of the people. But it's their vulnerability. This is where defeat can come readily, If a national campaign, such as the one we propose to launch, takes this into account.

[00:11:00] Last week also made very clear what their plan is. There's no more confusion. Their plan, convict, imprison, scare, kill Trump and his supporters. Significantly the number one guy of the House, Benny Thompson, the senior member of the House. of the Black Congressional Caucus, but unknowingly to most, the Homeland Security and Intel Agency spook said and introduced legislation, which will deny secret service protection to any former president convicted of a felony or insurrection, Benny Thompson, the Homeland Security owned operative. whose Mississippi second district remains the poorest in the nation, despite his years and years of service. We intend to make Trump's trial a bad joke, the kind that [00:12:00] people will associate in their minds with Joe Biden, yammering on absurdly about how his great uncle was eaten by cannibals, a ludicrous and absurd event, which fuels our fire, our absolute fire to bring about a wholesale change in November of this year.

As PrometheanPAC, we will broaden MAGA to include Kennedy Democrats, to include black folks, to include Hispanics, to include young people and make this election really too big to rig. With our sister policy organization, Promethean Action, we will create a consensus to take down the present Stasi and return law enforcement and intelligence To the circumscribed world necessary to protect us from actual threats and nothing else.

We will create a national consensus to abolish the Fed and return to national banking, providing the funding for the great [00:13:00] project of rebuilding our dilapidated cities, building new cities, building the energy and modern water infrastructure essential for advanced industrial and manufacturing as prime components of the economy and advanced agriculture.

We will end the financialization of healthcare, education, and other former professions and put Wall Street in its place through Glass Steagall. We will launch crash programs to develop fusion energy and to explore the moon and Mars, reaping the benefit in new discoveries and renewed and excited national pride, which only such frontier missions can accomplish.

Many of these policies are already embodied in Donald Trump's Agenda 47. Many are our own. Promethean PAC will elect the kind of representatives and senators who'll never again let last week's shameful acts sully our national reputation. [00:14:00] Today we launch that renewed mission.

See you on the web, and social media during this week and again next Monday. Thanks a lot for listening.