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The Monday Brief - The World Shifts: Shakespeare's Worst Tragedy or American Rebirth - July 1, 2024

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In the United States, the Supreme Court rejected the main lawfare against the American presidency, ruling, in the case of Donald Trump, that presidents have absolute immunity for core constitutional responsibilities, a presumption of such for all official duties, and no immunity for purely private acts. The case goes back to the lower courts for evidentiary hearing on the nature of Trump's actions. There will be no more trumped up trials before the election.

The United States and the world are shifting. Macron was repudiated in France; Biden was shown to be the vegetable that he is. If the population acts with Trump to change history's present dynamic, venturing into the unknown and building with great courage, we can upend the disaster of the last 70 years.

Transcript: The Monday Brief - The World Shifts: Shakespeare's Worst Tragedy or American Rebirth - July 1, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi, everybody. It's Monday. This is your Monday Brief. It's the 1st of July. I'm Barbara Boyd, and the title of this one is The World Shifts, Shakespeare's Worst Tragedy or American Rebirth.

First of all, I'll lead with why we're starting a little late. The Supreme Court of the United States saved the American presidency today. Ruling 6- 3, the Presidents of the United States have absolute immunity for their official acts, a more limited and presumptive immunity for their acts in office, and essentially little immunity for, for what are called purely private acts. Now, obviously this is a major victory for president Donald Trump.

It means in reality that there will be no more trials prior to the November election in the United [00:01:00] States. It means also that the presidency has been saved from the ridiculous and insane propositions of the American left, which have thought to essentially turn us into a parliamentary democracy.

Joe Biden's rule by committee, because he's a vegetable, is indicative of what they've been trying to do here. Now we have a chance to have a real president, Donald Trump, and we have to go like crazy to make that happen. Now in the United States, the weekend was spent by Democrats allegedly thrashing about to figure out about what to do about the fact of Thursday night's debate in which the president appeared as his vegetative corpse like self.

This has been known since 2019 according to most people that Biden was senile, he was having dementia, and it was only going to get worse, and yet [00:02:00] they installed him with the idea that he could be the public face of the presidency, and the United States could be run by a committee led by Barack Obama and his closest aides.

Now, nonetheless, thursday's debate was shocking to most. The president of the still most powerful nation in the world was revealed to all to be senile. The effort to contain it with the right drug mixture for the debate ended up with him opening in a speed induced rapid fire sequence of nine sequiturs.

Unbleaking, open mouthed, and losing his way ultimately through entire sentences. The shock expressed and experienced by many is an interesting psychoanalytic phenomenon upon which to reflect. Again, this has been going on just out of our main vision ever since the 2020 election. It was and is known. [00:03:00]

So much so that most who have been paying attention speculate as to whether this was a planned hit against Biden because he is losing so badly to Trump, or whether it was simply a last minute hit brought about by the fact that they recognized that they couldn't salvage him.

You also have to take into account that this is going on worldwide. Just look at the French elections over the weekend, which upended the globalist Emmanuel Macron. And, you know, basically he's similar to Biden. He can speak in whole sentences, however, but his policies are just as insane as the cabal who put Biden out there as their public face ever since 2020.

He lost hugely on Sunday to the first round of in France's elections, allegedly to the right wing anti immigrant rally party. Which is, in reality, a party in defense of the nation state, a party in [00:04:00] defense of unified cultures, a party against the Ukraine war.

2019 was when the Biden family first admitted that Joe was senile, according to Tucker Carlson. He learned this from a friend of Biden's sister, Val. And indeed, the Democratic Party at that point put forth a lot of other candidates. Do you remember Buttigieg, our present Secretary of Transportation, the gay white mayor from flyover country who won in Iowa that year? That's who they thought was going to be the champion.

Then there was Mike Bloomberg, the ideal hero really for the regime itself, representing them and the New World Order. He crashed too. So Biden was a desperate compromise, kept afloat by our intelligence and propaganda cabal, beating Trump through peddling corrosive delusions, fantasy, and [00:05:00] fear to a population they hoped could be kept satiated enough by stuff purchased in consumer land, drugs and porn, fear of death by COVID, an impotent raging and fear of social ostracism, not to notice that you had a vegetable as president.

Cancel culture, which came to the fore during this period, dictated that they would go along to get along or else. It seems like leading elements of the Democratic elite now share in Biden's psychosis, the rhythms of sundowning. Good days and bad days. So much so that they spontaneously applauded a State of the Union speech in which the uppers, this time, resulted in him successfully reading a teleprompter while angrily yelling throughout.

Shared psychosis is well documented in the psychiatric literature. But the gig is up. This is true worldwide. [00:06:00] The regime has underestimated the people's intelligence and their misery and the nature of the universe itself. You see what really drives people is that old command of Genesis. Go forth, multiply, and subdue the earth. Not just here, also in Europe.

In France where Macron lost globalists are trying to mobilize a coalition of the left and Macron to defeat Le Pen largely based on fear. But this vote is a vote for everyone in the world. It is a vote both for National Cultures, not their dilution for purposes of cheap labor and total defeat of Juda Judeo-Christian values, which is what the globalist regime represents. And it was a huge vote also against the barbarity of the Ukraine war against Russia.

This is a really major issue among youth worldwide. They see [00:07:00] that an entire generation of Ukrainians has been destroyed, and that, Fate awaits them also. Zelensky knew the gig was up when he came out last week saying the war had to end, that Ukraine was truly losing and losing too many people. He's not going for the 10 years Biden had him sign up for over there at the G7.

But most of all, And we can talk about issues, but across the world, people are ready to bulldoze that which is oppressing them. And they are settling in on the right targets. The world's greatest playwright, William Shakespeare, documented what happens in the great tragedies of history. A rereading Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra now gives you insight into as to how things unfold when nations and citizens fail to heed reality and act to change the historical dynamics which are determining it.

On the [00:08:00] surface, Jill Briden may remind you now of Lady Macbeth, but it goes much deeper than that. History is not changed by the voices and personages acting within fixed and comfortable realities. Shakespeare teaches us that. It is changed by those who recognize historical dynamics and move to change them radically, but with no certainty about what comes next and who go beyond the currently normal or familiar. That will be the topic of tonight's strategic update. You should join us for that.

Donald Trump's courage in this regard. is his defining characteristic. Look at where we stand, honestly. Our economy is so weak that were we to heed the commands of our crazed elites and invite a war with China, we would lose because China could simply refuse to give us the parts and materials which are dominant in our defense supply [00:09:00] chain. Major General John Ferrari of the Army exposed that in a Daily Mail over the weekend.

No nation, the United States included, can survive on a metric which destroys the nation state and the bonds of social cohesion and the moral values which bind us together. No nation can survive on a policy of imperialism, of guns and butter, of zero population growth and demographic collapse, of individual atomization, cynicism, alienation, and pessimism.

No nation can survive when its leaders pursue an energy policy which can only feed small communitarian enclaves, not a growing and bustling population. No nation can survive by flooding its environs with alien cultures and drugs. and sexual perversion. Biden and anyone who replaces him are responsible for this collapse.

[00:10:00] They all signed on to the Green New Deal. They all signed on to hating true American culture of innovation, adventure, and big thinking. They all signed on to a new world order where China would become the new hegemon and America become an economic zone, simply an economic zone of a world order. That's the program of the Obama coalition, which is actually running things. Those are the people covering up for Biden.

Others agree that anyone the Democrats put forward will lose and they will concentrate on how they can neuter Trump in a second term. Others in the elite, however, are wise and are suddenly waking up and are uniting behind Donald Trump.

There's a gathering realization that we stand on the edge of a precipice of a world war, which will destroy humanity of an economic collapse based on insane policies. [00:11:00] We will be saved by the men and women who envision a grand national mission, uniting the people and rebuilding this republic in a spirit of great adventure and optimism.

That's what Prometheus is about, gifting the fire, both of energy and foresight, and art and science, to humanity. This campaign must stir the people, as it is doing, to become larger in mind and spirit than they have ever imagined being if we are to win. Schiller noted with the French Revolution that a great moment in history found a small people.

We cannot afford that. We must become great as the nation becomes great. That deeper movement must be the next steps in Donald Trump's campaign and his new administration. Steve Bannon goes to jail today, a relic of the ongoing lawfare, but we're turning the corner and we're winning. Please join us in this [00:12:00] fight at this point. Support us. Develop the culture, which is the necessary binding power, which can allow us to win this fight. Thanks very much for listening, and I'll see you again for the Saturday Wrap.