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The Monday Brief - Next Man Up or Next Woman Up, How to Win a War - June 17, 2024

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Donald Trump went to "the Hood" in Detroit, Michigan. Our organizers witnessed this very moving event. By contrast, Joe Biden went to Hollywood, the center of our fictional economy and fictional life. Once again he demonstrated his senility. But Barack Obama showed everyone who is really running things by escorting him around among "the stars." Trump has gone to the poorest areas of our nation, then to the Business Roundtable, then to Silicon Valley, all in one week. Those who don't know him have been shocked by the reality of the man rather than Hollywood's "enemy" image and his efforts to unify the nation. In his speech at Turning Point, Steve Bannon invoked the war time image of "next man or woman up" when discussing how new leaders must emerge replicating Trump's leadership if we are to win in the face of all that will be thrown at us. That's what Promethean Action is about. Otherwise we cover developments in the Ukraine and Israel war and the key requirements for creating a manufacturing and industrial renaissance.

Transcript: The Monday Brief - Next Man Up or Next Woman Up, How to Win a War - June 17, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi, everybody. This is Barbara Boyd and this is your Monday Brief. I'm basically going to call it Next Man Up or Next Woman Up, How to Win the War. So, very interesting weekend. Donald Trump went to the hood, i. e., the west side of Detroit, and Joe Biden went to Hollywood. Joe Biden's going to Hollywood is perfectly lawful in terms of things which I'll go into in this broadcast.

At turning point, Steve Bannon gave a very interesting speech one part of it is being emphasized by the media. I'm going to emphasize a different part called Next Man or Next Woman Up. The PISS Summit, and I'm not making that up, that's what they're actually calling it as an acronym in the news media concluded in Lausanne, Switzerland, that was the one orchestrated by Ukraine and NATO without Russia's participation and they, pretended that they had 80 nations coming to some form of consensus about how to [00:01:00] resolve the Ukraine war.

That, of course, is a completely fraudulent account of what happened. Also in terms of the Middle East, of course, Netanyahu dissolved the war cabinet. And that war is raging on and probably expanding. Finally, I'm going to talk a little bit about what I call innovation in and for itself.

So that's the way, by the way, that we will actually rescue our economy. Trump in Detroit, a forum at the 180 church on Detroit's West side. Our people were there. They described it as extraordinarily moving. Trump was thanked effusively. for coming to the hood where no one else actually goes. He gave a speech which emphasized stopping the crime, which bedevils the ghetto.

He talked about creating jobs in the auto industry by getting rid of all of the green mandates, which are of course destroying every industry in the [00:02:00] United States. He talked about stopping the slave labor competition for low level jobs by cleaning up the entire open borders mess which has been largely created through the Biden administration.

The reaction in the press, hey, this was not an all Black event, why there were white people there, tells you somewhat where we're at in terms of the vision of Martin Luther King. I'm going to emphasize that this get together in the ghetto was coupled with a week in which Trump met with the Business Roundtable in Washington, along with both Republican caucuses in the Congress.

He went to Silicon Valley. Where he actually met with most of the tech entrepreneurs of the United States. He was greeted, I should emphasize, when he went to Silicon Valley with thousands of Californians who are pro Trump. Our friends out there, our colleagues, Worked to bring about the huge demonstration in [00:03:00] support of Trump and the defeat of the efforts of everybody in the California establishment to bring about a huge demonstration against Trump's speech.

The reaction of the Silicon Valley folks is the same as that which everybody is experiencing in these appearances. I misjudged this guy, they say. I was blown away. He is friendly. He obviously has a big heart. He has great ideas. He has incredible energy. Think about that. I completely misjudged Trump.

And then think about this tour in which he is demonstrating fundamentally that he can bring together this very divided country. That stands in stark contrast with Biden in Hollywood. The purveyors of the fantasy, which is his presidency. I point out to you the longstanding economics of this character by the name of Robert Reich who describes [00:04:00] in thrilling tones, what he calls the new economy, that's an economy where we don't make anything anymore.

Instead, there's a whole class of people. The professionals who manipulate language and with that reality, they tell stories largely to each other, which is how they actually create what are called narratives. And those narratives are supposed to occupy and thrill the rest of the population, which again is unoccupied, struggling to survive on what seems like an endless treadmill.

And essentially they've created a vision of reality which is totally disassociated from reality itself. So too is this appearance. By Biden in Hollywood. As usual, he stumbled, he couldn't find his way off the stage, and he was escorted away by none other than Barack Obama, the great divider.

And what was [00:05:00] the message which was being sent there to the Hollywood crew? Don't worry about the fact that this guy can't put two sentences together. Don't worry about the fact that he's embarrassing the United States before the world. Everyone knows that I'm running this third term here, and I'll be here for a fourth.

That's what really was conveyed in this extremely weird and disassociated reality, which is created by the Democratic Party and such wonderful quote unquote economists as Robert Reich. I point out this is very similar to the types of things which occurred with our opioid epidemic where PR from the drug companies departments managed to convince the entire medical profession that opioids weren't addictive.

Think about that. It's all based on magic. It's all based on narratives. It's all [00:06:00] based on, unreality. That's what Trump is going to overcome by leading a manufacturing and industrial renaissance in the United States. We're going to reintroduce ourselves to reality. Now, Steve Bannon gave a speech in Detroit at the Turning Point People's Convention, which also occurred over the weekend.

And basically he said things which I believe to be true. They're going to try everything to defeat Trump. They're going to try and steal the election. They're going to destabilize things. Don't bet on them not jailing Trump. Don't bet on them not playing with nuclear war. They're doing that. Don't bet on not having another pandemic, which they're beginning to play up through the bird flu.

That requires that the MAGA movement produce new leaders of Trump's capability, that people be prepared to step up as in war. Next man and woman [00:07:00] up. Having that capability to broaden what is a very weak bench, quite frankly, and broaden it dramatically is how we're going to win this war. Young people coming forward to take the cup of Gethsemane, to take the battle for the nation into their hearts is how we're going to win this war.

I point out to you that we're aiming for just that in our Saturday education series here at Promethean Action. It's dedicated to that. In the last few weeks, for example, we've taken up how to understand economics as a science and as a function of the exercise of the human mind. with Lyndon LaRouche's very powerful series called The Power of Labor.

We've taken up the history of the founder of modern science and the nation state, the great Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, who most people haven't heard of, but who laid the basis for our revolution, and also laid the basis for the modern nation state, and [00:08:00] the Promethean unity of the creativity of the human mind with God himself and the Trinity.

We will be taking up in the next week the foundations of American history and the American intellectual tradition again as opposed to the British intellectual tradition with Bob Ingram. So I think we're presenting a way to do this, which is different than the profile, particularly of younger people, represented by such organizations as Turning Point, who don't get that it's the mind that has to be engaged, not loud music and light shows.

Now, concerning the so called Piss Summit, the big brag is that somehow there was an agreement reached about peace in Ukraine involving such nations as Andorra, Benin, Cabo Verde, Palau, San Marino, Uruguay, NATO, the European Union.

If you look at the [00:09:00] list, what you'll see is captive nations. Russia, China, India, nobody from the BRICS. In other words, nobody from most of the population of the world. No questions in the final communique about land, and how that's going to be actually exchanged in any peace agreement. There were vague statements about protecting Ukraine's nuclear plant, not using nuclear weapons, protecting Ukraine's agricultural exports, and exchanging prisoners of war.

In the meantime, Russia is expanding along every single front. There is obviously a lost war here. And the more the West escalates, the more it puts the world on the edge of a nuclear conflagration. In Israel, Netanyahu dissolved his war cabinet, a thing which was expected since the two moderate members had already quit.

He complained adamantly about the decision of the IDF to actually [00:10:00] allow for humanitarian relief. And the war is generally expanding to a new front with Hezbollah and Lebanon involving potentially the entire Middle East in yet another Biden stupidly caused war. So you know, basically the other thing I'm going to be covering this week is the evolving new revelations about January 6th.

Now, Bannon in his speech echoed what I've been saying for some time. We have to investigate everything. It is not revenge as the stupid press puts it. It's justice. It's a matter of survival of our republic. He says we have to start back at Russiagate, and we have to identify all the creeps involved, up through and including the stolen election, and particularly the period leading into January 6th.

There are new revelations. Nancy Pelosi came out and admitted [00:11:00] in a tape made by her daughter and only recently released that it was her fault, indeed, that there was no National Guard present despite President Trump ordering it. Julie Kelly has some remarkable new information about General Milley's role in the whole thing.

If you remember, We were warning back then that there was a military coup underway concerning the election and that they ran a scenario at the Transition Integrity Project involving Rosa Brooks and other felons in George Soros ambit, saying what would happen and forecasting how they were going to steal the election and protect the nation against a second Trump term, even if it meant running a military coup. Julie Kelly's story, which I'll be covering, actually implicates both Pelosi and General Milley in that planned coup activity. So strap on your seatbelts and get ready for some [00:12:00] blockbuster information. But the key thing I want to emphasize here is next man up.

Everybody has to prepare themselves for what is coming. That's not an exercise of anything but the human mind and actually establishing the prerequisites just by knowing your history and knowing how to think, which is going to determine whether we win or not. In that framework, I'd like to emphasize two things.

There are all sorts of talk about the new budget, about the new way to run the economy, about what Trump will do. I want to say that innovation in and of itself is how we're going to break out of our total economic stalemate and debt picture here. You realize that every single discovery that actually has led the economy forward in the last 50 years has been based on research and development which started out on a completely different project and discovered things which were not expected along the [00:13:00] way.

Think about that. That's the key to how we're going to actually solve this thing. That, and people like Elon Musk, there is no substitute for human leadership and human determination in making things work. That's what's entirely lacking in the Democrats and the Biden crew. Think Elon Musk, think Adam Rickover, think all people who've led major campaigns to change the United States.

Those are the people we need to find and recruit to the MAGA movement, and I'll leave it at that. I hope you'll join Susan Kokinda for your midweek update, and I'll see you again on Saturday. Thanks very much for listening.