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The Monday Brief - Join the Wall of Fire Around The Republic - April 15, 2024

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Today's episode, delivered on a significant Monday, depicts the ongoing struggle for the United States' future, drawing inspiration from the biblical verse Zechariah 2:5 to rally support. It critiques the post-World War II global strategy led by the US, under Harry S. Truman, aimed at supporting the British financial empire, marking the beginning of a 'new dark age.' The narrative points to a shift in 2016 with Donald Trump's election, highlighting a populist uprising against an oligarchical system and corrupt elites.

Transcript: The Monday Brief - Join the Wall of Fire Around The Republic - April 15, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi, everybody. It is Monday. April 15th a very monumental Monday in the ongoing battle for our Republic. I want to start by reading from Zechariah 2.5. For I, saith the Lord, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her. So my theme for today is we need everyone to join the wall of fire now around our republic.

We've lived, if you're a baby boomer like me, or following us most of our lives, in a new dark age. After Franklin Roosevelt died the British convinced the very stupid Harry S. Truman that the United States should assume the role of shoring up the British financial empire, which had been [00:01:00] decimated by World War II.

That war, of course, had been instigated by the British as part of their long term strategic goal of controlling Europe and conquering all of Eurasia. They, along with the Morgans and Harrimans here, put the Frankenstein monsters Hitler and Mussolini into power after crushing and humiliating the German population through the Versailles Treaty after World War I.

Under Truman, studies were done at the national security level, and it was concluded by the stupid Truman and the people around him that unless the United States assumed the role of world policeman, For this oligarchical financial empire, the Soviet Union would conquer the world. This was the corruption which sparked our descent into the world around us now.

Beginning in [00:02:00] 2016 with Donald Trump's surprise election, a new power began to take hold in this land. Those who had been deemed ignorant and most importantly docile serfs to the oligarchy and their retainers, the deplorables, in the infamous words of Hillary Clinton, began to rise up, to educate themselves, to battle to save their children from a future which held nothing for them except brutality and enslavement.

The corrupted and lazy elites had forgotten how to govern, and simply threw force against the upstarts. In the process, they tried everything, exposing more and more of the apparatus they used for social engineering purposes and control. It all went out in the open. They even set loose a virus, banking that the pure terror would put this genie now [00:03:00] loose in an emboldened population back in the bottle. They rigged an election, thinking that the tried and true impact of this would totally demoralize the upstarts, as it had done in countries where this had been done throughout the world. None of it worked. So we stand now at a turning point.

For the first time in this entire post war fiasco, the fabric of the security state, the surveillance authorities under FISA, and Executive Order 12333, are being challenged by a Congress emboldened Because the citizens of this country have told them to be so. Win or lose on today's re vote concerning FISA 702 from Friday's loss, a loss caused by Speaker Mike Johnson's cowardice and that of other Republicans in the House.

This will never be the [00:04:00] same. Today, in Manhattan, the regime will begin to try the leader of the uprising. It is a fitting circumstance that this atrocity occurs on the anniversary of the British assassination of that great champion of the American people, Abraham Lincoln. Thanks to the work the MAGA movement have done, The engineers of this atrocity are exposed as if they wore a Confederate uniform.

This trial was engineered by the White House to ensure that Donald Trump, presently leading Joe Biden in all polling, could not pardon himself, if elected, as he can with a federal conviction. It was engineered after the feds refused to take this absurd case, after the Federal Supervisory Agency, the Federal Election Commission, had concluded that no crime took place here after this very same Manhattan DA, [00:05:00] Alvin Bragg, proceed with this very sick case.

The judge, Juan Reshan, hates Donald Trump and his daughter is making money from her consultancy business with Joe Biden and other Democrats off this prosecution. The jury pool is polluted by wave after wave of hate spewed out against Donald Trump 24 7. In this, the center of the propaganda regime, the center of the media empire.

And the fear in every jury, juror, is that simply serving here will be life changing in the worst of all possible senses. Vote for acquittal and your life will seem to end. You will be harassed by a vindictive mob, which knows nothing but grievance and hate, vote for conviction, and you have sold yourself [00:06:00] out to your cowardice and probably can never be redeemed.

More than Trump, our entire justice system is on trial here. Are we the banana republic we now appear to be? Do we really not vomit at being asked to carry the cause of a former porn star who extorted a payment out of a U. S. presidential candidate's overzealous lawyer, that lawyer himself described by multiple judicial authorities as a serial perjurer?

The trial is intended to construct a smear in our minds which will not go away, a piece of smut. against a man which is so corrosive that the cowards among us will turn away from him. We propose, au contraire, to use this incident as an instrument to recruit more and more and more people to our side.

Across the world, another of their [00:07:00] eternal religious wars would set into motion on October 7th, 2023. We told you about that at LaRouchePAC in a series of broadcasts. It is unclear how Israel will respond to Iran's successful attack on the air bases and intelligence services that struck the Iranian embassy in Syria on April 1st in an active escalation of the war against Hamas, which many believe Israel has lost.

It is at this moment unclear Whether this area of the world will be set on fire by our incompetent elites who seem to specialize only in genocidal arsons. At the very least, it serves to put urgency into presenting the bill for new funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Iran this week in the House. Again, this is a battle which can be won by our resistance.[00:08:00]

Winning it will change everything permanently. There is a spirit loose in this land which is working in our favor. It has established a wall of fire around us as our elites try to light a fire. which will engulf and destroy us. We are winning, which is why the regime is so desperate and thrashing about.

We are winning, which is why this feels like we are walking through a wall of fire and things are so very, very turbulent. Our job this week is to defeat any further aid for killing off the entire population of Ukraine whilst funding Nazis and corrupt oligarchs. That, indeed, is what we are funding. Our job is to make clear to the rest of the population exactly what the obscene prosecution of Donald Trump represents so that it completely backfires.

Our job is to keep the [00:09:00] fire up around FISA and for dismembering the entire spy regime as this fight moves to the Senate. Most importantly, our job is to educate the population about the Renaissance, which has begun to emerge from this dark age. A Renaissance, championing human, scientific, technological, and cultural progress, the unique creative ability of human beings to change the course of history.

Join us this week in this battle. Join us on Promethean Action, as we move into this new phase of the battle. Join us as we walk through their wall of fire undeterred and return again to the promise which is in our founding. Thanks a lot for listening. We'll see you next week and please follow us throughout the week as we post on ongoing [00:10:00] developments.