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The Morning Brief - The Times That Try Mens' Souls - April 8, 2024

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This week is a determinative historic week in Congress where we really can change the nation's  direction.  FISA, the foundation, with EO 12333, for our surveillance mind control regime is up for renewal in a pitched battle.  We can return to the Fourth Amendment of the founders.  Ukraine funding will come up.  We can end the forever wars.  The only reason these aren't rubber stamped is only because of the ongoing revolt of The People.  No time for summer soldiers or sunshine patriots who shrink from the great moment before them.

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Good morning, everybody, and happy Eclipse Day for those who are in the direct path. And can look upon one of nature's wonders make sure you use the right kind of glasses, of course. I want to go through this morning about five battle fronts in the continuing war for our country. This week is a very, very significant and important one and we're going to ask your participation.

This week before the Congress, FISA renewal is up. For those of you who know what FISA is, I don't need to argue with you its importance. For those of you who don't, you should recognize that what's called Section 702 of FISA, along with Executive Order 12333, are the pillars of the censorship regime, which has been in formation in the United States in the really big way we experience it now ever since [00:01:00] the September 11th of 2001.

Section 702 of FISA is a direct result of that. It allows for bulk collection of data, i. e. keystrokes. conversations, et cetera, allegedly based on foreign terrorist threats. And the FBI is allowed to query the things which are scooped up by the NSA under FISA for American citizens. It's not supposed to touch American citizens.

It scoops up all of their information and then the FBI has been caught repeatedly going into all of that data and pulling up everything they can find on American citizens. Some people think that the infamous Carter Page you know, FISA warrant which allowed for unparalleled censorship of a major American presidential [00:02:00] campaign, i. e. Trump's campaign in 2016 is an example of, how FISA is completely messed up against the Fourth Amendment and being used to censor. Americans across the world. In reality, that's yet another part of this censorship regime. It's FISA Section 4 which deals with the limited circumstances in which the FBI and the Justice Department are supposedly allowed to deploy this huge surveillance net they have against Americans.

And in that particular case with Carter Page they have to seek a warrant with what's called the FISA court, a secret court. And essentially what happened there is the FBI simply lied to the FISA court about what Carter Page was. They claimed he was a Russian asset, which is how all of these things work.

You make the claim that somebody's a [00:03:00] Russian, a Chinese, or other. alleged foreign asset and you're in the ballgame in terms of being able to scoop up and, record everything they're doing, saying, all their finances, etc. So, this regime would make our founders literally roll over in the grave.

The Fourth Amendment was enacted precisely against this ability to surveil, and then use that surveillance for purposes of prosecution by an oligarchy regime, i. e. at that point, the King of England. So, the reform effort is on. The intelligence community is completely panicked about it. This has been up to Congress now two or three times this year.

It's bipartisan. It doesn't break down along the traditional lines of Democrat versus Republican. It breaks down in the form of people who like the Constitution in both parties and people who are willing [00:04:00] to give it up for purposes of the totalitarian state which they wish to construct. Essential in this is Executive Order 12333, a separate regime, utterly unchecked by anybody, which is used by the Office of the President and the Attorney General to do exactly the same type of thing except under secret authorities and under secret means of actually neutralizing via what's called COINTELPRO, the same stuff we heard about in terms of Martin Luther King, this time all sanctioned by the state.

So there are a lot of bills before Congress to reform all of this. The general idea is. Get a warrant from a regular judge if you're going to come in and surveil Americans. That has a real chance at this point of actually passing muster given all of the abuses we've seen. I'm putting up a piece on the [00:05:00] website today showing its relationship to the Ukraine funding battle, which will also begin to make its way out as of Tuesday when Mike Johnson arrives with some type of new proposal in which he hopes to get some huge billions of dollars, another 60 point, 61. 3 billion dollars to fund our war along with the British in Ukraine against Russia. A war which everybody knows could very likely lead to World War III, a war which is already lost, as is documented in numerous sources, but in order not to give it up, so to speak, and not to tell people the truth, they want to throw additional monies at it, and they're talking about NATO troops on the ground, which, of course, is a Russian red line. So that's the other thing which will occupy Congress beginning this week and which we're fighting about and we're saying [00:06:00] not a dime more to Ukraine.

The last thing I want to emphasize for today is that we're coming up on Donald Trump's New York trial. Which is scheduled to begin on or around the 15th in New York City with jury selection. The judge in that case, Juan Merchan, is a pawn of the deep state. It's not only that, he has a deep, deep conflict, which should actually disqualify him under New York law.

His daughter is a major Democratic Party operative, who's literally making money off of the prosecution in New York. of Donald Trump involving her father. The Trump lawyers have filed a motion for disqualification of Mershawn. And the question really is, does the New York court system intend to show itself as being entirely and [00:07:00] completely corrupted, its record vis a vis Trump to date, or will it suddenly pull up its wheels and say, enough is enough?

We can't discredit the justice system any further. We have to actually go back to the constitution, including the New York constitution, go back to the U S constitution and stop the dismembering of our Republic based on the concocted oligarchical war against Donald Trump and his supporters. So those are three battlefronts this week.

And I want to stress to you that each one of these battles can be run, won, if you take it upon yourself to actually educate your fellow citizens. There would not be a fight over FISA except for you guys out there who have taken the time to understand this and have taken the time to realize [00:08:00] that the Fourth Amendment and the First Amendment are the basis for having a republic.

A republic in which people can freely express their thoughts and deliberate about the future for themselves and their children. That's what the oligarchy is completely freaked out about. The fundamental freedoms of the United States which have allowed the Trump movement to emerge, which have allowed actual opposition for the first time since World War II to the British oligarchical policies, which have enslaved this population, which hold out, holds out the promise.

That this battle can actually be won, beginning with the election, and beginning with putting types of policies in place, including a huge economic and scientific revival of the United States, of the American spirit, along the lines which the great economist Lyndon LaRouche once thought [00:09:00] about. That's what Promethean action is all about.

That's what being a Promethean is all about. Thinking big, fighting for big concepts, not allowing ourselves to view ourselves as underlings anymore. Taking the responsibility for the Republic. Which Benjamin Franklin bestowed upon all of this. It is a republic, if you can keep it, and nothing less than that is at stake.

So that's where I'll close it for today. Please go to the website and read our pieces, and we'll be seeing you a little bit later on in the coming week.