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The Saturday Wrap-Up - Glum and Panicked Is the Word Among Our Elites - June 22, 2024

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Ben Rhodes has a piece in Foreign Affairs saying the "post war rules based order" has failed. To stay in power we have to replace it and (without saying so explicitly) avoid Trump at all costs. Rhodes is Obama's propaganda man. His piece echoes laments now throughout the globalist elite. We have a chance to overturn them now and run them out of town but only if we accept the challenge of building a community of principle among sovereign nation states, act through China, Russia, India and ourselves to take out the British financial imperium, and, most importantly, completely build anew a unified and unparalleled cultural and financial power in the United States. The alternative posed by the elites is nuclear war. That's the real issue on the agenda in this election and beyond.


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Transcript: The Saturday Wrap-Up - Glum and Panicked Is the Word Among Our Elites - June 22, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hey, everybody. This is Barbara Boyd and this is your Saturday Wrap. I'm calling this glum and panicked is the word among our elites. Don't let them get away with it. Now, Ben Rhodes, you may know him or you may not. He's the former deputy national security guy to Barack Obama throughout the Obama administration.

And he claims to have invented the so called echo chamber of the administration and the media. In other words, the propaganda machine perfected under Obama. Now that's a little bit like Ben Rhodes is equivalent to Al Gore saying he invented the internet. Really what he's talking about is that he facilitated the use of military full spectrum information warfare techniques with the full collaboration of the deep state.

against the American public. So, he's a significant [00:01:00] guy in other words, and he's got a piece in Foreign Affairs which is really the talk shop for the Anglo American elite, and it admits in many respects to an admission of defeat for the so called rules based international order which we've spent all of the period since World War II allegedly defending in our role as the policemen for the British modern financial empire.

He admits the scam, which kept populations and states enthralled, is not working anymore. It's failing. What to do about this is the issue he tries to address and he fails. The real issue of course, is how to do everything possible to stay in power and avoid Trump. Now he doesn't use the word multi polarity, something which is being used in the so called global South.

[00:02:00] And by other nations to talk about the order vaguely which they wish to bring into being to replace this discredited system. But he says, we're not the world's hegemon. It's silly to think of ourselves as such anymore. And unless we're willing to go to nuclear war, this game is over with.

Now, that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of these panicked elites, who aren't willing to go to nuclear war as a reasonable alternative. The last week saw announcements of a buildup of nuclear weapons on behalf of the United States, and continuing nuclear threats being exchanged between the United States and its allies, hoping to trigger Russia into something that a bit crazy as the Ukraine war winds down as a lost cause. But among the saner bunch, the [00:03:00] issue has become what to replace this World War II evil scheme with and how to actually fake it enough to stay in power.

Now, what caused this? What caused this admission? What caused other signs of schadenfreude we saw throughout the week? Well, certain nation states like Donald Trump resisted. They refuse to go along anymore. They refuse to play the so called great game. And that kind of resistance, amidst the general rot and failure of the system, has been enough to actually tip the balance.

They stand exposed by their frantic reactions and hypocrisy. Rhodes himself points out that in the alleged contest between democracy and autocracy the flag theme of warfare for the Biden administration, the so called democratic states are hardly such. They're much more like [00:04:00] those states which might be called autocracies.

They censor the press. They censor the citizenry. They throw people in jail for their political beliefs. He doesn't say that, but that's clearly what he's alluding to. Now, in addition to Rhodes, we saw this week Andrew McCabe and other authors of the eight year seditious conspiracy against Donald Trump and the majority of Americans who support him.

Lamenting that they've had detailed conversations about having to flee the country if Trump wins. They've had to hire lawyers. They're obviously looking for places with no extradition treaties with the United States. They're all equally lamenting the fact that they're failing. The CNN and MSNBC have been full of schadenfreude all week.

Trump is surging. They don't understand it because they live in their own bubble, in their own reality, and they cannot see [00:05:00] reality itself. They seek condolences and want us to feel sorry for them. Don't seek revenge, they say, substituting that word for the justice that is due and must come if we're going to continue to be a republic.

The dynamic change, I would say, is ripping across the world. It is impacting not just our true enemies, but also us. You hear Rhodes's worldview among even the best of the MAGA movement. We shouldn't be fighting in Ukraine. We need to fight China instead because they are the rising power. Other nations should fight Ukraine and pay for it.

It's still a righteous battle somehow. This very, very strange, actual violation of what we actually agreed to as the Soviet Union dismantled. That is never to actually extend NATO eastward. Now contrast this worldview, this foreign [00:06:00] policy based on still being the world's policeman, with Trump. He keeps saying, we've got to get along with other nations in the world.

I can make deals with other nations in the world. I can help us come to a better understanding with other nations in the world. He's much closer to John Quincy Adams, the true author of American foreign policy. He, Quincy Adams, you might recall, said the United States does not go abroad seeking monsters to destroy.

In other words, we are not going to adopt imperialism, the British way as the world's policemen and in that way destroy ourselves. John Quincy Adams wrote a long essay about this in a speech before Congress. So, as I said, in Quincy Adams view, we ourselves, by building the strongest, liveliest, most productive, and most loving economy in the world, served as a beacon of hope for the world [00:07:00] for all of mankind. That was to be our role, a role of leading by true example.

Now, we still are very much in danger. Rhodes' analysis, their grief, is only because they wish to stay in power and their alternatives are closing in on them. They are truly panicked. Everything they can throw at us, they will, therefore.

Just look at these three sort of theaters of potential war. We have the entire Middle East, in which Iran is the culprit we're really going after. And everything is sort of working towards that kind of framework. You have British countergangs created, if you look at any one of them, be it Hamas, Hezbollah, anything else, these are religious warfare countergangs created pursuant to a plan by Bernard Lewis to use religious warfare as the means to [00:08:00] defeat any Sovereign Nationalist Movement based on the actual development of sovereign secular nation states. So, you have the ongoing battle in the Middle East. It now looks like it will expand to Lebanon with Hezbollah actually, and Israel facing each other down in the context of perhaps a much larger war.

This is all very British. Kit Klarenberg has a piece in which he actually talks about a secret British plan to actually work within Lebanon. And within Hezbollah to establish a second front for a wider Middle East war. This is all top secret British intelligence, according to him. And it hasn't been revealed either to the British people or the rest of the world, but the activities are centered in Cyprus.

That's why I believe. Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, said this week that if [00:09:00] war breaks out, Cyprus will be a major target of Hezbollah. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! The screams were very loud among the culprits here saying, how can that be? What is he talking about? This is horrible. This is crazy. But the reality is the reality.

Those who have been governed by the British know them very, very well. Now, all of this points to the most difficult battle we have, which is actually uniting the United States, overcoming the divisions which have been foisted upon us, creating a true national mission, once again, of building the country based on a true national mission of building a country, not mobilizing for war.

Lyndon LaRouche had very specific ideas about what the foreign policy of the United States and what the world should look like. He called it a community of principle among sovereign nation states. We agree on certain principles, i. e. [00:10:00] together to explore the frontiers of science, to explore the frontiers of space for the benefit of all of mankind.

We come to the notion that all of our populations must be lifted out of poverty. We may disagree about the means for doing so, but we cooperate in this way on advanced nuclear power, on space, on the ideas which can actually propel mankind forward, with each sovereign nation state allowed to perfect this in their own ways.

We take out the British Empire by combining the greatest powers in the world, the greatest potential economic powers in the world, the United States, China, Russia, and India, those powers which the British have striven throughout the post war period to keep at each other's throats. We must build here in the United States a coherent culture if we're going to achieve this.

It cannot happen if we remain [00:11:00] divided. We have to come together on principles of economic and cultural development. Build boldly in the American way. Build big. Conquer new discoveries and inventions and build, build, build. Rebuild our inner cities and create whole new ones. Colonize space. Open the age of reason.

Educate. Engineers, scientists, classical musicians celebrate the highest achievements of mankind and human culture. I believe that's what Donald Trump has in mind. That's what we here in Promethean Action are all about. We'll have an economic pamphlet coming soon. We're going to talk about all sorts of things, including Trump's latest idea about tariffs.

Going back to the McKinley administration, he says, if you really want to see how he's thinking. We got to rein in the financial gangsters in all fields and return certain of them to professions like medicine, like law, things which [00:12:00] never should have been touched by the financiers and their cannibalistic policies.

We need national banking. We need credit unions instead of mega banks. The elites know they're being defeated. They're desperate. They're panicked. Don't let them get away with it. Let's defeat them once and for all. There will be big developments next week, particularly in the Supreme Court. Stay tuned and I'll forecast a lot of that on the Monday Brief. Thanks a lot for listening. See you on Monday.