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The Saturday Wrap-Up - Memorial Day? What is Worth Dying for Now? - May 25, 2024

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This week’s Saturday wrap covers the increasing drive toward World War III in Ukraine.  If the truth be told, there would be pitchforks stalking the Anglo-American elite.  More than a half million Ukrainians have died because of Britain’s historic blood hatred of Russia and American tolerance and adoption of that insanity. We have to stop this attempt to trap Trump in a second term war now.  Donald Trump held a stupendous rally in the South Bronx where the forgotten men and women turned out in droves to support him in a rally which will be heard throughout the world.  Otherwise, it was revealed that Joe Biden’s FBI was prepared to use lethal force in the Mar-a-Lago raid.  The ongoing New York legal atrocity against Trump reached a climax with the end of rigged evidence and jury deliberations to begin as early as next week.  The backfire impact of this and the inflation stemming from globalist financier policies are reshaping the American political landscape and driving people from all walks of life to Donald Trump.  Otherwise, we explore those ideas worthy of giving your life for, determined to not let those we now memorialize, to have died in vain.

Transcript: The Saturday Wrap-Up - Memorial Day? What is Worth Dying for Now? - May 25, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Good morning, everybody. It's Saturday, and this is your Saturday Wrap. It's also the Memorial Day weekend the time we honor those who died fighting for this nation in wars both noble, like World War II, and obscene, all of the wars, I think, from Vietnam forward. That's the theme of this week's Saturday Wrap.

What is that something which causes people to fight and die for a larger cause? How do we now ensure, as Abraham Lincoln put it, that those dead shall not have died in vain? Across the world, the fabled drums, the fabled war drums of August beat again in terms of Ukraine. This week saw the blossoming of a major offensive, a political offensive calling upon us to involve NATO and ourselves [00:01:00] in the war there, directly.

You saw Victoria Nuland, the author of this catastrophe, on, in all of the Western United States press, pressing on this issue. This week's Economist, the flagship magazine of the globalist and London establishment, basically is saying we need authorization for U. S. and British missiles to attack inside Russia itself.

Since Russia is fighting from Russia, they argue, Russia itself is a legitimate wartime target. This, obviously, is quite insane and very dangerous. It is typical of what happens when an empire is dying, and those in charge fight for their power rather than continue to exist in any kind of reality.

So, that's what is being posed. The blackmailed [00:02:00] and potentially totally compromised Speaker Mike Johnson is all for it. Again, it is insane. Rather than admit the truth of the matter, which is that this war has already been lost, at a catastrophic loss of life of some 500, 000 people on the Ukraine side alone.

The British are indulging us in their madness, which has existed for centuries, which sees Ukraine as the keystone for taking Russia, and with Russia, Eurasia, deemed by most to be the richest existing deposit of minerals and other wealth in the entire world. Truth be told to the population that this war has been lost, again at the cost of more than 500, 000 people on the Ukrainian side alone, the populations would be out with pitchforks.

And the politicians and the elite know exactly that. Putin put out a peace feeler [00:03:00] this week, as he has repeatedly. It was promptly rejected. Putin, on the other side, announced that he was having tactical nuclear weapon exercises in an attempt to actually make these people in the Anglo American establishment wake up.

Now, we have to mobilize to stop this. It's obvious where it's coming from. It's obvious that in terms of the United States, Biden can't admit in terms of his reelection that the war is lost. It's obvious that we can't continue down this pathway. In the Israeli Palestinian Rafah conflict, the globalists are issuing diktats from their court system, which no nation state should or could recognize, that Israel should stop its Rafah offensive.

Israel should stop its Rafah offensive, but it has nothing to do with these would [00:04:00] be international, assassins of all political sovereignty of nation states. A lot of this right now has to do in the United States with the so called Jewish vote. The hope is among the stupid Republicans that they can split the Democratic Party around this issue rather than thinking through in any kind of moral sense, What any of this is all about.

Janet Yellen, who's increasingly in the news as the person who is up top of the Biden administration. She went to China last week to actually beg the Chinese to stop producing because she said they were flooding the world market, which otherwise is devastated and in collapse with products.

Imagine that. We're going to tell China to stop producing. And that's, but that's exactly what they've told the people of the United States. So why should [00:05:00] we be surprised? The talk at the G7 finance ministers meeting, which also occurred this week, is how to seize the extant Russian assets, get away with it under any form of international law.

And fund the war in that way, thus trapping Trump, in terms of any second term, into a war's agenda, which has already been set. Again, we have to oppose this. We're on a track to World War III simply by incompetence and the vain attempts of elites to hold on to their power. Tom Cotton and the other neocons who are said to be in consideration for the vice presidency of the United States and other national security positions should be outlawed by Donald Trump.

Now, the week also saw the shocking disclosure that the Mar a Lago raid on the president's residence in Florida, by Biden's [00:06:00] Justice Department included an edict for the possible use of lethal force. We pointed out in our posting on this that this was exactly the assassination scenario set into motion by a search warrant which went against Lyndon LaRouche on October 6, 1986.

It bears striking parallels. It bears striking and tragic consequences, which cannot be understated. The Justice Department is out saying, why, this is just standard. Oh, really? Is it just standard to go after paper at a place which is protected by armed secret service agents with the use of lethal force?

Do you have the frogmen and all the other things which happened on that day, essentially surrounding the presidential mansion? More than that, this entire thing is, as Judge Eileen Cannon is exposing, is a fraud. Something set up directly by [00:07:00] the Biden White House, both to search for any of the materials which Trump took with him concerning all of their illegalities and criminality against the first Trump administration, but also essentially to try and entrap and imprison the former president of the United States.

In the Trump trial in New York, in which we'll have jury liberations beginning next Tuesday. The atrocity continued. This stupid judge, Judge Juan Merchan, effectively presented Trump from presenting a defense when the Trump defense offered up the former commissioner of the Federal Election Commission to essentially say that the FEC did not consider any of these payments at the center of the case to be a crime, that which Trump is charged with, judge wouldn't allow the testimony.

When Robert Costello, [00:08:00] who the state's lead witness, the perjurer and convicted felon, Michael Cohen, had him as a client. Cohen told Costello repeatedly, Donald Trump did nothing wrong here. I did this, in essence, and I have nothing, nothing, by which to get myself out from under this against Donald Trump.

Merchan cut off that testimony repeatedly practically had a fight with Costello, who is a very reputable attorney, the former head of the criminal division for the vaunted Southern District of New York U. S. Attorney's Office someone who is known at, in New York legal system as a total pro.

This character, Merchan, attacked him repeatedly from the bench, shut the trial down at one point, excused the jury, all of which is to say, this guy, the court doesn't approve of, all of which was to say, I'm rigging this trial no matter what. [00:09:00] The backfire of that was seen in a massive rally in the South Bronx by Donald Trump.

The deepest of the deepest of the blue, blue states. And as the South Bronx residents who attended said not just the hood, but the hood of the hood. 15 to 20, 000 people came to the Trump rally, despite the fact that the Democratic Party was in full flourish, claiming that if you went there, you were endorsing white supremacy.

Donald Trump gave them a love letter, a love letter to the New York which once was, a love letter to the New York he helped build, a love letter to the New York they could help build if he's elected president. He did something which was phenomenal in the sense that he went after and attacked the subway system.

If anyone who has lived in New York knows, this is how you get somewhere in the city, it is essential. And it has become a crime ridden, [00:10:00] graffiti ridden, urine ridden mess. Something which is demoralizing from the minute you wake up in the morning to the time you have to come home from work at night. He said a priority of his administration would be to make that beautiful, to make that modern, to make it a modern and gleaming wonder, appropriate for the New York City, which was, which as he said, if you went anywhere in the world at a certain time and you said you were from New York, people knew that you had smarts because New Yorkers are smart. It was a famous city built by famous people to be the crown jewel of the American Republic in many respects.

And now it is an urban wreck. And basically what happened here is that Trump said, I'm going to come in and I'm going to fight for you, the forgotten men and women. He didn't put on airs. He didn't placate them. He didn't tell them that they were victims. He didn't do what Joe Biden did at Martin Luther King's [00:11:00] Morehouse College alumni address last week, insisting that black people could get nowhere in the United States without assistance from his government.

And all of that was done in the angry tone right now, which is the only way this guy can put together two coherent sentences. He has to become blistering angry. And then he can actually talk. But when he talks, his anger actually shows all of the time. It is a terrible, terrible performance, and an actual disgusting sort of a reminder that we have a president who is currently incompetent to our shame and an entire establishment apparatus which is trying to tell us, don't believe what you see with your own eyes. So, you know, at the G7 meeting which is occurring this week, the finance ministers, they're also deeply involved in the war drive.

They're trying to figure out how the seized Russian assets can be used [00:12:00] to fund a forever war and therefore set things in motion which Trump can't reverse if he's elected president. Matt Taibbi and Michael Schellenberger are out with new revelations about the censorship industrial complex, a topic which we will be covering over the course of the next week.

So, there you have it. Back to my theme. You have a situation right now where the political landscape in the United States is completely shifting. Inflation is driving everybody crazy. Inflation is driving everybody towards Trump. But is that enough? Will he be able to govern? I point out something very different which is occurring in Russia.

Putin has appointed a master economist Andrei Belousov as defense minister. This is a man who knew Lyndon LaRouche and his economics, [00:13:00] but most importantly Belousov stresses the coherence of Russian culture as the premier war fighting weapon, which Russia now has. Russia has sworn to defend. Judeo Christian culture.

An irony because most people falsely believe that Russia is still communist. That's what's driving the mobilization of that entire nation at this point. The defense of Western Judeo Christian culture against an elite which has declared God dead, declared themselves to be the masters of the universe, and declared their quest for power to be that which alone should govern.

Our daily existence. That's how empires die, when the elites give up any notion of actually serving the public, turn against them, and simply try to grasp power while all of the lifeblood of their empire [00:14:00] is drained out. Like LaRouche, Belousov sees the creation of culture aimed at fostering the conditions for human creativity as the driver of economic progress.

Empires die when their elites abandon the mission of human creativity, the drivers of all human passion and statecraft, and substitute instead a simple pleasure and pain metric for human existence, substituting an actual animal metric for human existence. Our founders declared themselves the defenders of the best ideas of the past and the forgers of even new frontiers in science, progress, and discovery for all of mankind.

That was their mission. Ben Franklin was not only a great statesman, he was a scientist. They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to that mission. That's the heritage which has [00:15:00] to drive us through the election and into governing. A republic cannot exist without an educated and participating citizenry capable of governing.

Creating that is what Promethean Action is all about. Join us for our conference on June 8th in Taylor, Michigan. Watch this space for how to attend online if you can't make it there personally. That's where I will leave the Saturday Wrap. It's been a very dramatic week. It'll be a very dramatic week next week also.

But let's use this Memorial Day to ensure in our hearts and souls that those who have gone before us shall not have died in vain. That's my message. See you on Monday.