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The Saturday Wrap-Up - The Big Change is Here, Are We Ready for It? - July 6, 2024

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Across the world, the elite is massively losing its mandate in elections in votes which reject globalism and endless wars. Biden's crash, the continuing revelation of his incompetence, simply reflects the rot of all those who fed the mass delusion that the U.S. had a president and not a figurehead with a teleprompter. The Empire's minions are struggling now to somehow separate themselves from their out of control creation. It won't work. Continuing their farce, clearly spells doom for our Republic and the People see this clearly.

Our enemy is not communism, or any other ism, it is the modern British Empire which set out to destroy and reconquer this nation. That Empire empowers itself by endless wars fought by others and psychological war against its own populations. We have to clearly delineate this enemy along with the tools, now at hand. to defeat it. Before us, in Donald Trump's vision, is the open field of new beginnings, fresh starts, in which America has always triumphed. Are we ready to build our Republic anew now? That's the challenge to fully and passionately embrace now.

Transcript: The Saturday Wrap-Up - The Big Change is Here, Are We Ready for It? - July 6, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Okay let's take for the Saturday wrap a big ride up to about 30, 35, 000 feet and take a look at the world. Across the world, a tidal wave of change is underway. The French will go to the polls tomorrow and vote out Emmanuel Macron's globalists. Regardless of whether Marie LePen's party wins a majority of the government. The globalists are conducting a rearguard action there, trying to prevent that, uniting centrists and leftists in an obvious play to defeat the nationalists. The only impact of that maneuver will be, ultimately, the discrediting of both left and the center by people across the world in revolt.

The Labour Party swept into office in Britain yesterday, but the major vote was for the populist National Reformers who defeated the Conservative Party, [00:01:00] which is still led by ghosts of Margaret Thatcher.

In Iran, a moderate appears to have been elected. The issue in all of these elections is the rejection by the people of the imperial form of global government advocated by the British financier oligarchy now for centuries. The people want nations, nation states, not world government. They want to build a culture for those nations, not commingling hundreds of different cultures in a struggle for survival among the lower classes, a struggle pitting people against one another in a state of permanent cultural warfare where the elites continue, their rule. Here in the United States, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media who have supported them are both imploding. They are engaged in an impossible exercise. How do you get rid of a president [00:02:00] who has been a figurehead and incompetent for years without destroying everyone who has covered up this state of affairs?

Moreover, how do you actually isolate this president's obvious brain dead and incompetent state from the state of mind of the people and policies which have been put into motion ever since she took office. That's a difficult and impossible task, so they're trying to gloss over it. They're trying to prepare things, they're trying to figure it out, and they won't succeed.

Just look at the gloss they're trying to put on Biden's do or die interview with George Stephanopoulos last night on ABC television. Anyone with both feet planted in reality would have observed the following. They spray painted him to make him look tan, pale, and hardy. He excused his [00:03:00] completely wacko and psycho crazed debate performance by explaining he was distracted by, quote, running the world. And moreover, Donald Trump was shouting at him the whole time, which distracted him.

Of course, anyone looking at the debate saw that there was no shouting by Donald Trump. He said he believed that the Democratic Party being able to fill a high school gym And Wisconsin represents the same kind of enthusiasm, which Donald Trump gets by simply announcing he's going to be somewhere. And then thousands, tens of thousands of people make the trek to see him.

It's hardly a toss up, Joe. It's hardly what these people have told you, who are clinging with both hands to a power which is escaping them. He says basically that the polls are lying, that basically the people's [00:04:00] revulsion for him is a big lie, and he is, in effect, king of the world.

Like a third grader competing for a participation prize, he said in answer to a question, that he believes if he gives his all and loses, why, that's okay. Witness the trembles which went forth through Democratic Washington as a result of that answer. In short, the imposter president's brain is completely shot.

He seems to have declared outright in another interview this week that that was the case. He said, my health is fine. It's just my brain that's not. Yet he says that only God can get him out of the presidential race. I want to suggest to you that God is doing so. Again, anyone who is sentient knew this in 2019, with COVID and the basement campaign where a kind of AI [00:05:00] is fed to the president for him to simply pronounce through a teleprompter. History will show that Obama has been running things as his third term, with Joe as the public face and the national news media as winning participants in covering up the actual situation.

Their hatred of our constitutional government has resulted in a full scale attack. On all of its institutions, from the presidency, where they installed an incompetent, to the courts, which are under continuous attack, to most important, the people who they're supposed to represent, and who they call deplorables and stupid.

They have used drugs and sex as tools of psychological and biological warfare against us. Their Green New Deal would take the economy back to feudal levels. Appropriate for an economic zone in a world government, not for a sovereign country, let alone the once most [00:06:00] powerful on the face of the earth.

They plan to knock Trump out through the lawfare, which they have been using against him since he walked down the escalator in 2015. They had brainwashed and mesmerized approximately one half of the U. S. population through that method. Their mode of government by expert, full spectrum propaganda and information control was meant to fulfill the long held dream of the modern British financial empire to recapture and absorb the United States.

All of that has now backfired spectacularly. And they're now admitting it. Instead of exiting states left to prison, Donald Trump is soaring in the polls and the population is looking for dramatic change. Sending the incompetent Biden into a debate with Donald Trump without the teleprompter amounts to a planned execution.[00:07:00]

The only question among the sentient is exactly why this is happening now. Is it driven purely by fear of losing an election? Somehow we don't think so. We will learn, we believe, that something very big caused these people to pull the plug on the delusion that they themselves created. Their hubris now confronts them with the fact that there will be other significant losses other than Joe Biden.

The people here, more than anywhere else, want substantive change. They yearn to become a nation again with a unified mission and purpose once again. To build big things and to dream big things. Biden et al keep trying to regain their ground by claiming economic progress amid new government programs, yet all their vaunted job growth turns out to be government related.

They have killed small business. Part time gig economy jobs are the rule, [00:08:00] not the jobs in which one member of a two parent household can support a family. That is the primary emphasis of the Trump campaign, that type of economic success. And that type of economic success, Trump says, will be his revenge. It will, again, unite us.

Next week, NATO is holding a summit in Washington. For those who know their history, the 1949 treaty, which our country signed after initially balking, sealed the wedding of a section of our elites with the modern British financier empire, the anti American mode of governments, which has almost killed us. Across the world, there is a revolt against this empire's forever wars and their sick operations.

There is a hunger, like here in the United States, for building things, for building cultures, for life itself and vibrant new beginnings against the decay and delusions of the old. The [00:09:00] Chinese friend of America, the Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat sen, talked about empire in the following way. When England befriends another country, it is not for the purpose of maintaining a cordial friendship for the sake of friendship, but to utilize that country as a tool to fight another country.

When a country is shorn of its power, it becomes England's friend, and a friend of England who has become powerful is turned into an enemy. England always remains in a commanding position. She makes other nations fight her wars and she reaps the victories. She has been doing this for hundreds of years. Sun Yat sen was a genius and very perceptive. Through NATO, England crowned the United States world policeman for its imperial policies, not our own. That's what Joe Biden means by the delusion that [00:10:00] he is running the world.

Viktor Orban, who has embraced this moment going on worldwide on behalf of the people of the world, visited Russia and Ukraine seeking to begin the peace process this last July 4th weekend. The current leaders of the European Union went nuts. Because these are the very people the populations of European countries are revolting against. They are all losing. Orbán says that NATO was founded as an alliance to pursue peace, not endless wars. That's true. But the intention, the relic of Franklin Roosevelt's idea of an alliance of sovereign nation states which would end colonization and develop the world, has been subverted ever since.

We have a massive job before us in this next four months, not only winning the election on behalf of the common good, but also preparing ourselves to [00:11:00] govern. We have to face up to the fact that voting will not be enough. We have to become citizens again, active in our governance and refusing to ever again become subjects of people who would steal everything from us, starting with our own human identity.

That God given creativity embodied in the command of Genesis to go forth, multiply, and subdue the world. We need to fix our nation, and at the same time, create a stable mode of finance in the world, which will allow nations to develop to their full human potential. We have to make conscious what has happened to us since the end of World War II.

What this horrible rules based, British International Financier Order was all about and how it was meant to totally subvert the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

If you're into taking this on, taking on this great mission, please join us at [00:12:00] Promethean Action in doing just this.

Please also contribute as much as you possibly can to help us and you fulfill the great mission which is now before us. Help us expand and grow. Thanks very much for listening. I'll see you again on Monday.