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The Saturday Wrap-Up - The Day After the Walking Corpse, Who is Our President, Was Revealed - June 29, 2024

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The shock realization, from Thursday's debate, that the President of the United States is a vegetable, definitely led this week's developments. It is the denouement of the entire farce of installing Biden in 2020.  Now, the Obama and intelligence combine which is running things has determined that it is no longer possible to use him as their public face.  He is just too far gone.  It is a dangerous game they play, one which could bring down all the trees in the forest and we here, at Promethean Action, intend to make that happen. Otherwise we cover Assange's freedom, the Supreme Court rebuke on J6, the upcoming French and British elections, and the widening world war.


Julian Assange is Free, Big Brother is Exposed, the Battle Now is Joined
Julian Assange escaped London alive while the U.S. Supreme Court dodged dismantling the ugly Leviathan at the center of his case.

Transcript: The Saturday Wrap-Up - The Day After the Walking Corpse, Who is Our President, Was Revealed - June 29, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi, everyone. This is Barbara Boyd. It is Saturday and this is your Saturday wrap on a most consequential week. The title of today's talk is the day after the walking corpse who is our president was revealed. So it really was a consequential week, the lead item, and we will get to it. is the revelation to most of the American public that the man installed in November of 2020 as President of the United States of America is a walking, brain dead corpse.

That, of course, was the shock. Delivered in Thursday's debate when an obviously senile Biden regaled us with such gems as a hidden crisis of incest and rapes by fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, and others in the United States being far more consequential for [00:01:00] women than the rapes by illegal immigrants he has set free to roam the country.

But this week started with the release of Julian Assange, after five years in solitary confinement in London's hellish Belmarsh prison. A campaign by Mike Pompeo, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and others to kill him. And prior to the attempt to slow suicide him in Belmarsh, years of exile in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

I posted a long piece about this on the Promethean Action website with an analysis of the U. S. Supreme Court's cowardly decision, kicking the can down the road, also this week, on dismantling the censorship Leviathan built in the wake of the 2016 U. S. election, which elected the maverick Donald Trump.

Assange's most [00:02:00] important revelations were those in 2016, revealing that Hillary was rigging the election against Bernie Sanders, and that the CIA had offensive hacking and other propaganda tools, which it was using in its regime change and offensive mind control games worldwide. Many believe that these CIA tools, called Vault 7, were used to create a false Russian trail in the alleged hack of the Democratic National Committee in 2016, which kicked off the gigantic full spectrum information warfare operation against the citizens of the United States and Donald Trump, known as Russiagate.

Now, thousands of people throughout the world, individual citizens worldwide campaigned for the freedom of Julian Assange, day in, day out, telling the security [00:03:00] state, we will not abide this. They should be celebrating today. They, like Julian and his family, are the winners here too. And the fight to redeem the First Amendment, essential for any culture in the unleashing of human creativity and new and profound ideas, has just begun.

The second major development of the week, which I'll highlight, is the Supreme Court's rebuke to the DOJ and the Biden administration concerning January 6th in the case of Fisher v. United States. They kicked ass in many respects against the Justice Department's abuse of the Constitution by charging more than 350 people who engaged at most in assault on a police officer with a crime called obstruction, which could put them in jail for 20 years.

That's the tool which has been used to [00:04:00] incarcerate, for long prison terms, people who normally could best be accused of rioting. It's been the tool which the D. C. District and Circuit Court, shamefully, has used to create pretrial detention without charges for many people for many years. It resulted already in one suicide, that of Matthew Perna, who was inside the Capitol for all of four minutes, and then found out that he could live in prison for over 20 years.

So this tool invented by Andrew Weissman and used against Donald Trump first, in the attempt to charge him with obstruction in the Russiagate fiasco, has been used by every single district and appellate judge in Washington, D. C. to carry this farce forward, except one, Carl Nichols. And now, the Supreme Court has said, game's up.

This is a horrible abuse of power, and rightfully [00:05:00] embarrassed, and hopefully put in its place, this rogue out of control operation and DC Circuit Court. We have other world shaking events coming up over the course of the next few days. The French elections, which it looks like Emmanuel Macron, the globalist president of France, will lose.

We have British elections coming up on July 4th, and we have the continuing widening wars in both Ukraine and Israel. Again, that which threatens, as Donald Trump emphasized in the debate, the deadliest, most fierce war mankind has ever experienced, something which is immediate right now, and which must be halted.

Now, with respect to the vegetable called Joe Biden, think about this in terms of what's going on here. He has been incompetent since 2020. It's only gotten worse and worse. [00:06:00] Think about how they use him. They conducted an entire presidential campaign from his basement, never allowing him to go out in public, lest he step all over himself.

The President of the United States, through this process, became the public face for a real apparatus which was running the country. Think about how he has conducted the presidency. Scripted appearances, 30 hour work weeks at most, long time vacations at Rehoboth Beach, set up press conferences in which everything is scripted in advance and he only needs to read from the teleprompter, which he even then often flubs.

The drug cocktail they use to keep him up and going. All of that was known before the debate. What was not known before the debate is that he was losing gigantically to Donald Trump. And what was not known before the debate in all probability is [00:07:00] that he has gotten worse and worse over the last seven months so that now even the facade cannot be maintained.

He's flubbing that up ridiculously too. So they let it all loose. It was clearly set up beforehand by those around Barack Obama, who everyone knows is truly running things. And it was Obama who crafted all of the messaging and whore, which we were supposed to experience for the first time, and which many, many, many people did.

It was a shock to see what he is really like. They tried. The CNN moderator confessed that Biden knew every question that was coming beforehand, but he's too far gone. And now the question is, what do you do about that? It is really a very, very dangerous game. You had the women of The View saying that they felt defrauded.[00:08:00]

They felt that they were finding out for the first time that they had been participants in a farce. So too is the ultimate impact throughout the nation. Will the Democratic Party, the so called defenders of democracy, disenfranchise at the convention everybody who voted for Biden and admit that they've been pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people for four years now?

With a vegetable in the presidency as they run things and run this nation into the ground and destroy it. Today's Wall Street Journal carries a kind of plea in which it said, Can't we just stop the intelligence community and the press and the Leviathan that we have become to defend this farce from happening yet again?

Shall we go deeper into this level of corruption and destruction? It is almost Shakespearean in its epic qualities here, if you really think about it. It is a [00:09:00] dangerous game, for now they've settled on the narrative that it was quote unquote just a bad debate night, as said by none other than Barack Obama, as the first stage of this failed as Biden and his family dug in their heels.

After all, they'll probably go to jail if he isn't the President of the United States yet again. So, it's a dangerous game here, and our job is to take maximum advantage for the country. We need to reveal this entire apparatus. We need to take this shock and use it to actually win the election, win the House and the Senate. Win, which, what's actually becoming clear is very possible at this point.

It's a war which we can win, and we need to take advantage of this moment without any fear or favor, without any fudging [00:10:00] on what is actually before us. We can basically take apart this Leviathan at this point in time. And that's what Promethean Action is all about. That's what we intend to do. And that's how we intend to conduct ourselves going forward.

Let's go for everything. These people, after all, have destroyed the nation on behalf of a farce, a dark comedy basically aimed at maintaining their power when the entire basis for it is falling apart. Let's win this time around. Thanks very much. That's your Saturday Wrap. I'll have more to say about this on Monday as we watch how this thing unfolds.

Tonight, Bob Ingram will be giving a class on the nature of American culture and where it stands and its enemies. I hope you will look at it. I think you'll enjoy it. I think it will enliven you. Otherwise, see you [00:11:00] on Monday. Thanks for listening.