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The Senate Betrays the People: A Hard Rain Needs to Fall

The Senate Betrays the People: A Hard Rain Needs to Fall

Early in the morning of February 13th, the corrupt U.S Senate, having been irritated all night by patriots dedicated to saving this Republic, voted to advance even more money for war--$60 billion for the lost battle in Ukraine, $14 billion for the emergent war in the Middle East, $8 billion for the war to come with China.  It is a pure theft of funds from the American people, a robbery undertaken to preserve a delusion along with the corrupt political power that comes with it. Were the truth to be told, Biden, official Washington—all of it—along with their sponsors, the monstrous oligarchs of this world, would be found to be clinically insane catastrophic failures who have murdered millions in the last decades. They kill, kill, kill, for no cause other than preserving the bankrupt “rules-based order,” which empowers them. They are fit only to be tried in a new and different Nuremburg tribunal wherein their evil stands fully exposed and repudiated. This particular font of U.S. taxpayer largesse is solely dedicated to bamboozling the People, yet again, in order to prevent exactly that reckoning until after the November 2024 U.S. election. Given the physical economic bankruptcy of the country, the actual existence of the funds themselves is to be doubted.

The bill is said to be dead in the House, but that is an open question as the Congress increasingly has become the battlefield wherein it is hoped that a potential Trump presidency is neutered through the corruption which is extant there. LaRouche PAC, soon to be Promethean PAC, and Promethean Action are dedicated to making sure that the political revolution promised by Donald Trump comes to fruition as of January 21, 2025. As Senator J.D. Vance told Tucker Carlson, the Senate bill extends funding for the Ukrainian killing field through Trump’s first term and creates the conditions for impeachment should Trump keep his promise to commit peace. This disgusting war was, after all, the pretext for Trump’s first impeachment and the lobby which supports it in the British led Washington consensus is at the center of the satanic evil which threatens this nation’s existence.


Some will argue that the 22 Republican Senators who voted for more Ukraine genocide are increasingly isolated, and that great progress has been made from what would have been, a couple of years ago, a unanimous Republican vote for war. But all of them are from red states where the population is in revolt against these Republic destroying policies. You can view the list here. https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/4464791-here-are-the-senate-republicans-who-voted-for-the-ukraine-package/ Only two Senators involved in this treason are up for re-election this year, Roger Wicker of Mississippi, and Kevin Cramer from South Dakota. They must be defeated. Mitt Romney, the RINO from Utah by way of Massachusetts is, thankfully, retiring. Any Republican seeking election to the Senate in this year’s Senate elections where as many as 11 Democratic seats could be in jeopardy if MAGA organizes appropriately, must adopt Donald Trump’s stance toward ending these endless and horrific wars. The composition of the Senate must change and any funding or leadership posts as of January 2025, must be come to anti-war, pro America First Republicans. As President Trump has succinctly put it, the killing has to stop. The defense contractor/intelligence community, Congressional swamp must be attacked now and drained clean.

Some Simple Facts About The Ukraine Charnel House

Vladimir Putin sat down with Tucker Carlson last week and provided a lesson in Russian history of which most Americans are ignorant.  That includes the buffoonish illiterates parading as “Russian experts” in our intelligence community. It is fundamental to winning any war that you know both your enemy, their strengths, and weaknesses, and that you are just as familiar with knowing your own strengths and weaknesses. It is also fundamental that you have a vision of a just peace and organize so as to bring the war to the quickest conclusion possible.

As my colleague Tony Papert informed us in a post dedicated to the Putin/Carlson encounter, the Russian people have emerged from an effective genocide against that nation, conducted by the British financial empire, in the hopes of a final conquest of Russia. That war’s latest stage began with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989. It has had inflection points. Most recently the 2008 and 2014 color revolutions conducted in Ukraine by the British and our military, CIA, and State Departments. As this author has documented, the personnel and techniques employed in those coups, were turned right around, and applied against Donald Trump and his emergent MAGA movement from 2015 forward.

Russia holds perhaps more undeveloped natural resources than any nation on earth. Eurasia more generally, where Russia is situated, holds more people and potentially more prosperity than any other area of the Earth, with the possible exception of the African continent. Capturing those riches and disrupting that potential is the prize from the British geopolitical standpoint. It has been this way for centuries.

What the so-called masters of the universe failed to understand, just as they fail to understand it with respect to the United States, is the resiliency and historical culture of the Russian people, including, most emphatically its deep Christian and scientific heritage. These types of great power conflicts, such as the proxy war now being conducted, using Ukraine as a mercenary slave state against Russia, are won or lost on the fields of economic and cultural infrastructure.

After pushing Russia into this war with the idea that NATO would bleed the country to death through the imposition of financial sanctions and deprivation of access to the modern British financial empire, Russia responded with an economic mobilization in depth. Comparable in intent, if not depth, to the American economic mobilization for World War II, the Russian economy has undergone a total renaissance as the result of the war. By contrast, our corrupt defense industry cannot even come close to producing the artillery required for sustained battles. Our vaunted “equipment” has failed on the modern battlefield. The loss of access to Russian energy and agricultural products has left Germany and other European economies into rapid deindustrialization, justified, insanely, as acts of self-sacrifice to save the Earth from climate change.

Russia has hypersonic missiles, the U.S. does not. The U.S. persistently rejects Russia’s offer to join in developing nuclear warfare killing missile defense, something which Ronald Reagan and Lyndon LaRouche offered to the Russians as the key to a new era of peace. Right now, both Putin and Donald Trump are talking about this once again, no doubt to the horror of the warmongers.

Our putative chess piece in this failed war is the historically corrupt Ukraine where we have installed someone, Volodymyr Zelensky, whose previous claim to fame was playing the piano with his penis. His comedic expertise was, supposedly, an expression of “freedom.”  The alleged “democracy” we are funding has banned an entire Christian formation held dear by the population, the Russian Orthodox Church, has killed or imprisoned its opponents, including the American journalist Gonzalo Lira, while banning all dissent, is a laundromat for drug, arms, and sex trafficking, and enforces its diktats through neo-Nazi gangs which are fully funded and trained by our government and our British “cousins.”  So much for the alleged concern of the Biden Administration about “white supremacy.”  CIA Director Bill Burns was dispatched recently to tell the Ukrainians on our payroll that they had to stop stealing money at the rate they were stealing it. By public accounts that includes millions, if not billions of Defense Ministry funds.

Right now, to please his masters, the penis playing piano player is having Ukrainians literally kidnapped off the streets to serve in his wrecked and depleted Army. Over 500,000 lives have already been lost to this insane war. Since 1991, Ukraine has lost over half of its population to war and emigration. It is a nation in demographic collapse as most of the refugees are women and children. The average age of the Ukrainian conscript is forty-five. Thus, the vote to continue funding this war in the hopes of holding off the reckoning which will come with the admission of defeat until after the 2024 election is, pure and simple, a vote for genocide. Not against Russia, the alleged evil Empire. But against Ukraine and its people.

My headline is about a hard rain, the kind that washes away the blood of the innocents, the filth of the evil which men and women commit against one another. The kind, which Lincoln talked about that would allow us to bind up our wounds and proceed to a new beginning, yet again. It is that rain which we need now to bring into being.