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“Thinking Big” will Make Mexico Self-Sufficient

Mexico’s State of Sonora is promoting a plan to revive the great PLHINO water project, seawater desalination and nuclear energy, which guarantees abundant water and electricity.
“Thinking Big” will Make Mexico Self-Sufficient
Photo by Frankie Lopez / Unsplash

by José Alfredo Félix Serna

Recently, we have seen the Government of the State of Sonora revive two major proposals that could break the ban imposed on Sonora by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a neo-Malthusian organization of the Anglo-Dutch Financial Empire. The WWF (renamed Worldwide Fund for Nature), has sabotaged and stopped all large water projects, such as the Northwest Hydraulic Plan (PLHINO), along with all plans for desalination of seawater. Thus, it has condemned the state to remain a desert region with sparse population and no possibility of real economic development. Only a few families have profited, by using the region as a great fiefdom, with only the basic level of economic development for agriculture, livestock, and trade.

But today, this feudal oligarchic vision can be scrapped, since two existential issues have been placed on the table for discussion on the eve of Mexico’s June 2 Presidential elections—water and nuclear energy.

The state governments of Sonora, Sinaloa, and Nayarit have just revived the PLHINO, and Sonora’s Governor, Alfonso Durazo, announced an investment of eight million pesos ($560,000) to update its feasibility studies. And at the forum "Nuclear Energy and Uranium in Mexico,” held in Sonora on April 11 and chaired by Governor Durazo, he raised the need to revive Mexico’s uranium and nuclear energy industries.

In a press conference on April 10, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) had validated the need to build the great PLHINO water project, adding that that such infrastructure projects will become real, and said, "We have very good hydraulic engineers... let the hydraulic engineers come, because they are doing extraordinary things..."

During her campaign tour, the presidential candidate of AMLO’s Morena Party, Claudia Sheinbaum, spoke in Hermosillo, Sonora, on April 13. There she mentioned that bringing water from the state of Nayarit (the PLHINO project) is one of the options to solve the water crisis, and that a team of experts is working on it.

For a better understanding of the meaning of these developments, we recommend the article "The Water Revolution that Cannot be Postponed in Mexico," by Leonardo Espitia Jordán.

What is “Thinking Big”?

For some, “thinking big” means building gigantic solar farms, huge windmills, and battery storage systems the size of tall buildings, imitating the dumb idea of the Tower of Babel. But fundamentally, thinking big concerns the principle of increasing Potential Relative Population Density, discovered by Lyndon LaRouche in his Science of Physical Economy.

The importance of this principle, is that only in this way can a future of prosperity and happiness be guaranteed for humanity. In terms of evolution, this principle has always been present in our history as a species. Empirically, it demonstrates the creative capacity of the human being to discover or create new sources of energy that allow progress, and satisfy the needs of a growing population. We do this through cognitive leaps to higher levels of organization, which is coherent and co-participative with the principle of negative entropy of the Universe—and is what distinguishes us from the animals.

AMLO and the Southeast

President AMLO's detractors accuse him of ignoring the North of the country and concentrating only on the Southeast. They forget that other nations in similar circumstances, likewise invested their maximum effort in building infrastructure in a specific area of the country.  This was the case in the United States with Franklin Roosevelt’s Tennessee Valley Authority. China did the same thing beginning in 1980 in its Special Economic Zones, where investment in infrastructure, industry and high technology was intensified.

Today we see, to the regret of those who have systematically bet on failure since the beginning of AMLO's term, a Mexico better positioned economically, internally and externally, and with the capacity to respond to the needs for water, energy, and transport for a nation that aspires to be an economic power.

We wouldn’t be in this position today, if the large projects and the sovereign bailout of the energy industry had been cancelled. Neither the pandemic, nor the Ukraine war, nor dirty attacks from various flanks have stopped AMLO. Although he will end his term in a few months, he will leave behind him the path up to the next level of development, which is a great challenge for whomever the people choose to take the helm of Mexico.  AMLO’s successor has the great responsibility of leading this nation to the prosperity and happiness of all its inhabitants, and of collaborating in the construction of a more just New World Order for all the nations of the world.

But ... We are on a Knife's Edge

The media today keeps us abreast of a world mired in a deep existential crisis that threatens to be its last, whether it succumbs to a global nuclear war, or to the imposition of a green obscurantist order under the false flag of peace. There is no country on Earth that can escape this reality, and it is here that Mexico should act so that, besides fighting for its own just sovereign survival, it also commits itself to fight alongside allied countries, as it has done before. Those historical periods are the ones that have allowed it to advance and consolidate itself as a Republic.

In the best tradition of its historic past, Mexico should act with a natural ally—those forces that represent the best republican tradition of the United States—with whom it has fought and won historic battles. The two countries fought against the common enemy, the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy, during the times of Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Kennedy, and LaRouche in the United States, and of Juárez, Cárdenas and López Portillo in Mexico. Presidents Trump and AMLO, in the midst of the pandemic, likewise showed the world how to collaborate, and did so from the moment AMLO was declared the winner in Mexico’s 2018 elections.

One of those historic moments of great relevance was the 1944 signing of the Bretton Woods Agreement, in which Mexico played a key role in carrying through the plan proposed by Roosevelt. Mexico rallied the countries of Latin America and made their voice count, so that they were included in the development plans of the new Bretton Woods system.

Today, history has placed us before another historic moment when Mexico and the United States can and should act at the same level of leadership, and break out of the geopolitical and ideological trap into which the oligarchy is leading us. That trap is a confrontation of the Global North against the Global South, of right versus left. Of a United States aligned with figures such as Argentina’s Milei, Brazil’s Bolsonaro, and El Salvador’s Bukele, as an ultra-right faction defending "freedom," "democracy,” and “Free Enterprise”—versus a Mexico aligning itself on the left with the countries in the BRICS’ sphere of influence and with the Belt and Road Initiative—both pushing the green agenda. If the next Presidents of the United States and Mexico are caught in that scenario, it will be the end of the Republic and the triumph of perfidious Albion.

For a True Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine, the Bretton Woods System and the Alliance for Progress had their moments of glory, but their true spirit was subverted by the British Empire, to such an extent that today the first two are seen as an imperialistic US policy of turning its southern neighbors into its private back yard.

The truth of the matter is that this happened when John Quincy Adams, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy either died or were assassinated, and the U.S. government came under the rule of British agents.

If we are to avoid the tragic fate to which the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy is leading us, it will be because the United States recovers the spirit that led it to be a great nation concerned about the future of the other nations around the world, sharing a future of peace with development between sovereign nations. Such an approach is clear in Tony Papert’s article "How the Real Monroe Doctrine Could Block Biden's War Drive."

How the Real Monroe Doctrine Could Block Biden’s War Drive
As Joe Biden’s blundering drives us headlong toward nuclear war, how do we counter these madmen and their ilk? There is no threat to the U.S. from Europe or Asia in reality. This is only the sucker role played by the U.S. for Britain geopolitical designs since the end of World War II. Before that, our founders and most U.S.presidents adhered to the Monroe Doctrine as understood by John Quincy Adams, not the one you heard in school. Understanding this is now urgent.

The Time has Come for Water, Power, Railway Projects and More

What defines the type of projects to be built is the science of Physical Economy—but we must first prevent a World War from making us extinct. Both things have in common that they could be achieved if the leaders of the most powerful nations in the world—beginning with the Four Powers of the US, Russia, China, and India—sit down to discuss the terms for a World Peace Agreement based on the Rooseveltian principles of Bretton Woods. Such terms are summarized in the article "The Antidote to NATO's Forever Eurasian War: Lyndon LaRouche's Four Powers."

If there one person that can sit down with the other powers to build that Peace Plan, it is Donald Trump. And if the Bretton Woods type of historic alliance is repeated, where nations like Mexico participate again and their voice is heard “thinking big”—where PLHINO, nuclear energy and other great infrastructure works come into play—then the Republic will win and so will the world.

The author has been greatly influenced by three people: his father, who worked as a hands-on specialist in credit and technical management of ejido (communal farm) plots in the Valle del Mayo in the south of the State of Sonora; his paternal grandfather, who was one of the founders of the first ejido in Mexico, the Ejido el Claro of the Municipality of Santa Ana Sonora, created on July 13, 1917 with Gen. Venustiano Carranza as president; and finally Lyndon LaRouche and his humanist ideas, from 1975 to date, who has been decisive in his perception of reality and search for truth. He is not affiliated or associated in any way with Helga Zepp-LaRouche.