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Thursday’s Debate: The Mannequin Behind the Curtain is Revealed

Thursday’s Debate:  The Mannequin Behind the Curtain is Revealed
Trump: "I really don't know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don't think he knows what he said either."

Within 10 minutes of the start of Thursday’s CNN presidential debate, the wheels had come off the pretense which is Joe Biden’s occupation of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Americans were confronted with a senile husk of a man, his speech obviously sped up by some bad admixture of the drugs they use to keep him going. The mainstream media were given the green light this time to say what everyone saw. By the morning, many were back to gaslighting the public with such insane comparisons as Ronald Reagan’s first debate against Walter Mondale in 1984. Yes, Reagan showed signs of his oncoming dementia there, but they were only hints, not the lost deer in the headlights, mouth agape stare which characterized Biden’s entire night. All the big influencers in the American propaganda machine were thunderous in proclaiming what must happen now. Politico headlined, “Biden is Toast.”  On MSNBC, former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe called Biden’s performance a "DEFCON One moment." On Friday morning, Tom Friedman of The New York Times led the “we love you Joe but it’s time to go,” attempt at enforced subtlety.


It seems obvious that this was a planned execution. Trump is soaring in the polls, and it is impossible to hide Biden in a basement like they did last time around. But Joe and Jill Biden cling to the presidency and stubbornly resist the obvious. Hence, the regime and some party elders set Joe up. Do you think the picture of Obama grabbing him by the hand and leading him offstage in Hollywood, or Georgia Meloni grabbing him by the shoulders and turning him the right way at the G7 were organic viral events produced by his political opponents? The constant promotion of these videos in the week leading into the debate and the White House’s claim that they were deep fakes created just the right mental atmosphere for Thursday’s reality show.


It is not a move without huge risks, hence the effort by many in Friday morning’s media to desperately put lipstick on a pig. Americans now know that they do not have a president and are being governed by a committee of Biden aides and Barack Obama following the dictates of a rogue security state, in a government without constitutional foundation. The financier oligarchy centered in London, Brussels, and New York installed this “administration” through the rigged election of 2020 to facilitate the destruction of the United States as a nation once and for all. Under their plan, we will be little more than an “economic zone” in a world Empire. The right question Democrats should be asked now in every public occasion is the Watergate one: What did they know about Biden’s mental vacancy and when did they know it? This is why the Justice Department has tied itself in legal knots trying to block the release of the audio of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s deposition of Joe Biden to the Congress.

This is not just an election question now; it is a truly scary question involving the national security of this country. The Biden/Obama continuing duo have led us into two wars. The mad pursuit of escalation in one of them, the one with Russia, puts humanity at immediate risk of nuclear incineration, as President Trump emphasized. The other, the widening war in the Middle East, puts the world’s oil supply and supply chains at grave risk, threatening to release the financial collapse which looms just around the corner. The Biden/Obama open borders policy is destroying the nation’s cultural adhesion, already on a very weak footing, and flooding the country with poisonous counterfeit drugs which continue to kill off an entire generation. Insane gender ideologies and the campaign against men, are upending any possibility of avoiding demographic collapse or a contagion of narcissistic mental illness.

The usually well-informed Jim Allen over at Axios revealed the preferred replacement candidate of many in a story out just ahead of the debate.  He highlighted Michelle Obama’s disdain for the Bidens. He quoted Barack Obama as describing the internal dynamics of the Biden family as “weird s*it.”  Of course, Michelle Obama responded later in the day by noting both that she thought the Bidens had mistreated Hunter’s ex-wife and her friend, Kathleen Buhle, and that she supported Joe Biden’s presidency. Whether the Democrats can overcome Michelle’s hesitancies about entering politics remains to be seen. Hillary Clinton, of course, is making an ever eager, if doomed, bid for consideration.