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Trump Trials: A Tale of Two Judges; In Florida, a Judge, in Manhattan, a Pimp

Trump Trials: A Tale of Two Judges; In Florida, a Judge, in Manhattan, a Pimp
Stormy Daniels and the infamous Mar-a-Lago document raid

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon put off, indefinitely, President Trump’s trial in Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s bogus Florida Espionage Act prosecution. The decision follows a week of bombshell developments in the case exposing its rigging. In Manhattan, on the other hand, the deeply biased Judge, Juan Merchan, invited veteran porn star Stormy Daniels to spend hours before the jury detailing her claimed one-night sexual encounter with Donald Trump in 2006, 17 years ago, and 10 years before the 2016 presidential election.

Journalists from the New York Times and other clown rags panted through the porn charade Daniels produced to the jury to smear Trump, his family, and his marriage. They honored Daniels as a representative of the adult entertainment “industry,” graphically demonstrating why Donald Trump insists we are a nation in decline. They insist that a prostitute’s one night stand with a putative customer is to be called “an affair.”

Daniels signed two previous letters swearing that the sexual encounter she described never happened. She owes Trump more than a half a million dollars for filing bogus defamation suits against him. She has been turning public porn tricks for money for 22 years, since she was 23 years old. She now directs and produces the shows. Yet the script here, directed to “Me-Too” female jurors, was to portray herself as a victim, almost blacking out while having sex, overpowered by a billionaire in “silk pajamas.” If you find this shocking and nauseating, so will most of the American public. Manhattan used to be the crown jewel of the American justice system. It has been transformed by this escapade into the seedy, corrupt precincts of the former 42nd Street Red Light District, which, ironically, Donald Trump had a key role in cleaning out and rebuilding.

Judge Cannon Lowers the Boom in Florida

In the Florida case we have learned that the infamous FBI photo of classified document sheets at Mar-a-Lago on the day of their unprecedented August 8, 2022, raid on Trump’s estate was completely staged. The classified document sheets pictured were brought to the raid by the FBI. Further, between the infamous DC FBI field office and the agents and DOJ lawyers doing the raid, the chain of custody of the seized documents has been shattered. DOJ prosecutor Jay Bratt told Judge Cannon that he had previously misrepresented this fact to the Court. He told Judge Cannon previously that the FBI could say where the alleged classified documents were located in the boxes seized that day. Now they say they cannot figure out where many of the documents were found.

This problem is further complicated by the fact that the GSA packed up Trump’s presidential office and living quarters. Some of those boxes ended up initially at Mar-a-Lago, others were in put in storage by the GSA in Virginia. The GSA, at the point we now know that the Biden White House, the National Archives, and the DOJ were colluding to set Trump up concerning what documents he kept from his White House, demanded that Trump ship the documents they were storing to Mar-a-Lago. They noted that they would only pay for shipping government records, not the personal files exempted from Archival retrieval under the Presidential Records Act. Classified documents were found in the GSA’s shipment.

In lieu of setting a trial date, Judge Cannon will hold hearings on defense motions. She has scheduled arguments on co-defendant Walt Nauta’s motion to dismiss for selective and vindictive prosecution, and the defense motion seeking dismissal on the grounds that Jack Smith was illegally appointed and his actions on the case are void as a result. Significantly, she set a two-day evidentiary hearing for June 24-26 on the issue of the scope of the prosecution team and, therefore, the scope of defense discovery into the criminal prosecutorial conspiracy driving the entire case.

The Jack Smith/Jay Bratt prosecution team has continually tried to say that the prosecution team consists of their immediate team of prosecutors and a smattering of FBI agents. Recent disclosures, however, have demonstrated that Joe Biden’s White House and White House Counsel’s Office, the National Archives, various elements of the intelligence community, and top levels of Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco’s office were involved in concocting this bogus case. Cannon could order production of the entire document trail concerning this involvement following the hearing. She is also holding a sealed telephone hearing today, May 8th, on the out of bounds D.C. Grand Jury run by former Chief Judge Beryl Howell, which produced much of the “evidence” in the case. In contravention of President Trump’s constitutional rights—most importantly his right to counsel-- Howell ordered Trump’s attorneys to detail all their constitutionally protected conversations with Trump to the Grand Jury.

The Manhattan Peep Show

As Andy McCarthy points out in his column in the National Review, the whole point of the Manhattan legal atrocity is to convict Trump now so that Biden can call him a convicted felon on the campaign trail. The case is full of completely reversible errors by Merchan, but that reversal will not happen until after the election. Thus, the no holds barred bogus porn tale told under Judge Merchan’s supervision to the jury was completely off the rails in terms of allowable evidentiary procedures. Daniel’s porn script had her all the naïve victim, threatened with violence if she told the tale of what happened. Despite what she admitted on cross-examination were hours of rehearsal and grueling preparation, her extortionist, dominatrix character shined through amidst all the victimhood as she elaborated how she spanked Trump with a rolled-up magazine to secure his obedience. Trump is not charged here with rape, assault, or anything close and Daniels has provided reams of contradictory testimony about her claims. Nonetheless, the only thing ruled out by her pimp for the day, Judge Juan Merchan, was that she could not describe Trump’s genitalia.

Trump is charged with designating legal payments to attorney Michael Cohen as legal payments to Michael Cohen to obtain a non-disclosure agreement from Daniels. If you are having a tough time seeing that charged conduct as a crime, most legal experts join you. The prosecution says it was an attempt to defraud the public in the presidential election of 2016 by keeping information from them. But the public had already been assaulted with numerous stories about Trump’s alleged sexual infidelities when it elected him president. They do not care. They want a demonstrated leader who will fight for them and that is what matters. Moreover, the charged bookkeeping entries were made well after the election.

On Tuesday, Judge Merchan stopped the show for the day just when defense attorney Susan Necheles was eviscerating Daniels. Daniels admitted on cross-examination that she not only hated Trump and wanted him in jail but also that she had made lots of money off her story about her one-night stand with Trump. The largest hauls resulted from the most detailed and salacious fabrications. You see, no truth like that can be allowed to sit long with this jury. It disrupts the intended brainwashing effect.