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Unveiling the Mechanisms of Control

Insights from Barbara Boyd on Internet, Censorship, Creativity and AI
Unveiling the Mechanisms of Control
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Inside the Censorship Industrial Mechanism
Part 1, Free for All Subscribers:

  • Inside the Censorship Industrial Mechanism: Delve into a captivating discussion about an interview with Mike Benz, where he exposes the inner workings of a system designed to control online discussions.
  • Learn about the alleged measures taken by the U.S. security state to influence online discourse with censorship.
  • Discover how the internet is allegedly being used for "hybrid warfare" and how recent events have amplified these concerns. 👇

Overcoming the AI Conundrum with Human Creativity: A Promethean Approach
Part 2, Paid Members Only:

  • Overcoming the AI Conundrum with Human Creativity: A Promethean Approach: The potential dangers of advanced AI systems and their ability to manipulate human thought on a massive scale
  • Discover the power of human creativity and its role in defeating sophisticated AI systems.
  • The Promethean approach, inspired by the Greek myth, as a roadmap to innovation and overcoming challenges.

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