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Vindicate Trump, And With Him, Our Republic

Vindicate Trump, And With Him, Our Republic
Sign Promethean PAC's 2024 Vote Pledge

Today, our sister organization Promethean PAC released a 2024 Vote Pledge urging Trump supporters to take action now to save the Republic. We are reprinting the intro below, with a link to read the entire pledge and sign.

Vindicate Trump, And With Him, Our Republic
SitRep, USA: April 24, 2024
Donald Trump is the immediate target of a drive by the world’s financial oligarchy to completely subjugate the United States of America. In the process, our Congress has come to be dominated by a servile majority of men and women, across party lines, who function on behalf of that entity President Eisenhower called the military industrial complex. They consider the American people who support Donald Trump a threat to their power. Our courts, particularly the lower federal courts, are engaged in replacing the constitutional mandates for freedoms which once defined our republic, with edicts, decisions, and proceedings worthy of the Star Chamber or the show trials of Joseph Stalin. Our presidency is presently occupied by a senile idiot, whose every word is dictated to him by a collective of individuals loyal to the financial oligarchy rather than the citizens of this Republic.
Our government, as President Lincoln succinctly put it, is the only government in the world which is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Deep within our souls, this principle lives and breathes anew and has resulted in an unparalleled American revolt against those who, through their actions or inactions, would enslave us to our present circumstance or worse. We act in harmony with that law of God’s universe which stipulates that there is a limit to a tyrant’s power, and that individual human creativity is a divine gift which the state exists to nurture. This revolt now needs to be better organized into a force which will, on November 5, 2024, take our nation back and right its course.
Our mission is to throw off the intellectual and ideological shackles of our present Dark Age and impose justice on those who have assaulted us and our Republic. We will do this with a relentless focus on creating that bright future of a new renaissance of scientific and technological progress, and the celebration of the beautiful in art, architecture, and music. As Donald Trump has visualized in his Agenda 47, we will build great and beautiful new cities while rebuilding our present dilapidated urban hellscape, and build great and modern infrastructure while educating and uplifting our labor force to power our economic revival.