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What Happened at Trump’s New York Trial, the End of Lady Justice?

What Happened at Trump’s New York Trial, the End of Lady Justice?
Judge Juan Merchan (above), who presided over the case, has a daughter, Loren, whose political consultancy caters exclusively to well-known rabid Trump haters like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Daniel Goldman (D-NY) and Biden associated PACs. She makes money by producing negative campaigns against Donald Trump. MSNBC Framegrab

The New York trial, as anyone who has followed our coverage knows, was rigged from the beginning. George Soros paid for an Attorney General and a DA who had one mission, “Get Trump.”   While not everyone in New York County voted for Joe Biden in 2020, 86.42% of that electorate did. More significant than that, any juror standing in the way of a Trump conviction would be assured of professional and personal hell in Manhattan’s present woke and fascist environment. That simple fact of life is known to anyone living in Manhattan. You are supposed to hate Trump if you wish to succeed. They have imbibed the full brew of toxic lies about Donald Trump peddled by our security apparatus, from pawn of Putin, to murderer of George Floyd, to rapist of innocent women in dressing rooms at Bloomingdale’s, to modern day Hitler who will never leave the oval office. It is nothing less than a patriotic duty to finally jail him.  All of it is lies, of course, but the courage of skepticism and reason long ago left these precincts.  It has been replaced by obedience to the raw exercise of totalitarian power.

 Joe Biden sent the third in charge of his Justice Department, Matthew Conangelo, to shepherd this set of aging accusations, dating back to 2006, to trial. Prior to his appearance, the Feds in the Southern District of New York refused to bring any charges based on this factual background.  The FEC looked at it and found no Campaign Act violation.  Even DA Alvin Bragg initially responded to a full revolt in his office against bringing this case, by refusing to prosecute.  Bragg’s refusal came after the previous DA, Cy Vance, created a dedicated “Get Trump” task force, composed of private attorneys from major New York law firms, which poured over Trump’s entire commercial life in New York seeking ways to prosecute. The hesitancy occurs because these charges make absolutely no sense.  For example, how do payments booked in 2017, after the 2016 election, influence the 2016 election?  The key witnesses are a porn star trying to extort Trump for fame and fortune, Stormy Daniels, and a convicted perjurer and tax felon, Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Judge Juan Merchan, who presided over the case, has a daughter, Loren, whose political consultancy caters exclusively to well-known rabid Trump haters like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Daniel Goldman (D-NY) and Biden associated PACs. She makes money by producing negative campaigns against Donald Trump. She made money off her father’s conduct of the case. Prior to being assigned the job of rigging this Trump case, Judge Merchan rigged the previous bogus tax case against the Trump Organization and its CFO Alan Weisselberg. Reporters of all stripes in the courtroom noted that Merchan’s hatred and disdain for Donald Trump was palpable.

Rather than screening the jury for obvious anti-Trump bias, Merchan structured jury selection to disqualify any potential Trump supporters and set trial days on Fridays to eliminate Orthodox Jews who are among President Trump’s strongest supporters. He did not sequester the jury, so they had to face their biased friends and family every day of the trial. He gagged Donald Trump from commenting on witnesses, DA’s (other than Bragg), and the judge’s daughter, and found him in contempt ten times.

The law perverted for use here, falsifying business records, is a misdemeanor and, in this case, was barred by the statute of limitations. But it could be transformed to a felony, with time still on the clock, the private attorney task force advising Bragg opined, if the business records were falsified to conceal another crime. This unprecedented legal concoction was sustained by Judge Merchan.  While most of the nation’s legal experts failed to see how any crime was committed by designating payments for the Daniels’ non-disclosure agreement as legal payments, that’s what Bragg and Merchan now claimed was a felony.  Violating the Constitution’s 5thth Amendment due process clause, Judge Merchan ruled that the defense was not entitled to know what the allegedly concealed crime was.

When the testimony by convicted perjurer, thief, and fraudster Michael Cohen indicated it was a Federal Election Campaign Act violation, Merchan barred testimony from the former head of the FEC saying it was not. He then allowed prosecutors to argue to the jury that an FEC violation had occurred just based on their say-so. For those women on the jury whose hearts beat with the nonsense of “Me Too,” Judge Merchan allowed the porn star Stormy Daniels to provide detailed bogus testimony about her alleged one-night sexual encounter with Donald Trump in 2006 and imply, for the first time ever, that the sex was non-consensual. A porn star, who does sex for a living, was allowed to present herself as an innocent victim.

Michael Cohen, the man the federal government said was wholly responsible for any crime surrounding the payments to Stormy Daniels under the NDA, was allowed to further perjure himself before the jury. He not only admitted his previous convictions for perjury and tax evasion, but he also admitted on the witness stand that he stole $30,000 from the Trump organization under the Daniels NDA, that he hated Donald Trump, and was making millions because of his anti-Trump star witness status. Robert Costello, the reputable New York lawyer who originally represented Michael Cohen when the Feds first came after him for taxes and other crimes, contradicted every aspect of Cohen’s testimony.  He testified that an exasperated Cohen told him that Donald Trump was totally innocent of any wrongdoing and that he (Cohen) therefore had nothing to offer prosecutors against Trump to salvage himself. Judge Merchan repeatedly sustained objections to Costello’s testimony and interrupted it.  At a critical point, he dramatically and angrily cleared the entire courtroom, signaling to the jury that they should pay no attention to this man.  Merchan claimed that Costello was acting inappropriately by trying to “stare him down.”

The final assault on fundamental justice occurred with the jury instructions. Abandoning the standards for criminal conviction, Merchan ruled that intent was not required to convict Trump, nor did the jury have to unanimously agree on what crime was concealed by the structuring of the legal payments to Daniels. Four jurors were free to find any one of three crimes, he told them, violating the fundamental constitutional principle that verdicts must be unanimous. Prosecutors repeatedly argued that it was a crime to have concealed the 2006 sex with Daniels from the voting public, and it is highly likely that that non-crime was what resulted in the verdict. According to Trump legal advisor Kash Patel, the verdict forms provided by Judge Merchan did not even indicate what crime the jury found.