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What We're Following - Trump's Birthday and More

Today's update includes Trump's birthday celebration, the Biden family's crimes in Ukraine, Trump's trip to Washington, the Ford Foundation, and of course, "Russia, Russia, Russia!"
What We're Following - Trump's Birthday and More
Campaigning in Las Vegas

Broadcast Begins, Friday at 5pm Eastern
President Trump Celebrates His Birthday at Club 47

Tune in for a special address by President Donald J. Trump on his 78th birthday at Club 47 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Watch live on June 14, 2024, starting at 5 pm ET. President Trump will speak at 7 pm ET.

Mike Benz Has Been Talking About This Angle for A While..

that Hunter Biden is a CIA agent. Mike's latest discussion with Benny Johnson is one of the most complete on the issue of the Biden crime family in Ukraine.

A Detailed Account of President Trump's Trip to Washington, DC:

Trump talks 2025 wish list with House, Senate Republicans in first visit to Capitol Hill since presidency
It will be Donald Trump’s return to Capitol Hill since leaving office almost four years ago.

It's a Good Time to Take a Refresher on the Ford Foundation's Role in Radicalizing American Culture:

The Foundation of American Folly
The Ford Foundation has spent decades tearing the country apart, tax-free

And Finally, "Russia, Russia, Russia!"

Putin names conditions for Ukraine peace talks
President Vladimir Putin says Kiev must withdraw its troops from Russian territory before any peace talks can begin