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Will the 2024 GOP Platform Be Trump’s Agenda47?

Will the 2024 GOP Platform Be Trump’s Agenda47?
Roger Stone seen here on a podcast. June 1, 2024 Photo: Roger Stone / X.com

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone outlined a clear policy perspective for the MAGA movement on a June 26 “X Space” discussion (Roger starts about 39 minutes in), which included delegates to the Republican National Convention. Stone’s remarks were focused on the danger of war and the need to rebuild our shattered economy. Those themes are also clearly emerging in Trump campaign discussions with activists as well. Promethean Action has been highlighting that these are precisely the core elements of Donald Trump’s most forward-thinking Agenda47 proposals, and that they provide the first steps in effecting an “American System revolution.” See Make It Too Big to Rig with Agenda47’s Big Ideas.

Make It Too Big to Rig with Agenda47’s BIG IDEAS!
How did we get here? How did we get to a place where young people despair of owning a home or a car, or of being able to raise a family on one income, or even two? How did we get to a place where long-time small businesses have to

In the discussion, hosted by Republicans for National Renewal, Stone stressed that the Republican Party is no longer the party of war and Wall Street. He accurately described Trump’s victory in 2016 as a “hostile takeover” and said that the party will never go back to being an “elitist neo-con” party. He made the obvious point that the creation of the MAGA/America First movement would not have taken place without Donald Trump, but that a fundamental realignment is taking place that transcends Trump. He said that the party is being transformed into a pro-peace party, and that it is making dramatic inroads with Hispanic, African-American, and younger Americans. More than once, Stone described this as “the Party of Lincoln.”

In the discussion which preceded and followed Stone’s remarks, it was clear that the danger of war resonated strongly with the younger delegates and activists on the call. Many of the  younger Republicans, who ranged from a 19-year-old to Gen X’ers, hit hard on the need to stop the endless wars and that this is what differentiates Donald Trump from almost everyone else. One young man said, “I don’t want to get drafted and die in some Eastern European country.” And, even though some America First policy makers are pushing a future “confrontation with China” line, there was not one mention of China in the three hours of discussion which this author heard (see The Day After the U.S.-China War).

The Day After the US-China War
I respect Senator JD Vance—who will turn 40 in August—as one of the foremost patriots and the brightest minds of his generation. It is only natural that he is being considered as a potential Vice-President and future President. That’s why I was disappointed to learn that he

At one point in the discussion, this author had the opportunity to present the importance of Donald Trump’s Agenda47 policies, asserting, “I think Trump has already given us the platform with Agenda 47.” I stressed that his “economic nationalist” approach, which includes protecting and rebuilding our manufacturing base with tariffs and stopping insane green mandates, is the cornerstone to re-creating a productive economy. Making the U.S. a “manufacturing superpower,” will provide the kind of jobs where one income can support a family and this is the only hope that young people have for a real future. This opened up further contributions from some of the younger participants, who said that the current disastrous state of our economy  makes it nearly impossible for young Americans to own a home, or even a car and that these are the  considerations which are shifting young Americans’ political decisions.

What Does This Mean for the GOP Platform?

The “X Space” discussion, as well as other discussions taking place among national convention delegates, reflects a certain amount of apprehension about the process which is shaping the Republican Party platform. The Platform Committee meets the week before the full convention (which convenes on July 14 in Milwaukee) and it appears that for the first time in recent decades, the platform hearings (and other committee hearings) will not be publicly broadcast. There has also been concern that the process by which some committee members have been chosen has left little input from the longtime conservative and grassroots activists and has often been a top-down decision from the Trump campaign itself. Those concerns are not unfounded, if it were to be the case that TRINOs (Trumpers in Name Only) managed to get on any of the committees.

But, a June 29 New York Times article indicates that the Trump campaign is operating off of a clear strategy, in line with what Stone said. The Times is apparently in possession of a memo, written by top Trump advisors Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, which has been circulated to Platform Committee members. The memo lays out a plan to pare down the existing platform significantly and to “present a streamlined platform in line with President Trump’s principled and popular vision for America’s future.” While the current platform, adopted in 2016, has many important elements in it (not the least of which is support for the Glass-Steagall Act which used to keep the giant financial parasites at bay), it is 60 pages long, it reads like a textbook, and it does reflect input from many different (and sometimes conflicting) interests in the party. 

If the platform instead encapsulates the actual Trump revolution of peace and economic nationalism, it can lay the basis for winning over broad new layers of the “Lincoln coalition” of blue collar workers, minorities, producers, and builders.

Indications are that, as the Trump campaign rolls out its ground game for its volunteers, it is primarily focused on these twin pillars of peace and a strong economy, which are the policies which differentiate Trump from uniparty Republicans and Democrats alike. As an example, Trump and his campaign are increasingly stressing that he will protect Social Security and Medicare (in contrast to the destruction of the value of those benefits caused by Biden’s inflation). This is a glaring and welcome break with the Wall Street agenda of undifferentiated budget-cutting, still embraced by too many Republicans.

If indeed this is the direction of a Trump-led Republican Party platform, we will be on our way to a total reshaping of the political, social, and cultural terrain in the United States, as the new Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln emerges in the weeks and months ahead. 

To put that process on a firmer footing, Promethean Action is currently drafting an economic policy statement for the Trump 47 Presidency, based on American System principles and Lyndon LaRouche’s breakthroughs in the science of physical economy.