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The Mid-Week Update - Deadly Force?! The Empire Shows Its Hand - May 22, 2024

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This isn't the first time that witch hunt trials and the potential use of deadly force has been used against the opponents of the imperial class. Susan Kokinda's Midweek update looks at the shocking revelations about the use of "deadly force" in the Mar-A-Lago raid and he outrageous hush money trial in New York City against that backdrop of what it is that the British Empire fears about Donald Trump and feared about previous American Presidents.

00:00 Introduction to the Midweek Update
00:10 The Political and Legal Assault on Donald Trump
03:21 Historical Comparisons and the LaRouche Case
05:27 The British Influence and Threats to American Presidents
08:45 Challenging the Federal Reserve and Reasserting American Economics
10:27 Support for Trump's Agenda 47 and the Future of Governance
12:03 Closing Remarks and Upcoming Events


A Police Dossier: It is the British Who Murder Our Presidents
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Today—if you look for them—you will see the proofs of a crisis of world civilization greater than the collapse of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. The generations of Americans alive today— especially the younger generations—need not ask why they are here. They are here to