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The Mid-Week Update - Did European Citizens Just Torpedo the British Empire's World War III?

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The elections for European Parliament have sent shockwaves through the world. A Pro Ukraine peace, pro nation state sovereignty movement has emerged in Germany, France, and to a lesser extent elsewhere which sent the governing globalist coalitions to potential defeat, particularly in France where Macron dissolved Parliament and called snap elections, but also in Germany. Tomorrow, the globalists escalate by using seized Russian assets to fund their Ukraine war even if Trump is elected. This will leave the dollar based system in shambles if it is not reversed by sanity. That will mean a devastating depression here unless Trump is elected. Otherwise we cover our weekend conference, the validation of the Hunter laptop and its consequences, and Trump's Thursday visit to Washington.

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Promethean Action Founding Conference, June 8, 2024
Today—if you look for them—you will see the proofs of a crisis of world civilization greater than the collapse of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. The generations of Americans alive today— especially the younger generations—need not ask why they are here. They are here to

Transcript: The Midweek Update - Did European Citizens Just Torpedo the British Empire's World War III? - June 12, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi everybody this is Barbara Boyd. This is your midweek update. I didn't do a Monday update because we had a conference and everybody was traveling. And what I want to talk about today, my theme is, did the European citizens just torpedo the British Empire's World War III? And that's a major, massive development based on the European elections, which occurred last week.

I want to tell everybody, however, that first and foremost, you should go and listen to the conference we just had over the weekend. It was stupendous in Michigan, in a battleground state. attended by numerous activists in which we talked about economics and its relationship to God, his universe, life, and the creativity of the human mind.

And, you know, basically we had some idea of addressing young people in particular with the idea that we have to form a new [00:01:00] culture, a new counterculture to the evil elitist culture which we've lived with for at least most of my life. So, hopefully you'll go to the links which are below. It is fantastic.

You will be enriched by it and we hope we make you happy. We hope we make you into the Firebringers, which our new name represents. Promethean PAC, Promethean Action. Now, with respect to the European elections, essentially you've seen over the past month or so a continuing emphasis on quote unquote sustaining the war in Ukraine by risking World War III.

That is arranging to have basically long range missiles capable of hitting Russia with Russia designated for the first time as a target. By the crazy Biden and other people, including most specifically Emmanuel Macron, who led the push for this craziness, this insanity this [00:02:00] risk of World War III in France.

And he got buried in the European parliamentary elections. Now, the European parliament is pretty much simply a talk shop. It doesn't have a lot of authority or anything else, but the results, which have been world shattering actually emphasize what's going on in the countries of Europe. So in France, Macron, who'd been touring France with Biden referencing The D Day celebrations in World War II was trounced by the party of Le Pen, the party fighting for sovereignty, the fighting, the party and the population designating peace in Europe as its major plank.

In Germany, that's even more true. Macron, Le Pen, etc. The French are a little bit not as out front as they should be on this issue [00:03:00] of Ukraine. They've played a little bit of politics with it, Le Pen has. But in Germany, the AFD, which has been attacked by the German government over and over and over again as a pawn of Russia, as a racist front replicating many of the attacks, which we've heard here against Trump from the deep state.

The AFD basically came in second in Germany and trounced the ruling coalition. Again, out front this time, an overt and complete vote for peace in Europe. The Greens the leaders of the Green nonsense, the environmentalist movement worldwide, lost drastically across all of Europe. So this is a huge turn, a major turn, which we have every right to celebrate, a turn for people who are fighting for a sovereignty, not just the sovereignty of nation states, but the sovereignty of [00:04:00] culture and the sovereignty of economics against the post 1989, complete crazy, hegemonic, globalist, model. And I think it's worthy of celebration, but it is a turning point, which we must, must maximize here in terms of Trump and the United States to effectively win this battle.

Now, obviously the other side has responded. Lady Lindsey Graham was all over television on the weekend, essentially saying that Ukraine has 10 to 12 trillion in rare earth assets, which we can't allow Putin to get his hands on. That's how crazy and rear guard this argument is getting. And then on top of everything else through the Hunter Biden trial, you actually had the confirmation of what it is we've been saying all along.

That is that the Hunter Biden laptop is real, that Joe [00:05:00] Biden and Hunter Biden were involved in overt corruption around Ukraine, that the Trump impeachment around stopping aid to Ukraine because of corruption was a complete fraud, and particularly Biden Corruption was a complete fraud. And that the United States government itself in Hunter Biden's trial, recognized that the laptop was real.

It was not the product of Russian disinformation. And you can conclude from that just how corrupt our entire intelligence apparatus is. How much they are nothing but a pawn of British imperial aims. So it's a very weak argument they're making, but they're going to escalate. The biggest escalation will come tomorrow when the G7 meets, and essentially they will, at that point, do some form of a seizure of the Russian assets, which they've already seized, some type of crazy financing mechanism off of them to fund the war in Ukraine, and [00:06:00] hopefully, in their words, to protect it, should Trump come in as president. That's also the theme I think of some of the things which will go on in Washington tomorrow where Trump is visiting, and the primary impetus of the Deep State is how do we actually create something which will Trump proof our agenda, our means of operating as he portends to come in power if we succeed in defeating them in this election.

So he's meeting with the Republicans in the House and the Senate tomorrow. Hopefully that will result in an alignment, not just around Trump, but around the types of policies, peace, the end of these forever wars, an economic engine built on the economic spirit of the American system, an economic engine built on not Wall Street, but Main Street, and bringing productivity back to the United States.

I point out that this [00:07:00] use of Russian assets is a change in all of post war history. It threatens, and has threatened ever since they seized them, any kind of primacy for the dollar. It portends disaster if we continue on our present imperialist course as a pawn of the British Empire. On the other hand, we could turn around and embrace Lyndon LaRouche's proposal for a four powers agreement between India, the United States, China, and Russia to defeat the British Empire once and for all.

With respect to war in the Middle East, we'll see what happens. Essentially you have. A brewing war with Hezbollah and Lebanon by Israel, a second front being opened. The announced plan for the post Gaza reality is something akin to the strategic hamlet of the United States in Gaza, where they clear an area they do a certain amount of development in that [00:08:00] area.

They recruit local leaders in alliance with the Israeli government, a policy which ultimately failed us in Vietnam, and it's nothing but a colonialist, imperialist policy which will fail Israel. I point out, in contrast, that The Trump's Abraham Accords, which we'll be publishing about this week on the website, had a very different notion of the sovereignty of both the Palestinian people and the state of Israel in this particular battle.

With respect to the polling in the presidential race post conviction, there is some indication that there's a little bit of a Biden bump, not much at all, not what they expected, and a continuing growth in the Trump phenomena, which is not at all what they expected. And I suspect that the polling is being tampered with at this point in time, not to admit overall defeat.

If I had my druthers in terms of what I would tell the [00:09:00] Congress in meeting with Trump tomorrow, is your priority is to stop these damn prosecutions, defund them, get some kahunas stop, prevaricating on this thing. If you knew that there was a bacillus, a virus, a deadly virus, which could destroy the world, which had infected our body politic, wouldn't you do everything in your power to curb that, to wipe it out?

That's the badge of courage here which Trump has taken on with his conviction. And that's the badge of courage all of us here in Promethean Action are seeking by turning this around. The tabs in the polls are most interesting. They indicate that 87%, and that's an astounding figure, of Americans believe that they will be worse off economically in a Biden second term if he's elected.

That tells you essentially the parameters of the battle we have to wage. As we did in Michigan, [00:10:00] we're seeking to bring young people minorities, the traditional democratic base, we're trying to break them from those who would oppress them and would otherwise desert them at every moment possible.

It is a, an elite which hates this population and a population which increasingly has to become a new elite. So I'll leave it at that. We'll have some discussion on the website very shortly of Putin's relatively remarkable speech at the St. Petersburg Forum in which he outlined the growth of the Russian economy under wartime conditions.

It's astounding. Their self sufficiency in the face of sanctions. It's astounding. The types of things they've done to allow things to be built similar to what has to be done here. And overall, the overall fight, as he identifies it, as a fight worldwide for sovereign states, sovereign cultural values, and it's only those [00:11:00] two ingredients together which allow you to have a sovereign economy.

So, I'll leave it at that. We'll see you next Monday, when we'll be back on schedule, and look forward to seeing you to seeing things on the website as we begin to publish things. And again, please take the time to look at our conference. You're going to be inspired. It's going to tickle your imagination, tickle your mind, and make you want to be a firebringer in the Promethean sense.

So I'll leave it at that. Thanks for watching. See you next week.